MDG Computers - Don't trust MDG Computers Vancouver!

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 at 8:13pm CST by e3070ccc

Product: Computers

Company: MDG Computers

Location: 580 SE Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5X2T4, CA


Category: Other

I purchased a computer from MDG on July 14. One of the reasons for purchasing from MDG was because their advertisements in the 24 and the Metro, which offered a free Xbox 360 with purchase. On July 19, my Xbox 360 arrived at the store, and I picked it up and brought it home. On July 28, my Xbox 360 stopped working and showed a "General Hardware Failure". August 3, I contacted MDG with the problem, and asked for an exchange. I had to call several times to the store and their customer service line to arrange the exchange, which was approved on Aug 15. Aug 20, I dropped off my defective Xbox 360. Sept 26, my replacement arrived at the store. I picked up my replacement on Sept 27. On Sept 29, my Xbox 360 stopped working and showed a "General Hardware Failure". Because MDG had taken fifty-six days to perform a simple exchange on a defective unit, I decided to take my problem directly to the manufacturer. I phoned the Xbox support line on Sept 30, where I was told that the manufacturer's warranty on my Xbox 360 had expired in June 2007, although the warranty on a "General Hardware Failure" would continue until June 2009. I arranged for a repair through Microsoft, and sent my Xbox 360 to them by courier. On Oct 29, I received my Xbox 360 back from Microsoft with a letter explaining that my console had been returned not repaired because the technician found evidence of tampering. I tried phoning the MDG customer support line, but I was told I would have to talk to the store manager. On Nov 2, I phoned MDG and spoke with the manager. IT WAS AT THIS TIME that I was informed that the Xbox 360 was indeed refurbished, and that the in store warranty was only fourteen days long. The manager told me that because I had taken more than fourteen days to report the problem, there was nothing he could do. I gave him my Xbox 360's serial number and my service number from Microsoft, and asked if he would fix the problem if Microsoft would prove that I had reported the problem to them on Sept 30. He took down my phone number and told me that he would see what he could do, although he sounded very reluctant. It is now Nov 7, and I have heard nothing from him. From July 14 to November 7, I feel I have waited long enough for a functioning Xbox 360.


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f3cdf24d, 2010-03-02, 03:06PM CST

your an idiot

8883d643, 2010-10-31, 08:44PM CDT

Contact Consumer Protection BC

They'll get to the bottom of it.

d8a524f6, 2012-04-04, 01:35PM CDT

Thank you for sharing your plight! I research everything before I buy. I was going to take the hook, but figured... maybe there is a catch. Now I know what that is. Both me and my friend will pass on this carrot.

Nothing is more revolting than cheating the customer and outplaying them with impossible policy. SHAME ON YOU MDG!

Again, thanks for taking the time.

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