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Posted on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 9:54pm CST by 27790c73

Company: pehredar money control .com TV channel

Category: Other

My tale of troubles begins 2 months back when i brought my 29 inch Samsung TV, which had a faulty picture tube, it took me many emails and numerous phone calls to samsung to get this replaced as they just would not agree to give me a replacement. After abt 1 month of tussle with the SAMSUNG..i had the same TV with a new Picture tube....after a few days the motherboard / PCB goes for a toss...the company has again promised to change the TV set this time....and said the maximum it might take is 15 days...i have made numerous reminders as its abt 22 days but to no avail, for me its been a very bad experience. The guys at samsung never reply back to my emails or my phone calls i Might get a once off visit / mail/ call from them but i still have the TV set with a replaced picture tube and the longggg wait for the new TV which seems almost unending......the TV I HAVE HAS A BUSTED PCB AND A REPLACED PICTURE TUBE AND ITS NOT EVEN 2 MONTHS OLD. The kind of quality and service u

get these days is unnnerving. you can verify the details with Samsung on 3030 8282 or 1-800-11-0011 (toll free) / india Aand after verification publish the details on your website

Best Regards


My details:

Name : Mohit Manuja

mobile no 9860924883

country India

Place of purchase : Snehanjali/ Vasai Rd / India


Dear Customer,

Thank you for patronizing Samsung product.

Without any prejudice we regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your mail to our concern dept. Our concern person will get in touch with you shortly. Please bear with us till then.

For further assistance you may contact SAMSUNG Customer Contact Center at 3030 8282 or 1-800-11-0011 (toll free)

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Customer Satisfaction Team

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

----- Original Message -----

From: Mohit Manuja


Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007 11:52 AM

Subject: Re: Pathetic service ....been waiting for weeks now complaint no 8406074395

I was just viewing the TV programme PEHREDAR and that it was the perfect platform to lodge my complaint. you guys are doing a great job of getting justice to the customers.My tale of troubles begins 2 months back when i brought my 29 inch samsung TV, which had a faulty picture tube, it took me many emails and numerous phone calls to samsung to get this replaced as they just would not agree to give me a replacement. After abt 1 month of tussle with the SAMSUNG..i had the same TV with a new Picture tube....after a few days the motherboard / PCB goes for a toss...the company has again promised to change the TV set this time....and said the maximumit might take is 15 days...i have made numerous reminders as its abt 21 days but to no avail, for me its been a very bad experience. The guys at samsung never reply back to my emails or my phone calls i Might get a once off visit / mail/ call from them but i still have the TV set with a replaced picture tube and the longggg wait

for the new TV which seems almost unending......the TV I HAVE HAS A BUSTED PCB AND A REPLACED PICTURE TUBE AND ITS NOT EVEN 2 MONTHS OLD. The kind of quality and service u get these days is unnnerving.

pls help me in this regard

An aggrived customer

MOhit Manuja



Dear Customer,

Thank you for patronizing Samsung product.

Without any prejudice we regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your mail to our concern dept. Our concern person will get in touch with you shortly. Please bear with us till then.

For further assistance you may contact SAMSUNG Customer Contact Center at 3030 8282 or 1-800-11-0011 (toll free)

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Customer Satisfaction Team

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

----- Original Message -----

From: Mohit Manuja


Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 2:30 PM

Subject: Pathetic service ....been waiting for weeks now complaint no 8406074395

My name is Mohit Manuja pls refer to the complaint no 8406074395 this was not actioned by the engineer sent by you as he said the convergence problem is out of my scope,il send my report to the head office and they will action this , the last complaint was made on 8th oct and its more than a week no 1 has come fix the convergence problem as reported by the 1st engineer sent by you. it a brand new TV and its extremely frustarting NOT TO GET ANY SERVICE FROM YR END . the maximum i will wait is 1 month from the date my 1st complaint was lodged and as per the laws, the complaint wilL be forwarded to Consumer forum MUmbai...Bandra. its been almost 1 months since i purchased my TV set and nothing has been done abt it . I NEED THIS ACTIIONED IMMIDIATELY OR I WILL FAX THE REPORT MADE TO CONSUMER FORUM IN MY NEXT MAIL TO YOU



MOBILE NO 9860924883




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ec953521, 2007-12-22, 08:53PM CST

hello sir

my self Junaid Khan Main IDEA Post paid customer hun mera cell no 9927348786 hain

31-nov ko main IDEA Office main apne Number co POST to Pri convert karne ke liya application di

aur maine aapna bill bhi pay kar diya idea office se muzhko 150RS. le kar nai sim bhi de di. aur purane sim ko deactivate kar diya

or mujhse kaha ki aapka no convert ho gaya hain lakin aaj ek month se jyada bitne par bhi mera mobile shuru nahi ho paya hain

main roz din main teen char bar IDEA Customer care main bat karta hun koi kehta hain ki aapka no convert ho gaya hain aap 347 dial kijeyega

idea post paid office jata hun to vo kehte hain ki humne kar diya hain aap pri-paid office main baat kariye, pri-paid office main jaata hun to

vo kehte hain ki yaha se sab thik hain aap post paid main baat kare

main kafi dino se pareshan hun aap muzhko suggest kare ki main kiss se baat karo

junaid khan

9927079377 (alternate no )

Anonymous, 2008-01-13, 12:58PM CST

dear sir i have purches herohonda karizma in nov2006 bearing Reg. no. MH04 CV 7171, Chassis No. 06H70C00030.

