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Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2007 at 10:26pm CST by 82c3b410

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There is no personal customer service at Amazon. No phone number, no instant chat, no problem solving. If their automated response doesn't apply, then too bad for the customer! My problem is that they won't keep my online account separate from my husband's, so we can buy each other gifts/surprises. Even though we have different emails and different passwords, because we share a laptop and PC's, it greets us as my husband, even when I log in separately. His wishlist automatically shows up. If I order from it, where's the surprise? I now download the whole families wish-list's and take them to Barnes and Noble, where they have actual customer service. The other items I buy off the shelf. I also tried ordering off someone else's list and if I put something in the shopping cart and tried to "continue shopping", there was no such option and I had to start over every time. Very cumbersome. I gave up! My husband and I are both professionals living in the U-

district of Seattle, and we can't even reach someone at this local Amazon company where their headquarters are located. This is pathetic. I think it will catch up with them eventually and I think my hubby will dump the hundreds of shares of stock he has!

Jana and Tom


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