McDonalds Canada - Unsanitary Practices @ Mcdonalds in Red Deer Alberta

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2007 at 1:47pm CDT by Robert Allyn L.

Product: Retaraunt

Company: McDonalds Canada

Location: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited McDonald's Place


Category: Restaurants, Bars

Both McD's Place unwrapped utensils out for customers to get for themselves from dispensers. One location places them so that the fork tines are up and must be handled by many patrons to get theirs thus leaving their germs and filth all over them. This is also just a bucket let into the counter top so that when it gets partially empty gets garbage thrown in it. The Knives get put in the bucket handle up and with the blade in the bottom of the bucket in the filth. If it gets cleaned every night (I doubt it) The bucket bottom is filthy by the end of the day. Gross. The other location has a dispenser. It gets used as a garbage repository also. And because of its size and complexity it gets cleaned rarely. It Makes it absolutely impossible to get utensils without touching several others. The other fast food places hand out or dispense their utensils in plastic packages. Much better option and much less gross.


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