To start with, on the very second day of owning the bike, I realized that the gear shifting was hard. When I reported this to dealer, I was told that the gear shifting was hard due to improper clutch play setting. So got the clutch setting done, but there was no result. So they told me that the fault was in the assembly of the clutch. So they replaced the same. But again there was no result. So they suggested that the gear box needs to be opened and checked. They opened the gear box and replaced the whole assembly. Again there were no results. So they kept on replacing the clutch and gear assembly for FIVE Times. But no results achieved.

So the dealer called up the company engineer Mr. Rohan, who came and checked the things and advised to replace the engine casing in which these components are fitted. So they got the same replaced. But again the defect could not be solved. But in return I got an engine casing WITHOUT THE ENGINE NUMBER PUNCHED ON IT. Just think of the consequences that would have happened if I would have met with any misfortune of theft or accident and the legal dept. would inspect this bike HAVING NO ENGINE NUMBER. Leave apart the technical defect in my bike; I would land up in the jail probably for no mistake of mine, but the blunder from the companys side.

Come back to the defect of gear shifting hard. . . .

When I followed up with the dealer Works Manager for the issue, Mr. A.G. Ketkar, he ranged up Mr. Rohan, who was then in Delhi. Mr. Rohan told Mr. Ketkar that he had put up the issue in the plant, and that he would supply a new ENGINE ASSEMBLY to the dealer for replacing the existing one of my bike. But later on when I followed up for the same, I was amazed to hear from Mr. Rohan, that he cant replace the engine assembly, but he can get the trouble of the gear shifting solved.

I wrote a similar letter, describing all the ill experiences that Im getting regarding my case on the 10th October`07. in response to which, Mr. Rohan had called me up on 16th October`07, saying that he would meet me personally with in two days. But eventually he met after ten days. He asked me to get my bike at the dealership workshop for the necessary repairs. And he will try to get my problems solved. But I would like to know, why do he require time again for the same job, which he is working on for the whole last year . . .?

I told him that Im not interested in getting the bike repaired again, but I really want replacement of this with a new defect-free piece. For which he replied very negatively. Saying that there is no point of writing any letters or even approaching the court, because there are plenty of cases that are pending with the company (some more then ten years old). And also tried to pressurize me saying that the company is a large organization, and Im (as a single customer) nowhere in front of the company.

I would kindly request you to help me in this case. sunil rai

4d9149f1, 2008-01-31, 06:07AM CST

Hi. I m Sandhya Thakkar. I have seen ur Program on TV & I thought that only u ppl can solve my problem & help me. I am facing Problem with Barclaycard (Credit Card Deprt) since the day i hv paid my first bill. My Card No. is 4439 4848 2423 3795 Valid From 7/7/ to 7/10. Its a VISA card. The problem was i made some purchases with this card. & i got my bill on time & than when i wanted to make paymnent i contacted customer care for Drop Box addreess. As the person from thier customer care told me that i can drop my Cheque with any of the ICICI Credit Card Drop Box. As i enqiured abt this with the person who had come to fill up the form at the time of applying for the card & after receiving card i used to receive calls for GOLD card of Barclay, that time also i asked them they said the same thing that i can drop my chq into ICICI Credit Card Drop Box. As i explained them that I am Handicapped & i cant run here & there for making payments they again & again said the same thing abt ICICI Credit Card Drop Box.I Dropped my 1 st cheque in ICICI Drop Box. But after few days when i noticed that the cheque is not yet cleared i again called to Customer care, they told me to make stoppayment for the same & issue another chequq. I did the same & asked my bank to stop the cheque & issued new Chq. this happed three times. Like this I issued them three Chq from my Bank Account but every time they didnt received it. & when & told them they said dont worry we'll not deposit those cheques.Then their person came from collection Deprtmentwhome i gave a fresh cheque & the collection Deprt. lady also told me that we'll not deposit those cheque u give us a new cheque.I gave them new cheque which got cleared within 2 to 3 days. This procedure took almost two months. meanwhile they charged me with late fees & interest. i told this story more than ten times to their customer care but every time they just take my complain & says that u'll get call from 2 working days. after that they deposited all those 3 cheques which was already given for stop payment & they charged me every time Rs.300/- for Bounce cheque. & now they have sent me total Bill of Rs.1562.26 as on Biling Period 12/11/07 - 12/12/07. Now i please request youall to look into the matter & helped me out.

Thanking You

Sandhya C Thakakr

f3058fc0, 2008-02-16, 05:20AM CST

Dear Sir

1. I have applied in RELIANCE POWER IPO.

2. I got 15 shares.

3. But these 15 shares have not transfered in my Demat Ac.

4. I did not get refund

5. I wrote many mails to KARVY. But i could not get

satisfied response. There is a little hope after

watching your programe PEHREDAR on cnbc awajz.

