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Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2007 at 7:30am CST by 96c544d8

Product: Resume Writer

Company: 1-on-1 resumes.com

Location: P. O. Box 1031
ALEDO, TX, 76008, US

Category: Products, Services

I engaged 1-on-1 resume's.com to write a resume for a sales position I was applying for. 1-on-1 resume's.com charged 119.50 for a "professional" resume with a guaranteed turn around of 2-3 days (standard fee 89.95 + 29.95 rush service fee + tax). What I received was a list compiled of my experience that could have been written by a high school student. When asked to revise the document, the writer did not answer for 4 days. I was completely dissatisfied with the efforts of this "professional writer" and requested a refund of the purchase price. My first emails were ignored, my subsequent emails to the company were explained away as my fault for not detailing what I wanted written. If I had to explain how to write the resume to the writer, where was the professionalism of his writing ability. 1-on-1 resume's.com never sent a receipt for their lack of service, nor did they refund the fees. As a result, my credit card was charged and without documentation I had no means of disputing the charge. End result is I am out 119.50 for a fraudulent charge with no recourse. There is no professionalism at 1-on-1 resume's.com and no guarantee.


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e31a890d, 2009-02-13, 05:01PM CST

DO NOT buy 1 ON 1 RESUMES!!!!!! They are unprofessional and NOT worth 1 penny of the garbage they write!!! The end result is something unintelligent that you never asked for and if you reply to them you will NEVER hear back which is what happened to me, much less give you 1 cent back of what you originally asked for!!

Beware of a company that cannot be contacted unless thru email-- which is why they do it so they wont have to respond back to you!!!!


a61539a5, 2009-09-10, 11:39PM CDT

I totally agree. I paid $129 for a resume promised in 2-3 days. I paid extra because they say with more experience, you have to pay more. I have been asking them for my resume. I am now in the sixth day and have gotten an email saying they sent me an email asking how I wanted the resume written.I never received any email from them. They say it was asking me how I wanted my resume written, could they combine all experience to fit on one page. I thought I was paying for their expertise and they are asking me how to write the resume. I told them I never recieved an email from the writer and the "writer manager" sent me a rude email saying the writer sent me an email. If the writer sent an email the transmission never went through. I checked junk mail and spam. No email.Sill haven't received it and wonder what I can do about the terms of the agreement being violated.

0793dec0, 2011-03-22, 12:54PM CDT

I totally agreed on the original complaint. I purchased my resume and cover letter in Dec 2010. Two months went by I didnt hear anything back. So I wrote to the writer, Gabrielle. She said I needed to provide additional information on my new job. On March 02, she said she has everything she needed and she promised to send me the resume asap. However, I still havent received anything (March 21) now. So I wrote to the writer again and the [email protected] to see what the status is. Heather R. Todd from customer service (from 1-on 1 resumes.com) wrote back to me with very unprofessional, nasty e mail. Not only they didnt refund the fees, they took my money for (resume + cover) in Dec, but also she insulted me in the e mails. I regretted for using their site

1-on-1-resumes.com and federal-resumes.us

Please beaware of them, use other sites instead.

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