Haier - Defective Product- Washer/ Dryer

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 8:25pm CST by 8e2ceb50

Product: Haier

Company: Haier

Location: US

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I purchased a washer and dryer that is a Haier Brand.I have had nothing but trouble with both appliances since I have owned them.The dryer has had to have many replacement parts, the washer was washing one night and the agitator ejected from the machine..It was the most unusal thing I have ever seen. The appliances are only 2 years old. I can not use ither the washer or dryer for they both need parts and repair. I live on Disability so I can not afford to buy another pair.I woould not recomend the Name Brand Haier to Anyone.

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e2108d56, 2008-03-05, 01:23PM CST

I purchased a Haier America washer/dryer combo last June. I used it once and after one wash cycle the unit broke. I called Haier and told them that the cycle selector knob was stuck and that the unit was not drying clothes properly. I also told them that a bunch of water was left in the drum even though the machine had gone through a dry cycle. A repairman was called and when he came out he replaced the timer. He left and the machine did not work when I tried it again.

After about a month Haier sent another repair man who claimed he had never seen this type of machine before and he ordered a new timer and a new motor. He installed these after they arrived and the machine still did not work. Finally Haier called me after two months had gone by saying they would send another repair man out. The new repair man came out and deemed the unit un-repairable. He said that the unit had been flooded and that the electrical system was rusted out. The unit is in my basement so now Haier is claiming that my basement flooded. My basement has never flooded but I am not surprised that the electrical system is rusted. Water was sitting in the machine for five months because nobody they sent out to repair the unit knew what they were doing.

I have tried to call Haier many times to find out what their final decision is. The machine is under warranty for a year and so it should be replaced. I have had so many people telling me the problem would be looked into and I would get a call back but never have.

It has been eight months now of talking to customer service people with no answers as of yet. I am assuming that Haier will not be replacing the machine that is under warranty and that they will continue to make excuses. I will contact my lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, and I will post my nightmare situation all over the internet. I do not recommend that anyone buy Haier products. They do not uphold their warranty and I have since read other reports of similar problems with flawed products.

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