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Posted on Saturday, October 13th, 2007 at 9:37pm CDT by ddc69188

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Doug Parker


US Airways

4000 East Sky Harbor Blvd

Phoenix, AZ. 85034 Monday October 8, 2007

Mr. Parker:

I have resisted writing complaint letters to US Air several times over the years. I live in Charlotte and have flown US Air countless times. There have been issues with cancelled flights, mistakes made, late flights, etc This time I can not let the incident pass without a letter. Your business depends on it.

We were woken Sunday morning with the shocking news that my husbands brother was killed in a private plane crash in Delaware. Today we found out that the wake will be Wednesday evening and the funeral Thursday with a burial to follow in Philadelphia Thursday afternoon. Immediately we got busy making arrangement to make the trip up to the Delaware-Philadelphia area.

There were US Air flights from Charlotte to Philadelphia but the cost was an exorbitant $1500/person round trip!!!! Upon further research I found a fare from Raleigh to Philadelphia for $250/person. I booked this flight for my husband and I not knowing what else to do and facing the reality that instead of driving 10 miles to the Charlotte-Douglas airport we would need to drive 3 hours to the airport in Raleigh (adding 6 total hours to our travel time). This really annoyed me so I decided to call US Air to see if I could get an explanation about the price differential. They could not explain this. To my surprise I was told that there were MORE seats on the Charlotte flights (during the times we needed to fly) than there were on the Raleigh flights that I booked! In fact, on the flight from Philadelphia to Raleigh my husband and I cannot even sit together as the flight was very booked up. So the higher price was not due to the fact that Charlotte had less seats (not that that should make any difference)

I find it extremely inhuman for your business to feed on families when they are at their most desperate. We are not wealthy businessmen traveling to make the next sale on the company account! In factits not fair to the businessman, how you take advantage of their need to be flexible. What other industry changes prices at the drop of a hat? Why such a huge difference in price? Its insane. Raleigh is not any closer to Philadelphia than Charlotte so the price differential is not based on mileage. I understand that you are trying to encourage more people to fly US Air out of Raleigh. But what good does it to US Air to frustrate a long time customer and leave ill will toward your business? I will look for every opportunity to fly with OTHER airlines. My son is school in Boston.he will be flying Jet Blue. Beside the fact that it is a bit cheaper, their employees are nicer than yours are.

(Please keep reading the most important is yet to come.)

Look.if you are trying to make money, you are going about it all wrong. Here is my top 10 list of Dos and Donts for US AIR:


9. Treat people like individuals not cattle.

8. Flight attendants should ALWAYS smileeven if they have their period or their gay lover just left them. (see #1)

7. Peanuts and pretzels are for elephants not travelers.

6. Longer distance to fly = more $$$ get it?

5. NEVER NEVER NEVER charge a bereaved family member 6 times the price of the norm. $500 vs $3000! We are willing to pay our fare sharebut come on!

4. Give customers more than they expect.not continually less & less & less & less.

3. Free earphones on flights with a movie should not even be a question (ask your competitorsthey figured out a way to do it).

2. When the airline does something wrong. (loses a bag, overbooks, etc) DONT make us feel like its our fault.

1. Money isnt everything.

If changes arent made in the customer service area of US Airthere will not be a US Air for longIll bet $100,000,000,000.

Laurie Beaty

Unsatisfied and disgruntled consumer


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