MoNique - MoNique Comedy

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2007 at 4:53pm CST by fd0694e7

Product: Comedy Show

Company: MoNique

Location: Ticketmaster 1000 Corporate Landing
Charleston, WV, 25311, US


Category: Other

Purchased tickets thru Ticketmaster for comedy show "MoNique" - event scheduled for 10/27 at 8pm. By 8:35 p.m., show had still not started. We had arrived 7:40pm to be on time. During pre-show wait, many guests, including myself, complained to MoNique entertainment staff that the loud music was like a 17-year old showing off in the car next to you with nothing but bass. It was hurting our ears, literally gave ear pain and headache. They refused our requests to adjust the sound. After waiting 55 minutes with noise torture, we left. I contacted Ticketmaster the next business day; their policy is to not refund after an event. If we knew beforehand the event would be intolerably late and would have subjected us to ear damage, certainly, we would have requested refund in advance. I think it's time people stand up to monopolies like Ticketmaster and the "artists" who take money and advantage from patrons who were subjected to noise abuse and a very tardy appearance. I, for one, will never use Ticketmaster and their price gouging, ever again.


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