RPM Outlet.com - Failure to send purchased product

Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 at 1:26pm CST by 5b087513

Company: RPM Outlet.com

Location: 13313 Redfish Lane, Suite 104

URL: http://www.rpmoutlet.com/frame.htm

Category: Products, Services

I ordered the product described above on the 31s of october. I in turn was told that it was temporarily out of stock so add 10 buisness days to the order. I then called a week ago and was told that they had 15 on order and that I should receive my purchase by moday or tuesday of this week. I called on monday 11-26 and was told that B and M had not even sent the order yet. I then proceded to ask if there is anything that rpm can do for me. Barbara the women I spoke to told me that they would be able to overnight the part as soon as they get it for me free of charge. I was then told that she would call me back the following day 11-27 to let me know on the status. I received no call so I called. I then spoke to Greg the manager of RPM. He then told me that all that has been told to me was false and the best he can do is a two nite delivery which is pointless becasue I would get it on the ground delivery in 3 days. He then proceded to raise his voice at me and then without my mothers consent or my own cancelled the delivery and said that no matter what it wont matter what I do now it wont matter because it as if I and my mother never existed.


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