6. Please resolve this query as soon as.


Anil Kumar Chaudhary

(Details of Reliance Power Application)

1. Name of the applicant as mentioned in the application form.


2. Number of shares applied.


3. CHEQUE NO 628151 DATE 17TH JANUARY 2008

4. Bank Name

Punjab National Bank

Bank Branch

Najafgarh New Delhi -110043

5. Application was deposited.

FAIRWEALTH (sub broker) CODE 230805

6. Application No 5 8685939

7. My Demat Ac No-


DP ID - 12019101

Client ID - 00176711

Anonymous, 2008-02-23, 03:13AM CST

My name is PATEL DHARMENDRA KHODABHAI.I had applied for SVPCL LIMITED IPO.Company withdrew the issue. I applied for 1000 shares and paid 45000Rs. Company withdrew money from my bank a/c at 29/10/2007.Stil i didn't recieve money.So please guide me for above metter.




DATED : 25/10/2007

AMOUNT : 45000Rs.

16816fe7, 2008-03-02, 01:16AM CST

complaint against SCB Bank

False bill

I never got 5% cash back on credit card SCB Bank while filling petrol in my scooter.

Mob No :- 9810391575

b2065b69, 2008-03-03, 02:55AM CST

Sir I Raghuvinder Chadha applied 225 shares of reliance ipo {application no.5 1557042 chequeNo.741689.amt Rs25875 Dated 16/1/2008}.Said amt of cheque clear in my account.But so many time I am unable to know the status regarding allotment or refund of my money. Please mail me or contact me on cell no.9310815888,9818515888,25738858,25833279.Sir I am very worried about that.Please do it early or upgrade me my status.

ce051741, 2008-03-16, 02:25AM CDT

i have lost my mobile since one year i giving fir to all operator but they not track imei at all and cops they are also not track what i do now

a3863de8, 2008-03-19, 08:21AM CDT

dear sir,

i have aplied in Religare Enterprises Ltd ipo.,my details are as follows...



CDSL ID - 1202540000-095533


Acording to above details neither i have recieve any equity shares nor refund.I wrote many mails to karvy.but i could not get satisfied response.there is a little hope after watching your program PEHREDAR on CNBC AWAZ,please resolve this quiery as soon as possible.

1e78d403, 2008-03-24, 07:39AM CDT

dear sir

Not recived my ipo refund order i m applied rpower ipo applied 225 share patlipaid i m paid 25875/- my cheq. no.19741 axis bank and my aplication no. 38051816 my refundorder no 756678 and ref. no 6376975 i am alloted 16 share s till date i have not recived any allotment refund order so please do needfull.

My address :-

hasim h. nimachwala

9 burhani society

dahod 389151

mobile no. 09426578540

My shop add.

twinkle studio.

s.v.patel road

near yadgar chowk

dahod 389151

you are therefore requested to kindly look in to the matter and take necessary action early.

hasim h. nimachwala

dahod 389151

13b2d69f, 2008-03-26, 01:34AM CDT



AKHILKAKKAR 919909661796




2d6f80c2, 2008-03-28, 02:29AM CDT

i purchased a televesion from M/S Samsung india electronics Pvt. Ltd. delhi B.R. W/H , 19/1 , Nanglipura Behind Kapoor diseal Garrage G.P. Karnal Road Delhi

and oredr no is 1362644 and custommer name is Mr. Vinay on 19/01/08 , 9:27 am

but i bring back it to my home town and my address is Virender sharma , V.P.O . JArot Tehsil jawali , distt kangra himachal pradesh 176027 and problem with this television is when first time i switch it on from that time it has no display so please solve my problem because it is under warranty

3b406e31, 2008-04-09, 10:33AM CDT

this is regarding that reliance power bonus shares. reliance has declared the bonus shares but still it is not showing in my demat account. so please look in to the matter.

3cc40487, 2008-04-12, 05:42AM CDT

Dear Sir,

I am Bhupender Mehta, prop of Medical House, a place where u can get Aurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani & Bio-Chemic Books & Medicine. We are in this business since1935. We have Fifty Thousands of People in our Network spread all over India which totally based on Postal Department. We send Medicine and Books to Doctors, Patients & Other Needy People all over India by post only.

But due to sick working culture of Postal Department, we are in loss of nearly Rs. 4 Lacs pending over Postal Deptt, these money are of our Money Order & Parcels what we get from ALL OVER INDIA. Regarding this we have taken help RTI, CIC, DPG & finally to Smt Kalpana Tewari, Dy, Director General (Public Grievances), Deptt of Post, Dak Bhawan, Delhi. It is very Unfortunate that nothing happening in this case, Deptt of Post is not accountable to anyone. I am sending Xerox copies of complaints I have launched in various deptt. I am really disappointed to see that the officers at higher rank are willing to help us, but in front of idleness of Postal Deptt, they are also unable to do something.

Its is not only the loss of my Money, loss of Trust & Credibility of Postal Deptt. If we could not survive and unable to cater our Network All Over India. The people whom are getting benefited from remotest places of India, wont get the Medicine & Helpful Literature, the Doctors of very far outside, wont get necessary Book & Instruments to help the Human Kind. But who cares ???

