Pizza Hut - Bad Pizza Hut Experience

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2007 at 9:59pm CST by 0034a7f1

Product: Pizza and pop meal deal

Company: Pizza Hut

Location: Lebanon, OH, US


Category: Other

We had to have waited at least 45 minutes for breadsticks, let alone our pizzas, and hadn't been told that the wait was going to be this crazy. (They started telling people after us.) The kitchen was so backed up we ended up running an hour behind schedule and missing the first hour of the event we were going to that evening. Wait staff started using us as an example--don't feel bad, at least you haven't been waiting as long as them. Ultimately we were even charged something like a dollar more than I anticipated for the experience because double cheese is no longer a topping option (it was the only thing I got on my half of the pizza, and we could have up to three toppings...come ON). I didn't want to make a big fuss at the register when they obviously had a lot to deal with, so I complained to the website...which gave me some vague response). In short, I don't want to get anybody in trouble, but it took us an unreasonably long time to get through the restaurant and it made for an uncomfortable dining experience--we wouldn't have placed an order if we would have just been told at the door. I want some kind of apology, refund, and/or voucher so I am assured that the company is aware they need to fix these kinds of problems for future diners, and that they are responsive to customer service inquiries.


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