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Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2007 at 11:53am CST by c32e4433

Product: Locksmith

Company: Goldy Locks

Location: 17048 S. Oak Park Ave.


Category: Products, Services

As a customer we hired a Goldy Locks locksmith 3 times; the first was to change out locks in a new office we moved into. We had 5 locks installed by the locksmith - it took the locksmith a day and the bill was over $2,500.00. Because they were a customer I did not want to question the invoice but I knew I could purchase the same locks for under $100 each. Goldy Locks charged us $200 per lock and over $200 per hour for the kids they sent out to install them. This is more per hour then we charge for certified Cisco and Microsoft technicians.

The second time we hired Goldy Locks locksmiths was when we wanted to install a camera system in our building. Again we used their locksmiths because they were a customer and again we were charged 3 to 4 times what we could have purchased the same product from elsewhere. The cameras Goldy Locks Inc sold us for $400.00 we could have purchased from most other vendors for $125.00. We were changed $4,000.00 for a job that another locksmith could have had done for $1,000 to $1,500 tops. But again, I did not say anything because they were a customer.

The third job we called a locksmith from Goldy Locks for was a buzzer for the lock on the front door. The lock their locksmith installed was very cheep with a door bell looking remote that used AA batteries. The buzzer on the lock was nothing but problems and kept ringing when no one was there. It finally go to the point that we disconnected it. And what did they charge me for this fine craftsmanship? $1,300.00. I looked up the lock and it retails for less then $200.00. It took the kid they sent out less then 2 hours to install. So I guess their hourly rate for locksmiths must have been $550.00 per hour. Again I didn???t say anything until a few months later.

So knowing all of the above you would think a Tinley Park locksmith company like Goldy Locks who thinks nothing of charging over $200 per hour for locksmith work done by kids wouldn???t have a problem with paying college educated certified technicians $110.00 per hour to work? Well if you agreed, you were wrong. Every time we were called out to work on their system they would ask for a discount on the bill. Even after we lowered our normal rate of $110.00 per hour to $90 per hour they would still ask for more money off. And because some of the techs called them using their cell phones they started calling techs directly on their cell phones when they needed additional service. I???m sure that this was so they could try to avoid being billed.


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