In the last I would like to request you very humbly, please do something. We are surviving on breakeven point, running very short of money. If we didn???t get some financial help very soon, it will be impossible to survive. Pls help us

Thanking you,

(Bhupender Mehta)

Prop ??? Medical House


74fbe1e6, 2008-05-10, 01:14PM CDT

I have airtel postpaid connection with airtel. I requested for a residential address change in January'08, whereafter it took 3 months to complete this simple procedure. During this 3 months I was made to go up and down airtel office once more than often and made to submit my documents 3 times. Thereafter monthly bill's very rarely reached to my residential address, a complaint of which was made by me once more than often. Then I requested for a plan migration which usually take 5 - 20 minutes (I did submit all complete & correct documents, which were verified by the airtel officer), but this also took 26 days, during this 26 days my mobile service was taken off 3 times. After the plan migrated completely again my mobile service was temporarily stopped saying that the documents submitted were incomplete. I had to literally required to shout at the airtel officials to get it again restarted. After my plan migrated, my first bill under new bill was to be delivered but it has not yet been done. So I requested for an ebill (soft copy of my bill) which has not been send, even after several requests. Also the credit limit of my post paid connection with previous plan was 1800 rupees, which has been reduced to 500 with no proper explanation from the airtel official. I have been seriously frustrated and have been made to go haywire. I would like to file a compensation for this all mess. Please help me with the same.



Mobile Number: 9970012509

5fcfdbfe, 2008-05-23, 04:52AM CDT

I am a client holding the shares of teledata informatics ltd. since 9 months..the script was delisted in the month of October.

It was the company's decision the holders were supposed to get the shares of 3 companies.. Subsequentle, i got the shares of only one company i.e teledata informatics ltd. in the month of March 08.And Another two company namely

teledata Marine solution and Teledata tecnology is still not listed in the market,

It seems company is not interested in the listing and hence our money has been blocked.

This is the case of my few friends namely Kavan Modi,Ashish Mehta etc

I request you to bring this matter into focus,and Pls help us to sort out the matter

04bcffee, 2008-05-23, 05:55AM CDT

KARVY has enclosed offline bidding. I have submit name & other details.


APPLICATION NO :- 43997998


AMOUNT :- 13,200


IN 300394










CONTACT NO :- 08812-230109


MUDRA ACKNOWLEDGMENT & OTHER DETAILS HAS BEEN MISLAY BY SHOBHANABEN PANESHBHAI NARKHI. Please this client need their money as soon as. U must send me My personal email id is [email protected] her details .



E MAIL .: [email protected]


Thanks & Regards


(M) 9925273224

55080ef5, 2008-07-08, 04:06AM CDT

I have LIC policy

my Policy No. is 113817009

this amit kumar

i take some loan from LIC India

but I give the payment before two month

I can not receive the LIC original BOND

what i do

Plz tell me

073deb47, 2008-07-18, 12:31AM CDT

My 9 months old TV Fallaen down and frount panen got cracks. When i switch on the TV I am not get Remote control access. but I am gettin vedio, playing without auto. and if i unpluged the cabel connection. In the blue screen I am getting red color in two corners and light green color in the ohter two end.

Will any one answer for this it would be more helpful for me.

43741ba5, 2008-08-04, 08:40AM CDT

Dear Sir,


On (date) ,6-01-2006 I purchased a samsung projection TV, Model No; SP5YRZHEX/XTL Serial No ADHW31iyb00068A at (Bajaj electronics shop no; 7/8/17/18 M.P.M Dhimal complex (Big bazaar) Ground floor Abids cross road 500001 Hyderabad INDIA??6-01-2006) phone 040-66682297


Unfortunately, picture tube manufacturer??fault??has not performed well??I am disappointed because?? the product does not work properly, the service was not performed correctly, I was billed the wrong amount, something was not disclosed clearly and was misrepresented, etc.) since last six months TV was not working when my mother is calling to Mr Brigmohan(manager of bajaj electronics hyderabad ) the service was not performed correctly know they demand to pay more money Rs 25.000??i don't know what shall i do please advice me?



To resolve the problem, I would appreciate I want ??? money back,??or ??exchange, etc.) .

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem I will wait until (10-08-2008) before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau.


Please contact me at the address e-mail or phone shown above.



Musavir Uddin Mohammed

?? 0048-519170829

[email protected]

b221a6ec, 2008-08-25, 03:32AM CDT

bro. yeh company wale sab aise hote hai ... jiss tym apna product sale karna hota hai uss time too bade bade service ke vaade aur baad mein hi pata chalta hai ki kaun kitne pani mein hai ... i m using VODAFONE connection aur same prob mere sath bhi hai .

fir bhi yeh tv serial pehredaar is really doing a gr8 job kamse kam koi to sudharne mein inhe maddad kar raha hai .. aise tv shows hi aane chahiye tv par bajaye woh saas bahu wale .



