Jamie's Little Shop - Fraud

Posted on Sunday, November 25th, 2007 at 1:59pm CST by 3d6cc159

Product: Seamstress Servis

Company: Jamie's Little Shop

Location: Terrell

URL: http://www.Jamieslittleshop.com/

Category: Stores, Shopping

I sent my fabric worth USD300 and paid USD500 through paypal to make 6 outfits. Jamie Holton, head seamstress of Jamie's Littel Shop , received my fabric. However, It has been more than 3 months and I have not received anything from her. I suspect fraud, she also disconnected her phone.

I lost about USD800, in addition to that all my heartache, i am going through. I sent my lovely fabric and paid her, and cheated me. I really hope, you can do something to stop this malpractice. tq


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25da9c84, 2007-12-27, 05:47PM CST

I, too have been scammed by this business(Jamie's Little Shop). I paid her over $800 to sew some costumes for our church's Living Nativity. I place my order in mid-October 2007 and was promised a delivery date of mid November. I felt ok about paying her since it was through PayPal. Once I paid her my final payment so she could ship everything,she basically stopped communications. She kept telling me my order was shipped, but would never give me tracking information. she repeatedly had some excuse she couldn't give it to me. I was able to track down her phone number and now she promised to make everything good - but I don't believe it. I am persuing this as afar as I can to get her stopped. I wonder how many other people were affected. Isn't it odd that she doesn't post an address or phone # on her web site?

17087f3b, 2008-03-18, 11:23PM CDT

Same story here. I found Jamie online back in September. I communicated with her then about making curtains for my daughter's room. Fortunately, I changed my mind and did not hire her for that job.

Later, I needed someone to make a couple of dresses for my daughter and immediately remembered Jamie's name and web site. We emailed back and forth for a couple of days, I mailed her pictures of the dresses, and I sent $110 to her via Paypal. After that, I sent her several emails without response from her. Two weeks after I sent the money, I sent her an email voicing some concern that I had not heard from her since paying her the money. She immediately wrote back a very snippy message, claiming that my Yahoo email account was not working and that's why I was not getting her responses. I never heard from her again after that. I even filed a claim with Paypal, which she never responded to and therefore was awarded in my favor. This means nothing, though. All I got for my claim was 41 cents because that's all she had in her Paypal account.

I would advise all of you who have similar complaints against Jamie Holton to file claims with Paypal. Eventually, they will have to suspend her account so that she can no longer defraud customers using Paypal to collect the money. You should also contact the fraud department at the Terrell Police Department.

Also, everyone should be aware that Jamie Holton has closed down her original web site. She is now operating under www.holidayitemsandmore.com.

4415901a, 2008-07-09, 12:02PM CDT

She has reappeared on etsy as jamie4382

Cell: 214 717 7286 email: [email protected] or [email protected]

I also got scammed, reported her.

b2c712bd, 2008-07-11, 03:00PM CDT

I reported Jamie to the Etsy forum admin and told them that legal action needs to take place against this person. She has scammed at least 10 people on Etsy and more then 50% of her feedback has been negative. She has scammed thousands of dollars out of people, yet some how her sorry rear is not in jail for fraud. I'm going to take this further and report her to the Better Business Bureau in Texas as well as the authorities because what she is doing is completely illegal. Everyone should keep every email you've had with this woman in case the authorities need it as proof.

dc51ce17, 2008-07-11, 03:54PM CDT

I was scammed as well by Jamie Holton on etsy. She has now been banned.

Here's her report on the Better Business Bureau site:


I encourage everyone to file complaints with them, and with the FBI's internet crime division at www.ic3.gov

She uses this email (discounthousewares AT gmail.com) on her ebay account. I don't know what her username is as I type this because ebay only allows you to do one search a day on their members.

17087f3b, 2008-08-11, 04:36PM CDT

Please also file complaints with Paypal if that is how you paid Jamie Holton. She keeps closing down accounts with them and opening up new ones under a new name. However, they are not catching the fact that she is registering the same bank and/or creit card information under the new account names. They could easily shut her "operatiion" down if they paid attention to this tiny detail. Please report her!!!

fe899a8c, 2010-01-21, 08:07PM CST

I am currently going through this. I am getting married in a few weeks and she is supposed to make my bridesmaid dresses.. she says they have been shipped but cannot locate the tracking numbers..every time I call, she doens't answer and she emails me with excuses. I am filing a police report. She basically is ruining my wedding!

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