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Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 12:00pm CDT by 7ff0c08c

Company: US Bank

Location: Corporate Headquarters 800 Nicollett Mall
Minneapolis, MN, 55402, US


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I had been a US Bank customer for 3 years (until yesterday!) and after fighting with them for over a month, I am no longer with them.

In July, I went to the ATM only to be told my card had expired, but I had never received a new one in the mail. The teller in the bank ordered me a new one and when I got it, I activated it over the phone and set my pin.

On Aug 19, I was travelling out of the country, and from the airport I notified them of this, at this point, also confirming my pin.

When I arrived in London for my layover to Italy, I tried to use the ATM, at which point I was told that my pin was incorrect. I attempted to call the collect call number on the back of my card that is used for international calls, and was told by the operator that it did not work, leaving me to pay for the calls on my credit card. The girl on the phone transferred me to the manager, who would do nothing to help me, repeatedly stating that I should just use it as a Visa card. To which I kept asking him how many Italian taxi drivers he knew that would take a Visa! He refused to do anything other than to send a new pin to my home (where my boyfriend was) which would take 3-5 days. He said that I could use it to get a cash advance if I could find a bank. No bank in the London airport with would give me an advance without a pin. I attempted to call back, but the operator told me that even with a credit card the phone number would not work. At this point, I had to call my boyfriend in the states to see if he could help me. I also had to pay to use the internet to find bank and Western Union info.

When I arrived in Italy, I found an exchanger that would advance money for a 13.9% fee. Seeing as I had no other options, I went ahead and did it. Once I arrived at the hotel, the friend I was meeting had a cell phone that worked there, so I had to make calls home to my boyfriend to figure out how and where to get the money Western Unioned to. We spent half of our first day in Italy walking all over trying to find the Western Union and get the money (a huge ordeal in and of itself!). Finally I got the money and things were OK. 4 days later I got an email from my boyfriend with my new pin, so I tested it and it worked! But the funniest part is that on Sept 16 I was out of town again in Phoenix, and my pin once again wasn't recognized!

When I returned home I called the 800 number and spoke to a manager to get reimbursed. The total I spent was $596. I have been dealing with them since the first week of Sept and they originally agreed to pay only $220 (the calls made from the UK and a $2 US Bank fee), and after more arguing, agreed to pay the 13.9% exchanger fee (another $51). So they paid me back less than half of what it cost me! I insisted on speaking with the manager's supervisor, and yesterday morning she told me that on no uncertain circumstances would they pay for the calls I had to make to my boyfriend, the internet use or the Western Union fees. At this point I infformed her that I would be closing my account. Two hours later I withdrew all my money and when the guy asked why, I told him, and he did apologize, but did nothing to try to change my mind.

When I returned home an hour later, I found a message on my home phone from shortly after Id spoken with the supervisior on the phone from the local branch saying they wanted me to meet with the branch manager to help me. I left him a message saying that I had already taken out my money. As I was sitting at Commerce Bank opening my new account, he returned my call still wanting to meet with me and try to change my mind. Apparently, the 800 number should have notified the branch immediately, but only did so yesterday. I informed him of where I was, but he insisted that they wanted to try to get me back. I told him I would meet with them the next day and he could call me the next day, but there was little they could do.

This morning I received a call from him saying that they were doing research and wouldnt be able to meet until next week. I have told him that if I dont speak with them today Im not meeting with them at all.

This has taken far too long, and the fact that the branch wasnt notified isnt my problem! Im done with this bank. Ive never had such bad service, and the fact that the branch wasnt involved earlier only shows the breakdown in their service system. Im emailing all my friends to let them know about this and already have a friend who is changing banks based on my experience. If you're banking with them it would probably serve you best to get out-they dont care about their customer!


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