06ecf13f, 2008-08-26, 09:26AM CDT

dear sir, i want to complaint to airtel company through ur way because they r not responding me.actually sir its an complaint about the unneccesary loss of balance.on 19/aug/08 at 10:15am i got message from 6787 that thanks for downloading laal duppata as ur hellotune,but sir i haven't downloaded it because i had already subscribed it on 2nd week of july and balance was lapsed at that time.but i don't know y they sends such sms and lapse my balance.they have done such things earlier with me by unneccesarily subscribing mobile radio for me.sir pls help me because they r not responding me at all.

14c959e4, 2008-10-04, 08:13AM CDT

I will do the inshuranace of my Motercycle No is U.P.21Q.2806 do the inshurence S.K.I. RETAIL CO. GANDHI NAGAR MORADABAD agent Mr Govind Singh Sahi and Branch Manager Mr Amit Bhardwaj and i paid cash 850/-Rs for my motercycle inshurence. I Did not give the cheq to him I give Cash-850/Rs cash.he give recpt No W000501118 Date 18-1-08 cheq No is 439155 and amount is 772/-Rs Date 18-1-08 Police No is 0150358531 Tata AIG Inshurance Co.Ltd

After Some time My Motercycle was Thept i do the complent on my near Police Station Name Thana Majhola Moradabad Date 9-4-08 when i gave the claim by SMS to TATA AIG Mumbai he say me your Police was Canciled and your cheq is bounced so i am not help for u. My Mobile No is 9411661528 pls help me thanks.

e379fc64, 2008-10-04, 09:25AM CDT

To: Mr Jeetendra Chowdhary

Green City Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.

1008, Ansal Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

Ph: 011-43522376, 78. Fax: 011-43522379

Cc: Green City Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Office

A-3, Sector-59



Re: Residential Plot in Green City Bhiwadi Project

This is to bring to your notice that I had booked a 200 square yard plot @ INR 4495 per sq.yard. in your Bhiwadi Project on 01st November 2006 vide your company Receipt No 2008/Ganpati Estate. I had paid the booking amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- (including commission adjustment) vide Ch No 550812 dated 27/10/2006 payable at Indian Overseas Bank, Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Kindly refer to the terms of the booking as per your company??s application form; you were supposed to offer the plot to me within 9 months from the date of my application failing which I am entitled to a simple interest @ 11% pa.

Now, almost two years have been passed and it is understood that you were not able to receive necessary approvals/sanctions from the government authorities and accordingly, the project could not be started.

Despite the fact that you had not received the necessary sanctions/approvals from the local government and you were not authorized to offer plots as per government laws (as ??pre-launch?? is banned in India), you initially collected huge amount of money from innocent investors like me by luring them with full page advertisements frequently for months in local newspapers without providing the complete information that you do not possess necessary sanctions to build a township in Bhiwadi.

Furthermore, I received letter from you on 26/04/2007 asking me to pay 1st installment amounting to Rs. 2,22,530/-. This came as a surprise to me as without receiving necessary sanctions from the local government and without doing any ground work at Bhiwadi Plot, you were not supposed to ask for 1st installment. I immediately confronted on your demand vide my letter dated 17th May 2007 (copy attached) and refused to pay the 1st installment without receiving your confirmation that necessary sanctions have been received. However, I am yet to receive any reply from your office on that letter.

Above all, I was shocked to receive offer of allotment for a plot in Bhiwadi from your side vide your letter dated 01-03-2008. How can you allot a plot to me when you are not still authorized to build a township in Bhiwadi by local government? Offer for allotment was made in March 2008 and even after 7 months, you are still not able to receive all approvals/sanctions from local government and there is no sign that project will be launched in near future.

Since then, I am in regular touch with your office staff by making several phone calls and enquiring about the receipt of approvals/sanctions from the local government but unfortunately, every time, they maintain that the company will receive license in next 2-3 months and same has not happened in these two years and it is difficult for me to wait any longer.

It is difficult to understand how have you managed to gain ISO certification after doing wrong commitments, mis-statements and fooling innocent investors.

All above reasons, forced me to visit your corporate office today and I met Ms Chayya and Mr Rakesh Ranjan. I enquired about status of the Bhiwadi project and was told that there is no surety of receiving approvals from local government for Bhiwadi project. They also strongly claimed that they are not able to refund my application money as company is running short of funds. They forced me to take allotment in another project in Agra at current market price which is Rs. 4000 per sq. yards.

First of all, how can I believe in your offer that your Agra project has complete sanctions from local government and the project is 100% approved? When you can send allotment letter in Bhiwadi project without having necessary approvals in your hand, you can always do the same for other projects including Agra. I am sorry to say, that after all this, it is difficult to believe your company statements and have trust in the same.

If at all I will accept a 200sq. yards plot at your Agra Project instead of Bhiwadi, I would like to have a copy of proof of your company ownership of the said land in Agra along with necessary approvals/sanctions from local government. Moreover, the price for the said plot should be @ Rs 2800/- per sq. yards as you have sold Agra Plots in this rate earlier and my application is two years old, so why should I pay current market price. You will agree that the prices of property all across India have doubled during last one year or so. So if I had made an investment in some other property two years back instead of your Bhiwadi project, my investment should have been doubled by now whereas I am making a loss by investing in your project.

