Midas auto systems experts - Hostage for a tire repair.

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 4:20pm CST by 7bb4cbe3

Product: Tire Repair

Company: Midas auto systems experts

Location: 7369 N Milwaukee
Niles, IL, 60714, US

Category: Other

I visit this Midas location to do a simple tire repair. One of my tires had a small leak. I ask the attendant if he had the time and mechanics to serve me. He said we can take you in. I spent almost two hours waiting for them to fix my flat tire. After an hour pass I ask what was the delay and if there was any way we can speed up the process because no work was been done in my car. The attendant (also the owner of the Midas location) told me and a very rudely manner that he did not had plugs for the tires and that he had order some already. Which I was never notified during that hour that had pass. (Midas specializes on brakes, tires, and much more was out of plugs for a simple tire repair, wow) after having an argument with the owner as for the time that was taking to fix a tire. He reply was simple if you want you can take the car the way it is and go somewhere else. Of course I was not able to do that, because now the tire had a big hole from the t-handle used for the repair. He's attitude tours business was "I'm the owner of the place and there is nothing that anyone can do to me"(I guess that is the Midas way.) after being held practically hostage for almost two hours, no apology was offered, and after I told him that this was not the end of this and that I was going to call the district manager and complaint, he then insisted on not charging me the $20 dollars that cost to repair the tire. My complaint is simple lack of professionalism on his behalf being the owner and a customer service attendant. I want everyone to know how this location is treading its customers. Worst customer service received in a Midas but I guess that was the Midas touch... sales person: Paul Proano. Date of service 11/08/2007

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56dfbd0e, 2008-12-18, 02:41PM CST

I have been attending Midas in Niles for the past three years and I have never had a complaint about their services or about the owner Paul proano. Paul has been a really great gentlman in helping me in anyway with my car.I have never noticed any lack of professionalism on his behalf and nor in his employees. I have never been mistreated as a customer and has always been out the door satisfied with the services. I have recommended Midas in Niles to many of my friends and family whom have also been treated with respect. Midas does have the "touch" on brakes, tires, etc. but also with having customer satisfaction.

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