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Jack Bowles

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To whom it may concern.

I purchased a fuel injection pump from Diesel care and performace on 8-14-2007. I purchased it using my Bank America Visa cardand was charged $1476.00 total with $400.00 to be credited back to me when they received my old one as a core.

I installed the new pump the first of september and from the beginning I had trouble starting my truck. It would only start after grinding on the starter for a period of time . Within 30 days it would not start at all.

A diesel mechanic I met that lives near me came by and after checking it out found that the pump was not suppling pressure to injectors. We then pulled front enjine cover to check the timing which was right on the moneywhich also tells us that the keyway connecting pump to gear was not damaged as Billy Williams claims.

I called Diesel care and spoke to someone who said to send it backand they would check it out and either return it or replace it if it was bad. I sent it bak by FedEx several days later.

After 5 days I called to see what had been done to correct this problem. The woman I spoke to took my number and called me back ain an hour telling me she found the pump I sent Back and she would send me out another pump that day.which was Friday and I should have it by Monday.Upon getting home friday night I had an Email from UPS sayiny I would have it Mon. and also give a tracking Number.

After not receiving it monday I ran the tracking no. and was told to get hold of sender.

I called and askabout nto woman I had Talked to befor. She put me on hold and then a man named BIlly Williams came to phone to try and tell me that I damaged the pump and was explaing to me that half a keyway was jambed into front seal causing it to loose pressure.

He took my Email address and said he would send a picture . at that time I acknowledged that I was aware of what he was saying, (not the damage)At any rate he said he would get it fixed and send it back.. The next day I called and was told he was out so I left a voice message asking what progress had been made and offered that if he still had core I would even take it back.

Now after repeated calls where he is in meetings or any other excuse . and not returned any phone calls That the whole thing is a scam.

IN searching my credit card bill for an exact date which was 8-14-2007, I discovered that I have never been credited with my core . $400.00. Now they have my core and the one I sent back which shoulb be worth another $400.00..

I am also sending this complaint to the Tenn. Attorney Generals office and The internet and anybody else I can think of.

I thank you for your time


Jack Bowles


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8ddb34ef, 2008-01-26, 10:29AM CST

Mr. Bowles was forwarded copy of digital photographs outlining the damage that was done to the injection pump. He stated in our conversation that he was aware of the damage prior to sending in the pump, something he is not truthful about in this complaint. In fact, he has out and out lied in numerous portions of this letter. We offered to repair the pump at cost, which we did. As far as scams, Mr.Bowles is the one who attempted to submit a pump for warranty which he knew he damaged. We are a reputable fuel injection facilty who prides ourself on our customer service, but when a customer attempts to cheat us, we are going to respond accordingly.

8ddb34ef, 2008-05-08, 04:07PM CDT

I am Billy williams and I am the owner of diesel care and performance. The comments made by Mr. Bowles in this letter or both erroneous in nature and bordering on out and out lies. Mr. Bowles's mechanic damaged this injection pump during installation. When confronted with this Mr. Bowles indicated that he was aware of that but still felt that our company was responsible for his mechanics mistakes. We offered to repair the injection pump at cost in order to appease Mr. Bowles'. But he was having none of it and now he has taken his campaign of slander to the Internet. I am an honest businessman but I will not be held hostage by unreasonable people who threaten me was slander when I will bow down and give in to their unreasonable demands.

5e2e3c77, 2010-06-08, 08:45PM CDT

there are hundreds of people being ripped of by this man billy williams and his group of fakes

i am part of a group compiling a law suite agianst him and his team

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