Accordingly, through this letter, I would like to make following two proposals to you, to be able to arrive at an amicable solution. You are free to accept any one of the below options and inform me within 15days of receipt of this letter, failing which I shall be constraint to take legal remedy at your risk, cost and expenses.

1/ Allotment of 200 sq. yards plot in Agra @ Rs. 2800/- per sq yard along with copy of proof of ownership and necessary approvals.

2/ Cancellation of my application and refund of the booking amount with simple interest @ 11% p.a. (as per the terms of the application letter) from the date of booking by way of a demand draft.

Looking forward to your prompt action and early reply on above.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,


7f950771, 2008-11-08, 10:58PM CST

I was just viewing the TV programme PEHREDAR and that it was the perfect platform to lodge my complaint. My tale of trouble is with National Insurance Company and its TPA

Vipul MedCorp Pvt Ltd. for which I have submitted my Mother??s Mediclaim of amout Rs 10600/- and my Policy Number is 260301/48/07/8500004618 in last week of July 2008. The correspondence Number of TPA i.e Vipul MedCorp Pvt Ltd is 40764545 when I tried

this number no one comes for reply from last one month.

Best Regards

My details:

Rajesh K Maniyar

1703e295, 2008-11-12, 05:38AM CST

Respected sir,

My self pawan kumar raghav a postgraduate student (M.Sc), actually sir I have registered as a job seeker, on oct 11th 2008 I got a mail from hcl groups india ltd and the job requirement is??????.

Dear Candidate,

Ref: Selection and Initial Response of Resume online.

Ref: Selection and initial response of your Resume online.It is our good pleasure to inform you that your Resume has been

selected for our plants in NOIDA " HCL Technologies Ltd Unit - 4".The Company is the collaboration concern of "HCL Groups India Ltd".

Dealing in IT and Electronics manufacturing business in India

You will be pleased to know that Company has advised us in the selection panel that your Application CAN be progressed to final stage.

Y ou will come to our corporate office in Bangalore Next week after recd. the call latter with Air Ticket by Company HRD. with photocopies of all required documents. First you have to deposit the (Cash) as an Security in favor of Company HRD of Rs 5,350/- in any [ICICI Bank] Branch from your Home City to Company Sr.HRD. Account NO .036401503727 RAJ KUMAR .) It will be refundable at the time of Company interview. Your offer latter and Tickets or TA/DA will be send to your Home Address by courier after recd. & nbsp;the confirmation of security deposited in ICICI Bank. The company has been selected 32` Candidates for Delhi, Chandigarh, Noida, Bangalore, and Kolkatta Units. The Company offered Salary Rs.26,000/- To 82,000/- + (HRA Extra + D.A + Conveyance + other Benefits) for these requirements. The Job profile and designation will be fix by Company HRD. at time of interview.


???Photo-copies of Qualification Documents (Must)

???Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)

???Photo-copies of Address Proof (Must)

???Two Passport Size Photo-graph (Must)

.The Job Profile, Salary offer, and Date -Time of interview will be mention in your call or offer latter. Your latter will dispatch very shortly after recd. the confirmation of (cash) deposited in ICICI Bank. Last date of confirmation is on Satuerday 11-10-2008 To- 13-10-2008 on Monday We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining stage.

Rahul Varshney ??? Executive (HRD

HCL Groups India Ltd..



Contact No.: - 9012005034

Then according to this mail I have deposited a sum 5350/- in above said branch. But when I searched through its company name I saw a fraud mail complaint fourm on

Now I m totally frustrated about my money and trying to approached to u to solve my problem. As I told u that I have also went to SHAHDARA police station, the employees of shahdara police station were laughed on me by hearing all this and told that they can???t do nothing. so plz help me to take strict action against him.

So plz contact me in this regard

Pawan Kumar Raghav


8d2842eb, 2008-11-19, 12:27PM CST

i purchased santro in dec.07 no.up93s 6237 with offer exchang+corporate,but have not got the money even after11 the time of purchase delear told to give after3 month.after every3 month,he use to say you will get next month

46090c36, 2008-11-24, 06:41AM CST

mujhe kai roz se ek call aa rahi hai aapke naam par ek or no. hai uska payment baki hai aap uski payment nahi kar rahe ab uska bill hum is no. par transfer kar rahe hain ab agar payment nahi ki to yeh no. bhi band ho jayega.mene cust/care par baat ki to bataya esa kuch nahi hai.yeh call kisi agensy se aayi hain.

db133465, 2009-01-21, 11:58AM CST

sir my name is Chhitar Singh Rao on the 9th of august i purchased tata ace loading vehicle from Morani Motors From jaipur , surya nagar at the time of delivery of vehicle the told us that we will have to pay the installme4nt ofRs 7100for 47 months according to rate of interest of 8.3% at the amount of Rs249000 loaned . but they r sending us the installment of Rs7900 instead of Rs 7100 and THEY sent the first installment of Rs9602 While it was not mentioned in the rough statement which they gave us at vhicle delivery time . so now there is a difference of Rs 39300 which is very large for me . and now they r saying that if we dont pay the installment of Rs7900 Then the will take the vehicle and will not return amount of down paymen of Rs 65000 And Rs 20000 of body buildin so i m very afraid of them BUT when some one told that you will surely solve my problem then i m feeling some relief .so pls help me for the seek of my family and my poverty . i m ready to pay installment of the amount which they originally told me Rs 7100. AND when i asked them then they told that rate of interest has been increased on commercial vehicle that why they are deamnding Rs 7900 per months BUT as we know that between 8.3% and near about 14.5% there is great gape and this is impossible to increase 6 % in a months while i had already given the down payment . NOW neither TATA MOTORS FINANCE NOR MORANI MOTORS HELPING ME BOTH ARE SPEAKING THE SAME WORD THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY Rs 7900 per month AT any coast WHILE IT WAS RS 7100 originally so pls help me . my mobile no is 09001096270

