Blugrass Brewing Company-Downtown Location

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 8:57am CDT by 2206127c

Company: Blugrass Brewing Company-Downtown Location

Location: 660 South 4th Street #2 Theater Square
Louisville, KY, 40202


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My Boyfriend and I ordered lunch at Bluegrass Brewing Company downtown

location on Sept 22, 2007 between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. He went to the

bathroom to wash his hands and saw roaches. In an approach to be

discreet and inform staff of what he saw he felt as if no one was

concerned. Since no soap was in the bathroom he requested this so that

he may wash his hands. The manager John came in the bathroom to fill

the soap dispenser. My friend asked if he were the manager and informed

John of what he saw very quietly. John stated that the restaurant is

clean and he did not see a roach. He expressed that it was just a water

bug and continued to argue over what was seen. We decided to leave the


I went back to the establishment to request a business card. Upon

entering the manager John was sitting down monitoring the door. He

asked if he could help me with anything. I replied that I would just

like a business card. He then asked what for. I thought that was a

strange reply to my asking for a business card since this was not

illegal. I then stated I would just like a business card please if that

is not too much to ask. He told me to wait a moment. He came back

after about 10 minutes and said that he had issue with me coming into

his restaurant. I did not go into the restaurant angry or implying what

I came into the restaurant for, just asking for a business card. He

then started yelling that I did not see a roach, even though I never

stated that I did and told me that I was to get out of the restaurant

and could never come back. He threatened to call the police several

times, he opened the door and started yelling that I get out of the

restaurant now and that I was never, ever allowed back into the

restaurant. He slammed the door very hard after I walked out and opened

it again to begin yelling. What type of manager does this?

I wanted to give you a brief description on how your employee behaved.

This was unprofessional and nothing near what I would consider of good

managerial skill.

As far as continuing to dine at your facility, that is perfectly fine

with me I did not intend on coming back. I live in the east end and

visited that facility frequently with no problem. I am just sorry that

this situation has turned me into never dining at your restaurant again.

You may consider sending John to school for anger management because it

was obvious that he either did not get enough rest the night before or

suffers from some kind of mental instability or is just a hot head and

can't control his anger.

Unfortunately, this experience in your restaurant has left me but to

think that restaurant employees do not care how the customer is treated.

It is not about being right or wrong but how you handle a situation.

Maybe John needs to know that. You have lost a customer for life due to

your manager John's ignorance. All I know is that I eat out frequently

and although your location downtown was not the one in which I dine, I

used to be a patron.

I am sure once the general public sees how this situation was handled

they will also understand why this establishment should not be visited.

Thanks for your time,


d4f20c0e, 2007-11-15, 02:36PM CST

thank you for posting this, I have several friends living in louisville and I'll make sure the get a copy of your complaint so they will never experience what happened to you.

defb4798, 2007-11-15, 02:37PM CST

thank you for posting this, I have several friends living in louisville and I'll make sure the get a copy of your complaint so they will never experience what happened to you.

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