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Posted on Saturday, November 24th, 2007 at 11:48am CST by 1aded362

Product: Dryer model LEQ9508PW0

Company: Whirlpool Corporation

Location: 553 Benson Road
Benton Harbor, MI, 49022, US

URL: http://Whirlpool.com/

Category: Other

I learned from the Whirlpool repairman yesterday that my 22 month old Whirlpool dryer, model LEQ9508PW0, that has been used less than 30 times has a defective motor bearing. The service call today was $55, the repair estimate for the dryer is $295 and the cost of a new dryer would be $365. Three calls to Whirlpool customer service, the last to Nathan, a supervisor in Cleveland, TN, has given me 3 pat statements that Whirlpool's warranty covers only 12 months, regardless of use and expectations for a major appliance reliability and any repairs or replacement are my responsibility. I am curious if others have experienced such poor reliability from Whirlpool appliances and received the same response from Whirlpool customer service when reporting the problem? Since Whirlpool now owns Maytag, you can expect their repairmen to get a little more exercise! Does this indiacte that American made appliances are following the lead of American made cars?

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af373ce3, 2008-02-06, 12:35PM CST

My dryer (same model whirlpool) has exactly the same problem and the same associated costs. Service call plus $268.44 for new motor. I think I'm going for the new dryer and certainly not a Whirlpool (that doesn't whirl for long)

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