University of Colorado Hospital - Top Heavy Management and Outdated Intimidation Tactics Towards Nurses

Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 1:25am CDT by 8f2aac58

Product: Hospital

Company: University of Colorado Hospital

Location: 12605 E. 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO, 80045, US


Category: Other

I was employed as a nurse at this facility for approximately 18 months, and endured intimidation by management, underpayment of benefits, and outright favortism in many instances. I complained to Human Resources, and the manager that I was complaining against all of a sudden started to harass me publicly and privately. I quit in order to retain my dignity, but I would not recommend this facility as a workplace for any RN. They state they are interested in education, but three nurses in my department who achieved a Master's degree (including myself) were harassed out of the department (which is only an 18 bed unit by the way). I have tried to call the president of the Hospital, the head of nursing, and even the head of human resources to ask for an "exit interview" so I could review the matters again, and demand my lost benefits and wages for working full time for months with only part time compensation, and to report the blatant harassment at the hands of my former manager.


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