New Age Hearing Aid Center - Starkey Hearing Aids...High Priced Junk???

Posted on Friday, November 30th, 2007 at 10:23am CST by 9bf20863

Product: Starkey Hearing Aids

Company: New Age Hearing Aid Center

Location: 2269 Cedar Ridge Rd
Commerce, GA, 30529, US

Category: Other

We purchased a pair of starkey (in the ear) digital hearing aids for my husband from this place. We were told these were "TOP OF THE LINE" hearing aids. (Should have been made of gold really, since each of them cost us $3,000.00)

During the first year, my husband had to take them back several times because they weren't working right.

Two months after the warranty runs out, we had to take them back again, because they weren't working. New Age sends them off for repair (no clue as to who they sent them to), we get them back...and we get a bill for 234.97. I actually got 2 bills in the mail together. Both had the exact same amount, so I thought they had mistakenly sent me a duplicate bill.

Well, I was upset at the 234.97 bill, since I thought this was extremely high. The bill said "Receiver Replacement" on one side and Hearing Aid Repair $129.99, Digital $89.99, Drop Ship Fee 0.00, Round Trip Shp/Hndlg $14.99

Microphone Protector N/C Sub Total $234.97

I guess it's suppose to make us feel better that were weren't charged for a drop ship fee and we weren't charged for a microphone protector.

It sure didn't make me feel better that after I sent in a check for 234.97, I get a statement showing I owed 295.03. This statement showed a previous balance of 530.00.

I was confused, so I had my husband call. Well, the second invoice wasn't a duplicate, but yet another bill for the other hearing aid. Keep in mind, these are suppose to be TOP OF THE LINE hearing aids, which we had paid $6,000.00 for. Also, evidently they can't add because the previous balance should have been $469.94. They said that was their error and they would correct that. I wonder how many older people would catch that?

When we asked why would these hearing aids stop working in such a short time, we were told it was because of "moisture". Can you imagine that? Who would have thought you would find "moisture" in ears??? (yes, I'm being sarcastic because everyone knows your ears have moisture)

Why on earth would a $6,000.00 pair of hearing aids not be protected against this?

Does Starkey think it's ok to sell a product, that is designed to go in your ear, which has moisture, which stops working after awhile due to moisture?

Does this Hearing Aid Center feel good about itself, selling a product like this?

Do they think that since we were able to finance 6,000.00 we should be able to pay $469.94 everytime the hearing aids stop working because of moisture? (Which I'm guessing will happen at least once a year)

I find this whole situation outrageous. It's sad that people find it neccessary to take advantage of people with disabilities.

I was so excited about having my husband hear me and everything else around him again, I didn't take the time to research these hearing aids or the prices. I was foolish enough to think that a "Doctor" would be truthful and would not sell a defective product.

I have since checked on the internet, and have seen the same hearing aids for $2,300.00, and with a 2 year warranty. (and that was a quick search) Which just goes to show the mark up (greed) on something so important to hearing impaired people.

I have also found a repair site that charges $120.00 to repair hearing aids (digital included, shipping included). Again, another sad example of greed.

Needless to say, I won't be taking these "GOLD" hearing aids back to New Age Hearing Aid Center.

A warning to others...don't believe the hype they tell you about a product they are selling. They are there to make a buck...or several thousand of them, at your expense.

Don't buy Starkey hearing aids!


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ad545d18, 2007-12-03, 04:01PM CST

Audibel is owned by Starkey and has removed a good bit of money from my pockets over the years. I got luckey (I guess) when I found that the distributor I was using had tampered with my BTEs in order to try and sell me their latest model. I have filed every thing that I know of (and could afford) on these people but to no avail.

Good luck.........