217012c3, 2009-01-29, 03:10AM CST

I am suffering since last 4-5 years.My complaint is against D.D.A.

973ff3c8, 2009-02-02, 09:35PM CST

Any Kapoor is a BASTARD, be it Anil Kapoor, Mallika Kapoor or Ish Kapoor.

Kapoor = Poor and will die starving. Most of them are impotent and sterile. Therefore their fucking around .. to show how their fucking prowess is miserably poor.

Kunal Kappor, Anant Kapoor, Pramod Kapoor are all the same.Ekta Kapoor being ****ed by her brother - Tushar Kapoor.

Meera Kapoor ****ing Ish Kapoor. Go and eat ur fathers dick u motherfucka gay bastard. u son of a whore in Tardeo, Mumbai. Khatri Bastards. This was more than what the horny bastard could ask for.

a85e022e, 2009-02-05, 03:22AM CST

I have purchased LG mobile set from reliance web world - Ambala City in apr-2008. Now it has got some defect in its screen. So, when i contacted LG service centre at Ambala Cantt, they are telling that its warranty lapsed on 30.01.09, but we showed them that the date of purchase is 18.04.08... after that they are telling that from our (LG) side it shows as warranty lapsed, you go to the place from where you purchased. So, I went to Reliance Web world-Ambala City, but they are telling that its the work of LG service centre, so you go there.

So, they are not entertaining us at all... they are harassing me and keep on rotating me from one place to other without resolving my issue.

Kindly help me out...

6ff9695c, 2009-02-05, 06:16AM CST

Dear Sir,

My name is sunil gidwani & i had been cheated by tata indicom. My tataindicom mobile number 9228251540 prepaid Plan is changed wrongly & without any prior notice to me.

Today i have come to the notice that my balance is getting deducted unnecessary as according to my base plan taken details are as follow

Call plan Call Charges

Tata to Tata 0

Tata to any mobile 1

Tata to landline 2

Tata to STD call 3

And according to Non-stop plan in which i had taken my phone i have unilimited Tata 2 tata call and above tarriff were applicable till my number validity last. Last year in December 2008 i got company offer from tata that exetend your validity & plan by Recharging coupon of Rs 2008 & get 2008 days validity & 2008 amount general balance. So i have recharge with Rs 2008 on 13 dec 2007 and my plan and validity is exended till june 2013.

Now Tataindicom had forcefully change my plan without any notice & my balance is getting deducted unnessary. I have call Customer care sevral times but they are not ready to note down my complain. when i checked tataindicom site for complain to higher authorities ie Nodal offier. I call nodal officer on 079-66558754, but everytime any other person is picking the phone any saying sir is not there.

Now Tata indicom is not ready to listern my complain also.

sir i am in need of your help.

Pls help me out for the unjustice done by tata indicom.


Sunil Gidwani


7fffb2a9, 2009-02-19, 09:15AM CST

i have a pulsar150cc (old model) bike that i had given for complete engine overhauling at krishna motors vishrantwadi (an authorized service outlet of bajaj sai service) pune where i got very ill service and bad response unlike unlike other bajaj service centres.

the engine was poorly overhauled n hoarse noises were still coming from.i checked for it at other services for n i was reported for infurious parts fitted in my the the same course i showed them the bill given to me by krishna motors and i was surprised to see that i was stupendously over charged and also i was given improper bill with no invoice no. n all.i again complaint to krishna motors to give proper bill n my exact refund but they refused.i was charged rs11284 which should be nearly rs8000 according to other service centres.the difference is near about 3000.i have confirmed their billing at several other authorized service centres too but even that they are not ready to accept their guilt.

plz guide n help me out...

90e04984, 2009-03-02, 06:15AM CST

Sub - Regarding the trasfer of 10,000/- Rs, from SBI ATM.


i would like to inform you that, in absence of me 10,000/- Rs, has been transacted dated on 15.01.09 time 3.20 p.m. but i am not agree with this because at the time of transaction i was at my home and 24 hours i keep ATM card with me and nobody known the code no. to my nearest person . from last ten years i am the account holder of state bank of saurastra branch - mansa

tal- mansa dist- gandhinagar (guj).now recently it has been merge in state bank of india . about this matter i have given the complaints to banks two times dated on 24.01.09 and 29.01.09 but from the both branch manager state bank of saurastra and state bank of india i have not get the satisfactory result or reply also i have demaded the video clip before and after five minutes from the time of transaction so that i can identify the candidate who had done the transaction at this time . state bank of india manager answer to me this is not possible becouse we cannot give all this facilities. so please cooperate

and help me.

