Weichert Realtors - Mclean/Old Dominion - Weichert Employee Physically Threatened, Racially Harassed and Slandered Pregnant Woman and Husband

Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 at 3:40pm CST by 25e3a5cb

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Company: Weichert Realtors - Mclean/Old Dominion

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Verbally harassed, racially harassed, physically threatened by a Weichert (Mclean-Old Dominion office) posing as a real-estate agent. Sent the following email on 11/06/2007 and have not received a response:



Good afternoon. We are hoping you can provide us with some assistance and/or guidance. I am contacting you in reference to a serious harassment incident my wife and I experienced yesterday (November 4, 2007) during our home's open house with an employee of the Weichert Mclean-Old Dominion office. My wife and I were hosting an open house in the hopes of selling our home when Ms. Deborah A. Ruef entered our home at approximately 1:30pm. Ms. Ruef stated that she was a real-estate agent and asked if she could look around the home.

We happily obliged and welcome Ms. Ruef into our home. As she looked around the house, she asked us if we were the owners and made snide remarks when we told her that we were in fact selling our own home. After walking through the home for less than 5 minutes, she turned to me abruptly and stated, "you are a liar".

Not knowing what this accusation was in reference to, I simply responded with a "what?". Again Ms. Ruef stated that I was a liar and that I was misrepresenting myself and this home. She then stated that she had heard from other prospective buyers that I had taken credit for completely remodeling the home and that my MLS listing (MLS # FX6543595) was misleading and false.

When I responded that I didn't take credit for the actual floor plan changes, she began yelling at me and called me a liar. It should be noted that when we have visitor (prospective buyers), I do informed them that, "the HVAC was moved to the attic which freed up space allowing for the creation of a panty, a larger kitchen and a separate laundry room". As you can see, my "sales talk" is purposely vague as to not take credit for this floor plan changes. I do however take credit for refinishing the floor and making other changes to both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Ms. Ruef became even more belligerent and yelled even louder stating, "you are a liar, that's not what you're telling people!". This statement seemed odd as Ms. Ruef was never present at any of our other open house showings making this purely hearsay. At this time my 5-month pregnant wife stood up from the couch and informed Ms. Ruef that we are not lying and asked why she came here to harass us. Ms. Ruef surprisingly yelled at my wife to "shut the fuck up" and you're your ass down" and raised her arm in a very threatening manner as if she was about to strike my wife.

At this time I immediately stepped between my pregnant wife and Ms. Ruef and asked Ms. Ruef to leave our home. Ms. Ruef then stated that she was a real estate agent that owned two agencies and informed us that she single-handedly "blocked the sale" of our home by stopping two potential offers from going through. Once again I kindly asked Ms. Ruef to leave, but she continued her tirade.

Ms. Ruef accused my wife and I of taking away business from her by listing the

home with Spot Realty and stated that she was going to report us to Spot Realty and the NVAR, and would sue us for misrepresenting ourselves and our home. She then threatened us in a harassing manner telling us to "watch out because something could happen to you in the future, I own two homes in the neighborhood".

Following this statement, I raised my voice and told Ms. Ruef to leave now. As she started to walk out the door she continued to curse at my wife and I and then said, "people like you don't deserve to live in this house. You should watch out because I have access to the house".

One Ms. Ruef left, my wife and I immediately called the Fairfax County police and filed an official report. We gave an account of the events that transpired from 1:30pm to around 1:50pm to officer B. Ritter. My wife is quite stressed since this incident and has been feeling an immense amount of pain since yesterday (contraction like pains due to stress).

I must ask what kind of person harasses and threatens a pregnant woman and compounds this threat by raising a hand in a very threatening/violent manner?

I've attempted to contact Steve Gaskins of your Mclean-Old Dominion Weichert office to share this situation. During all of my attempts to speak to Mr. Gaskins about the behavior and abuse of power shown by his assistant Ms. Ruef, I've been unable to contact him. In fact, I keep being put through to Ms. Ruef who was unwilling to put me through to Mr. Gaskins or to his voicemail.

Please note that I have contacted the head Weichert office and have spoken to the local regional manner about this incident. Because my wife is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy (we're expecting twins) and has started to feel pains following this incident, we have decided to legally pursue this incident to the fullest extent of the law. We will continue to pursue this incident for the following reasons:

1) Misrepresenting herself (Ms. Deborah A. Ruef) as a real-estate agent and owner of two agencies. FYI, after researching, we have found she is NOT a certified real-estate agent.

2) Verbal abuse, racial harassment, and physically threatening my pregnant wife by Ms. Deborah A. Ruef.

3) Verbal abuse, racial harassment, slander and threats against my myself by Ms. Deborah A. Ruef.

4) Potential abuse of power by stopping a real-estate transaction (as described above) and threatening to enter our home during our absence by Ms. Deborah A. Ruef.

No one should be exposed to such an unstable individual and we implore you to assist us by communicating this information to Mr. Gaskins without involving Ms. Ruef. Any assistance on your part would be most appreciated.

My wife and I would be more than happy to discuss this incident with you and our listing Agent (Bob Clark) of Spot Realty is also assisting us in this manner. Again, please let Mr. Gaskins that there is a formal police report regarding this incident and we will continue to press this matter with Weichert until we are satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you for your time,

~Antonio Maradiaga


Bob Clark (Spot Realty listing agent)

Steve Gaskins ([email protected])

PFC B.A. Ritter (Fairfax County Officer)


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