40ead61a, 2009-01-28, 01:11PM CST

Should have taken it up with the company you bought them from. Our policy has the hearing aids covered with a 3 year warranty and although Starkey doesn't offer that (usually 1 year parts and one time loss) however, we would waive the fee and pay it ourselves. I can tell you that Starkey hearing aids are usually very good and we sell lots of them without many problems. Obviously problems happen, like yours, but I have to tell you that it's the company you bought from that has the problem, not Starkey. Also, 6,000 dollars seems a little steep for just a 2 month warranty. That honestly should have told you something about the company you bought from. Doesn't seem very customer friendly to me. Next time buy hearing aids from us up here in Michigan ; )

d27012fc, 2009-10-06, 07:09PM CDT

This is a good time to talk about who is involved with selling hearing aids. There are audiologists, who have a minimum of a Masters, although most have doctorates. We are trained in a university and medical settings to treat the patient, not just the hearing loss. There are also hearing aid dealers, who are generally only required to have a high school degree, and a training period with another dealer. They are usually trained to SELL, the more expensive the better. After reading the complaints on this website, it appears most of the problems have been with hearing aid dealer versus audiologists. Since price-fixing is illegal, anyone can charge what the market will bear. That means one place may sell a specific brand and model of hearing for 5000.00 apiece, while someone else down the road will sell the exact same aid for 2500.00 apiece. Legitimate dispensers give at least one year warranty, and most give 2-3 years. That means if the aids break under warranty, you should not have to pay a PENNEY, not even for shipping. The only time you should have to pay under the warranty is for an aid that is lost or damaged beyond repair. If you purchased aids from someone else however, you may have to pay a small fee for their time and service. Buyer beware, and do your homework before you buy. Go to legitimate companies for recommendations. Ask friends and family members who have hearing aids who they would recommend. Check the BBB. Don't blame Starkey or any other major hearing aid company. Most make good or excellent products; blame the person who overcharged you, and continues to charge you. And yes, digital hearing aids usually break down because of 2 things: was and moisture.

7f0b1029, 2010-04-14, 04:07PM CDT

Sometimes there are crooks in every industry from what I have learned. Just a suggestion; write to the Georgia Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Dispensers and/or the Georgia State Audiology Board. They take these complaints very seriously. You might also try another local dispenser to fix the aids. I have had Starkey aids and they work great but I can tell you the person dispensing the aids can make all the difference in the world for success or failure.

bca11d60, 2010-07-11, 12:13PM CDT

You should have gone to Costco like I did! I bought some aids by Bernafon and they have worked great for me. Can't say enough.

2f321f1b, 2012-03-07, 12:39PM CST

I just want to let you all know just because you purchase a certain brand of hearing aids the hearing aid is only as good as the provider programming the hearing aid. I have Starkey hearing aids not only did I purchase the hearing aids but my service was included. Yes I thought the $5800 was alot of money for hear but I put mt trust in my provider and she was great so yes just cause you had Starkey hearing aids do not mean it was Starkey's fault look at your PROVIDER check out their license before you purchase!!!

John K Starkey Hearing Aid user!

Bruce, 2012-08-13, 10:41AM CDT

My husband purchased new Starkey hearing aid less than three years ago. He had them in for problems from day one. Last Oct. both aids went dead and they were replace with new ones because of all the issues. They just went dead again after 10 months and to have them repaired is $550. Or of course he can replace them for another $3700. We will never purchase another Starkey let alone have them repaired only to have the same thing happen another 10 months down the road. Now he is shopping for new aids from another company.

Jason H., 2012-09-12, 11:10AM CDT

Quality of product and quality of service are two separate issues on most of these complaints. Unfortunately they are viewed as one in the same. I agree with the consumer who wants a product to be more durable, and I could never blame anyone for being upset they can't hear as well as they might like. Remember a couple of key factors; First find a person who is licensed To sell, fit, program, service and counsel a client on use of their hearing aid. This doesn't mean they need to be audiologists (It gets old seeing a post that deems it necessary to make that claim; in many cases it?s over rated and in its own right another "selling tactic". Don't be fooled there are plenty of "crooks" with a masters degree). Find some one who cares what the problem is and seems genuine on helping you reach your goals. Another important thing to remember is maintenance....For some people Hearing Aids require a lot of it. Daily cleaning of your hearing Aids is not only suggested but for some required to allow the Hearing Aids to have the desired affect. Imagine you don't see well from your glasses and it?s mostly due because you won't take the time to clean them.

