Denny's - Denny's: Bad food and Bad service?

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 at 1:34am CST by d2632c54

Product: Restaurant

Company: Denny's

Location: 1510 West Valencia Road
Tucson, AZ, 85746-6081, US


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I don't usually complain. In fact, this is my first formal complaint. Ever. However, I eventually decided that someone should know. Maybe even the health department. You'll see why I think this later.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were looking at a house to buy and her father came to help inspect it. We all met after our jobs and after we were finished looking at the house we wanted to take her father out for dinner for helping us out. We decided Denny's and found one in the area on Valencia road (Denny's #7249). So we get seated in a booth and the waitress leaves to get water. We decide to move to a different booth that was more comfortable and away from the crowd. When the waitress came back, I asked her if it was alright that we moved. She said "No" but I think she was (MAYBE) joking. Anyways, we ordered our food. I ordered the miniburgers and by the time they came out they were lukewarm. Okay, no big deal. But halfway through eating them I discovered (to my horror) that the buns had MOLD on them! My wife saw it too so I have a witness.

I was pressed for time because we had to make an offer on the house we were looking at before the night was over (long story). It was about 9:00 pm. I didn't have the time to complain and deal with the waitress and cooks. So I decided to eat the burgers that didn't have (visible) mold on them. Still pretty gross, I know. On top of all that, the waitress had a young daughter that came in to eat and she kept going over and talking to her and the young man who was with her. That's okay if it doesn't interfere with her work I guess, but it did. I asked for a box (to salvage the untainted burgers) and she supposedly went to get it, but I look back and she's talking to her daughter again. I never got my box. In fact, she never really came back. I gave up on the box and we decided to leave. I even tipped 20% (I don't know why). No "thanks for coming" from the people at the front counter when I paid. They didn't really say anything to us. No "thanks" from the waitress when I left either. She was still hanging out with her child.

Later on that night while trying to sign some house contract papers I got an upset stomach. I wonder why? Why go to Denny's when all I get is bad food and bad service? I probably won't go to that Denny's location again and I'm not sure if I will go to a Denny's anywhere for a while. I went to IHOP tonight and was treated way better with good, clean, hot food and a very attentive waitress. Something to think about.

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9c832afa, 2009-11-03, 03:48AM CST

Oh my God. This HAS to be a joke. First, you just decide to basically seat yourself without regard to the waitress or her section and then you wonder why she is rude to you. Um, hello? Why didn't you just go back to the kitchen and flip your own patties for crying out loud? Then, your bread has mold on it and you EAT IT ANYWAY!!!! Not only that, but you TAKE THE LEFTOVERS HOME!!!! And you paid for it!!! You should have complained from the second you saw it, the time it took you to eat it is far more than the time it would have taken you to get a new order. And pressed for time? Um, how is it that you had time to eat, pick off the mold, and eat some more, but not to ask for a new order? And you tipped? Seriously?

Dude, its YOUR fault you got a tummy ache. Yeah, Denny's gave you moldy buns. But they didn't cram them down your throat You saw the mold and ate it anyway. You totally deserve those stomach pains.

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