Virgin mobile - Virgin Mobile Charging for incomming calls

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 at 7:06pm CDT by 66f5b67e

Product: Virgin mobile cell phone Talk plan

Company: Virgin mobile

Location: FL, US


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I have a cell phone from 'Virgin mobile USA' and I choose the '18? TALK' as TALK PLAN. in this plan there is no charge for incomming calls. After one month later I recognize that they are charging me for every thing even for incomming calls.Now, I am afraid to open the light on my cell phone, because Virgin Mobile may charge me for that.

I have tried to reach the 'Virgin Mobile Customer Service' but they do not reply to my emails. they sent an email which says that I am not being charged for 'INCOMMING CALLS' but they are charging me.

last ten days incomming calls are recorded on my phone. I have sent these records to them but they do not replied yet.

and I am being charged for incomming calls. can somebody help me about that?

I dont rememeber that I sign something which was about: I am accepting that I can be charged for incomming calls???

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f29356e5, 2007-11-13, 02:52AM CST

Customers that are on the 18 cent a minute talk plan are charged 18 cent a minute for all calls BOTH incoming and out going as well as calls to voice mail. It has always been that way and has not ever changed : No charge for ring, no answer, No charge for busy signal.

Also, no roaming fees. 18 cents a minute no matter where you are or who you call in the USA.

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