ADT Home Security - While I was caring for my terminally ill mother, ADT Home Security Corp. Office and Torrance, CA Office failed to remedy DVR problem, they knew it had a problem before installation!

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 1:05am CDT by f157b524

Product: RE. CCTV system (inc. two cameras and a DVR).

Company: ADT Home Security

Location: Torrance,CA. (local off.) and Boca Raton, Fl A. (corp. hq.)., US

Category: Other

I already had ADT as my home monitoring co. When my mom was dying of breast cancer, I had to hire caretakers I didn't know.

I called ADT in Torr. and had them install a CCTV system so I could video them during the day and while I took short breaks to sleep.

I told saleswoman, Catrina Washington that I wanted to put the DVR in my lockable bedroom (I had installed a keyed deadbolt).

Little did I know that the DVR had a very noisy hard drive fan that constantly ran. I could not sleep while the machine was on. Thus, the main purpose of it was defeated...

I called Washington who had the audacity to inform me that she had to pull the system out of a couple of other places for the same problem.

ADT made a very difficult time much, much worse.

They refused to step up to the plate and install a quiet brand DVR. They claimed they couldn't go outside of their vendor. I had located two quiet models.

My mother died on 2/14/07.

I called ADT's corp. off. and was given the big run around.

Then, I was routed to a cold fish, M. Schultz, a cust. relations mgr. in NE.

I asked for a formal apology, to have the system removed from my house and to give me at least one year free alarm monitoring (they never charged my credit card for the 2K cost for the CCTV). An alternative I suggested included moving the two cameras outside, changing the DVR, adding two more cameras, and making a formal apology (I would have paid the 2K for this remedy).

Schultz engaged in a very tacky power stuggle.

I told him I'd now do anything to get this horrendous story to the media. He Googled me and confirmed I have appeared on shows like Oprah as an expert in assertiveness. I'm a psychologist.

Schultz offered me a paltry six months of alarm monitoring, removal of the equipment and NO apology.

By the way, their sub-contractor installer, C. Soto broke a $200 item. Schultz sent me a letter promising to reimburse me for this loss. I guess the check was lost in the mail. So far, no payment has been made.

I had to pay a tech. to yank out the hard drive prior to ADT picking up the DVR. I didn't want the little bit of video recording of my sick mother to get into their hands.

ADT finally picked up their sub-standard system and I continue to mourn my mom's death...

ADT sent me a letter "firing" me as their alarm monitoring customer. Of course, I was going to run not walk away from them.

Later, they mailed me a form invitation to sign back up with them. Disgusting to say the least!

This was the worst episode I have ever had with a company.

They have grown so large that their communication sucks and they are virtually locked into formula problem solving policies that are doomed to fail.


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