Ebay.com - Ebay Suspension 1 year to Lifetime???

Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2007 at 5:07pm CST by 4af41e49

Company: Ebay.com

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Ebay suspended my account for 1 year for Shill Bidding. I was selling an item, and my sister-in-law who lives in my house and uses my wireless network placed a couple of bids on my stuff (without my knowledge). She knew I was trying to make a profit, and she also knew if I had known she wanted to buy it for my Brother i would have sold it to her for cost. So she placed a couple bids but didnt win the item. Ebay informed me I was being suspended for 1 year for Shill Bidding (bidding up the price of an item). I offered proof of the situation both on paper (with IDs) and also offered verbal verification but I was still Suspended.

After alot of pointless emails to the idiots at Ebay I gave up. I decided to accept my punishment for not knowing the rules.

I was just informed that I will not be reinstated after the 1 year like I was told many times. No explaination of this ruling.... just a one line email.


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0b89f588, 2008-01-17, 06:02PM CST

EBay has power beyond any of our control. Lawyers don't scare them, the California Attorney General will not get involved in spite of innumerable complaints.

I had a 6 year account with a 99.7% VHS tapes, books, and CD's. 1 1/2 years ago I expanded to an EBay business with assorted items. I purchased clothes from Department Store sales, after season close outs etc, and listed them.

Right before Christmas I received a notice that my account was suspended. I had over 4000 positive ratings. I had great relationships with my customers. I am a full time Registered Nurse of 28 years. I worked in a pediatric ER for 18 years and saw the horrors of hell in child abuse(sexual and physical)....When I couldn't take it any more I started doing pediatric home health and saw newborns whose mothers were drug addicts and who went through withdrawals in their homes. The lack of support for them was unbelievable and I used a large part of this income to buy diapers, clothes and other essentials. The State of Louisiana ran out of money to support Charity Hospital's Home Health Department so I transferred as a state employee to an amazing program which begins with hopefully healthy young girls who are having their first pregnancy. We educate and mentor them from early pregnancy until the child turns 2 years old. Finally I had the opportunity to make a difference. I was exhausted by seeing what happens when no one cares....So I began to make a difference. I used my EBay income to help the girls and babies. My vehicle is full of new clothes, toys, suckers, diapers, books, and other items that I felt might help a pregnant teenager ( journals to write about their feelings, photos and photo albums to see the changes in their babies and try to help foster the bond between them.). One of my young girls lived in a horrible project with huge rat holes in the walls. I helped her decorate her room with posters to cover the holes, bought her sheets and a comforter set. She states it was the best thing that anyone ever did for her. She was repeating the actions of her own mother who was pregnant at 13. No one ever had the funds or interest to do much for her or her new baby. It is impossible to follow anyone this closely and not deeply care. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was beyond any description I could write here. The stories are endless and unbelievable. If you saw them on a sap opera you would think the writer??s went way overboard but these kids live lives beyond your imagination. My EBay income was a means to help. EBay awarded me power seller status. Everything seemed perfect. I am single and self supporting. This was my opportunity to make a difference.

EBay suspended my account suddenly and without reason. They stated I sold a non-authentic branded product....an Ed Hardy cap. There was no recourse for me. It is a permanent suspension Six years of an investment in this "business" and it was finished overnight. I even contacted Ed Hardy himself who kindly responded and stated he would contact EBay on my behalf but nothing changed. A friend who was at my home bid on a dog stroller when my account was suspended and they also cancelled her EBay privileges because no one can bid or sell on EBay if they are affiliated in any way with a suspended seller. ( She was a visitor!!!)I don't know how they make these decisions, how they "TRACK US" but they do. PERIOD!!! Why can't we all make a difference and protect ourselves and others from EBay? I have asked myself this every day and it seems to be a monumental task. I am a RN, not an attorney. I've written to everyone associated with EBay...I even sent a letter to the home of the EBay CEO...and also one to her husband who is a neurosurgeon. I thought he might help me. Anyone in medicine understands the enormous diversity if class and income....especially after Katrina. NO response. Only Ed Hardy called back and ironically that made absolutely no difference at all. My EBAY ID was nurse-Lowie. Even my next door neighbor was suspended because of suspicions about her contact with me....

I am a RN...not a thief or a drug dealer. I do not have a criminal record. I'm not trying to misrepresent ANYTHING!!!!

I accumulated a few thousand dollars in merchandise and suddenly it was worthless. They broke my spirit and there is no one who cares about that at all. EBay and Paypal do anything they want and to anyone they want and no one has the power to fight back. Something is seriously wrong with this!!!!!

57dab3b0, 2008-04-27, 09:56PM CDT

I cannot find any info on ebay and the help department will not give me any address or phone info - they are covering us this fraud - ebay canceld all my listings stating they were posted wrong - even though i brougth to the attention of ebay that my competitor had posted thier listings the same way - i was told that ebay does not take the same action for all thier listings and that i was singled out becuase I was from canada and my competitor was from USA - then my user ID was canceled in retalition - ebay help seen this and did not understand way i was canceled but said there is noting they can do about it - i was out of luck - this is the 4 th time i was canceled for little or no reason - i am going to never use ebay again, i have lost $ 1000's of dollars due to scammers and have had a large # of ID fraud attempts - people trying to get my user ID - I am sick of ebay's customer service even after I spent over $ 4000 per month on listing I posted on thier auction site - BEWARE EVERYONE - DO NOT USE EBAY - IT is one big SCAM FROM BOTH EBAY's side and buyers side - sellers have no protection

b749f79d, 2008-05-09, 10:28AM CDT

Screw eBay. They suspended my account as well. Do what I did - make a new email account with Gmail or Yahoo and make a new eBay ID using the new email. It can still be linked to your existing Paypal account. Take THAT, eBay!

60d75e29, 2008-12-11, 11:47PM CST

I had the misfortune of buying what I believed was a car from a private seller on eBay but it turned out to be a dealer who had eBay accounts all over the place and after being conned I managed to connect the accounts to eight other accounts using telephone numbers and different cars he had sold and soon discovered other people were also looking for the same scam artist

In the first instance DO NOT CONTACT eBay as they are particularly keen to hide such activities from the public in an attempt to reassure members that its safe on eBay and will hide behind the data protection act if asked for detail needed in order to take action yourself.

DO REMEMBER TO SAVE OR PRINT the pages relating to any wrong doing before eBay removed them and changes the data in order to claim that you were not in fact the winning bidder as happened in my case and dont be put off perusing eBay when they suddenly start replying to you complaints in a foreign language such as Flemish.

You can be sure eBay collected it fees from the person who conned me and have access to IP Addresses and bank details to stop these people opening a new account so from a commercial perspective they are on the side of the criminals however help is at hand with sites such as www.Ebuster.co.uk, www.GoofBay.com which helps monitor and catch these criminals.

If your not convince that eBay are involved in such illegal activities then see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/02/24/ebay_shill_lawsuit/ that will maybe change your mind.

Shill bidder are rewarded by eBay and just in case they go too far in pushing the price up then eBay comes to the rescue with second chance offer so get it out your head about eBay helping protect members as they are not the solution when they are part of the problem and remember that the next time you suddenly find you won after all.

One last little tip is to save your time from complaining on eBay forums as you will soon discover such unfriendly topics are weighted to quickly disappear off the bottom of the screen and dont believe all them cars that went unsold with no reserve at 0.99 with no bids as its a clear manipulation of the data by eBay as I have witnessed this myself.

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