8c954986, 2013-03-26, 12:28PM CDT

I'm still trying to have the warning word "battery" removed from my Starkey Hearing Aid and replaced with a simple warning beep. It has been returned to the company, so the store tells me (Total Hearing, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada) a total of seven (7) times!!!! It still says battery and the 3 year warranty will run out in 8 months. They seem unconcerned and have never even apologized for the inconvenience. Now I receive my first bill in the mail marked "Past Due". Their promised good service is way past due also! I expect that I'll have to wear hearing aids for the rest of my life but I guarantee you, it will be any brand other than this one, that apparently, no one knows how to set properly. Disgusting!

Noreen D., 2013-07-04, 01:35PM CDT

I purchased Starkey Hearing Aids on May 7th, 2013 and since that time the one hearing aid has been back to the factory twice. Once as the audiologist tried to make it fit better and ground too much of the molded ear piece and the second time because the microphone stopped working. The second hearing aid quit working after about four weeks and when I took it in the audiologist gave it a strong vacuum and made it work again. For how long? I would truly expect more that 5 weeks use out of a product that is so expensive and purchased on the recommendation of my audiologist. I am not new at wearing hearing aids as I have been wearing them for about 8 years. I also go away for about 6 months every year and my audiologist now tells me they should be serviced every 2 months. Why would that be if I clean them all the time? What is the solution to this problem?

Jason H., 2013-07-08, 11:52AM CDT


The professional general does servicing under a microscope and has a vacuum with small needles to clean the devices (at least I do). This maintenance is not expected from the consumer. Everyone's ear is a little different and so are the conditions. Sometimes covers or screens are made available that the client can change periodically to keep the devices functioning properly. Ask the specialist involved with your fitting for options. In some extreme cases I've even given a client the option to order a small vacuum designed for hearing aids that will allow the client to remove the cerum (wax) or moisture from them.

Bob F., 2013-12-10, 10:34AM CST

I had one of my top of the line Starkey hearing aids go out because of moisture and less than a month after the warranty expired. Go figure. It cost me $250 to have the hearing aid fixed and was told the other one should be "serviced" for another $250.00. The reason, living in Florida exposes the hearing aid to a lot of moisture and it is recommended that I check them every 6 MONTHS. Won't take long to spend as much in fixing them as it did to buy them. I am shopping today for a different brand.

Sue V., 2014-07-29, 03:33PM CDT

I've been wearing hearing aids for ~9 years. While they definitely improve my hearing, I still can't go to the theater to watch a movie and expect to understand much of the dialog. Closed captioning is wonderful and generally available when watching movies on DVD, TV or on-demand, but for those rare times when theaters provide it, it's clunky and awkward. So, the end of last year, I thought to try a 3rd pair, which might work even better. The first 2 pairs are phonak and oticon. The 3rd is starkey. I tried several models of Starkey and spent at least 10 hours at the doctor's office trying different programming, but all the models have a similar problem and no setting made any difference. I hear the actual frequency from the air (open) and a different frequency from the hearing aid speaker for about 2-3 different frequencies on each ear. Needless to say, this makes the hearing aids useless. I returned the hearing aids, but the doctor never reimbursed the insurance, ~$6000, so, I decided to get them back a few weeks ago. This pair is even worse and I continue to wear the oticons. It did bug me that the doctor downplayed the severity of the problem, as if I'm just picky. It would have been horrible if this had been my first pair. I might never have tried hearing aids again. Any advice?

Leroy M., 2014-11-24, 08:41AM CST

I purchased a pair of Starkey hearing aids on August 14, 2014 from hearing Health Care of Louisiana, Inc. for $8176.00

I stopped in on my way home from the Doctors office for my initial visit to HHC for repair of the Miracle Ear aids I had.

The high pressure salesman was a factory representative who assured me I could return the aids anytime within 60 days for a full refund of the $1000.00 deposit I paid.

I did return the aids on September 9, 2014 because I have health issues with the brain, balance and hearing, which I informed the salesperson about at the time.

As of this date I have not received any of my deposit, nothing has been returned to me. I am very disappointed in the aids and the company for not standing by there word.

76d96f21, 2015-08-27, 10:27PM CDT

So, if these are all the complaints about this particular brand, where can one find a sensible evaluation or ranking of all the brands? I'd really like to know what works. Price and quality are of course considerations, but equally valuable is reliable performance. Where are the recommendations?

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