Cresent : Jewelers Since 1936 A Division Of Freidmen's Jewelers - OVER PAYING INTREST CHARGES

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 11:33pm CDT by e63483c8

Company: Cresent : Jewelers Since 1936 A Division Of Freidmen's Jewelers

Location: PO BOX 659705
San Antonio, TX, 78265-9705, US


Category: Other

My mother had purchased a wedding ring at Cresent Jewelers for me and they had promised us that there would not be any intrest charges for one(1) year. We went over and over this because planning for a wedding, I didn't have extra money to waste.

In October it made one year and we recieved another payment for $963.00!!!, when all we owed on the ring was $500.00. When I called they told me that since the full amount was not paid that they would add all the intrest for the last 12 months and put in on my bill. Well I was shocked because not only myself but 2 other people were there with me when they told me that we would not have to start paying any intrest charges till the beging of the 13 month if not paid in full. There was no mention of back pay or paying ALL the intrest for 12 months. As it turned out we had to pay that EXTRA money, otherwise they said that it would go into collections. They didn't want to hear what I had to say, they didn't even want the name of the sales person who said all this. Cresent said that I or should I say WE (3 people) misunderstood the sales lady and it was our fault that we were incompetent and could not understand sales language! After she said that and I told her that I wasn't going to do business with them any more and that I was going to tell my freinds and family how rude and two-faced their company was. She said that I didnt have to go to those extremes, and asked if I wanted them to send me a catalog for X-Mas shopping. Can you believe this woman!!! I charged the amount to my credit card, cut up my CRESENT JEWELERY card and sent it to them with my payment. OF Course they've stayed in business this long...CRESENT JEWELERS SCAMMING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY SINCE 1936!


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