Channel 7 - Rude female ads on T.V.

Posted on Sunday, November 25th, 2007 at 10:14am CST by d192adb2

Product: Commercials

Company: Channel 7

Location: Sir Sammual Griffith Dr Mt Cootha.
Brisbane, Qu, 4073, AU


Category: Other

Every night when you watch late night shows all you get are commercials for texting sexy babes.How much more can aperson take of this rot.Im sure I aint the only female who cant stand this rot on the T.V.You dont see ads for sexy men and just personally I dont want to.I just want to be able to watch my T.V without every ad being such crap on it.My children sometimes stay up late as I am a shift worker and I really dont think they should be subject to this either.Please less of this garbage and advertise somthing worthwhile.I absolutley love your yahoo forum website but your ads on T.V suck.


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