Comcast cable service is beyond horrific

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 8:49pm CDT by 5a4fcd3e

Company: Comcast cable service is beyond horrific

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we have called and set an appointment and no one ever showed up. We then

called again and they came out without the part needed. Called again to make

an appointment and no one ever showed up after calling three times in that

day to confirm that they would really show up. They never came. The big

conversation topic at dinner parties is that Comcast is nicked named 5 time

cable. It takes the technicians five time to come out before it really gets

fixed. These guys don't have a clue to how bad the service it. I'm a wal-mat

executive and ti makes me so sick to see what's happening to this company.

These Comcast executives are no where to be found. Cant get a hold of them.

Direct tv seems to be there... Comcast has lost there way with staying in

touch with their customers. So sad and so frustrating. 5 time cable. What a

horrible way for customers to view them. 5 times for them to get it right.

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68d69766, 2008-03-05, 03:34PM CST

i agree comcast cable sucks. i had digital cable installed in my room and my moms and for some strange reason hers keeps going out and i was told that at the beginning of service that her box would be changed for a more suitable one. this has yet to happen, but let me be late with a paymnet then all hell breakouts out comcast tries to get away with this, but if we all get together and force a stand then we can blow comcast out of the window and move on to bigger and better things

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