Hertz - Complaint regarding Hertz Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 3:50pm CDT by 62044a2f

Product: Customer Service

Company: Hertz

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Beware of Hertz Customer Service!

While I was visiting family in Florida, my Hertz rental car was hit by a mower blade on the side. We couldn't actually figure out what hit the car but we figured it must have been the blade because it sounded like a gunshot, and blew a 2' by 3' inch hole in the car, right near my front window. Anyway, I turned the car in and had my insurance immediately pay what they owed for the damage. Then, I called Hertz and was informed by Susan, in customer service, that the card I had used to lease the vehicle was American Express. I contacted American Express and Diane Charvat in the rental loss division said she would process the claim without delay.

A few months later Hertz sent me a threatening letter. I called Hertz many times trying to get the documentation so that the claim could get paid. They said that there was something wrong with American Express and that I needed a copy of the statement from American Express to send to them. After speaking at length with customer service representatives for Hertz, trying to get them to send me the invoice, so I could send it to American Express, the phone calls became threatening which was illogical, since I had been trying to get this bill paid for months, but Hertz was not helpful, and claimed that there was no way they could send me the record of payment because Hertz does not keep such records on file.

Finally, my husband called Hertz and they immediately faxed him a record of payment. The record was faxed on September 17th. I had been trying to access this information for over a year!!!!!!! I had begged and pleaded for Hertz to send me the record of payment so I could send it to my credit card and get this bill paid. Hertz demonstrated negligence and bad faith negotiations in my case. Hertz waited so long to finally send my husband the record of payment (which they claimed to me at least four times they did not have), that now the correct credit card which is Bank of America will not honor the rental loss agreement they have with me because of the delay in receiving the records.

I feel extremely harassed and emotionally drained as a result of Hertz costing me $665 that could have been covered by Bank of America if Hertz had supplied the needed information in the beginning of this situation. I feel abused and taken advantage of when I think of how many times I pleaded with Hertz representatives to send me a copy of the payment records and they refused to do so, while when my husband finally called, they sent the record to him immediately. How can this be defined as good customer service??? I have PERFECT credit, and now this case is resulting against me because of Hertz and the inability of the customer service department to do their job. As a good customer, now I have to pay two ways as a result of Hertz negligence. Not only do I have to pay the $665 out of pocket, but my credit will also be compromised as a result of Hertz inefficiency in this matter. I feel that this in unjust and morally wrong and I wanted the administrators at Hertz to

know that the rental loss unit is basically committed graft. By dragging their feet getting me the documents, I lost the opportunity to take advantage of my rental loss agreement with Bank of America.

Since Hertz did not furnish me with the needed documents, and in fact told me inaccurate information (that American Express was the card used), I do not believe I am responsible for the $665 debt I owe Hertz in this matter. Hertz caused me to lose my coverage through Bank of America, and the customer service unit must be held accountable when they refuse to assist clients with rental loss coverage.


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