520aaa34, 2010-06-27, 10:46AM CDT


What is current status of probe going against Green city Builder.

I also applied in this and amount RS 413000 is struck with this builder.

Please help me in getting refund of this amount from Mr. Jittender Choudhary (owner Gren city Builder).


Savita Rani

w/o Praveen kaushik

+91 9811662036

542be8fa, 2011-04-27, 02:46PM CDT

[Somendra Singh Tomar]Dear Friends,

I have joined niit gwalior (in front of phool bagh cntre) for doing post graduate diploma in computer in 2008

At the time of admission they have told us that our diploma is government recognized assured and after completing we would be beneficial in your government job. I am employee in police department. In my department want any recognized (IT) diploma or degree affiliated government recognized college niit told me that they provide you that degree by kuayam university Chennai and it would be an equivalent to software eng. They had covered all fees early. When i know they had not given me such degree or diploma would i want? Rather It???s their own private certificate i told them about that i had enter for this course in June 2008 they not reply me any answer regarding to that subject. Here give him lot of paisa about 65,000 in form of fees. There my other staff has got increment with appropriate diploma like PGDCA OR DCA just only in 10,000. Compare to him. About 65,000 i had been pay in last of month of 2008, i wrote an application for withdrawal but he did not giving response to me. And pressure to get submitted all fees .Here lot of time passes I have all document regarding application for quit the course in 2 years before what should i do against him. Here not only me about 20 Student suffer like that. I provide all pain full experience all of them please give me suggestion for that or any legal action against them

Thanking you,

Somendra singh tomar,

77d321f6, 2011-08-30, 11:05AM CDT

akaiimpx emaaifarma sudharshancemant ke 1000shear pade hai in shear ki rate nahi aati incampniyo ka kisi our me marj ho gaya hai kya ya in shear ka kya hua batao

ff324e85, 2011-08-26, 10:53AM CDT

dear sir my my frnd father death on last september2010, my frnd father insurance from TATA AIG LIFE INSURANCE CO, LTD. from last 10 month pending claim his father amount rs, 7.7 lacs, my frdn family condition is very poor, plz sir advice me wht i do for, tht.

ab96b0dd, 2011-09-25, 03:38AM CDT

Dear Sir, I have one complain against united india insurance company. My vehicle is insured by the policy no 070381/31/10/01/00004757 , INSURER CODE 070381 EMAIL : UIIC.CO.IN my vehicl no RJ 19 - 20M 1769 BAJAJ CHETAK 4 STROKE PURCHACHE DATE 09/01/2004 AND ACCIDENT ON 14 JAN 11. BUT BRANCH OF UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY IS TELLING THAT NO COMPLAIN IS PENDING THIS VEHICLE AND THE AGENT IS TELLING THAT YOUR CLAIM IS NOT MORE. SO IT IS NOT PROCESSED BY BRANCH. THE CONTACT NO OF BRANCH IS 08023511381 MR UMESH KUMAR.


a324ccdb, 2012-01-25, 11:34PM CST

I'm sourabh Gupta.I had taken addmission in Jaipur National University,Jaipur(rajasthan) for BBA course.I deposited my college course-fee (37,100 Rs.+ 2000 for book-bank)and hostel-fee(49,150 Rs.) at the college on 2 Sept,2011. The problem is that I don't want to study there because of some personel problem and I took-off from there on 7 sept,2011 . I didn't get my deposit money till now. I asked them many time to refund my money back,but they are not responding. I'm in problem,please help me.

a324ccdb, 2012-01-26, 01:18AM CST

I'm sourabh Gupta from Kota(Raj.).I had taken addmission in Jaipur National University,Jaipur(rajasthan) for BBA course.I deposited my college course-fee (37,100 Rs.+ 2000 for book-bank)and hostel-fee(49,150 Rs.) at the college on 2 Sept,2011. The problem is that I don't want study there because of some personel problem and I took-off from there on 7 sept,2011 . I didn't get my deposit money till now. I asked them many time to refund my money back,but they are not responding. I'm in problem,please help me.

my contact details:


53679829, 2012-06-24, 05:58AM CDT

Respected sir my self babita rani im suffering from sbi atm problem since last two years. i have lost my twenty thousand .i have already done many efforts regading this problem but i got disappointment everywhere. plz help me and give me your phone no.

surendra singh, 2012-08-09, 06:31AM CDT

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I bought a sofa set worth rs.31000/- on 26-09-2010 from Goyal Steel Furniture(Lucknow).He sold it to me with false commitment( by saying that it's fabric is pure leather).But now it's fabric has started tearing and swelling automatically from all sides,from last three months.Then I called a carpenter for solution,he checked it and told that 'you are cheated because it's fabric is not leather ,it is rexine'.I was surprised,Then I make numerous phone calls to the shopkeeper but no avail.He is saying that "I can not do anything".Now I am very troubled.Now I do not have any other option other than your help.

I hope a needful response in this regard from your side and I also need this action ed immediately.


Surendra Singh

Mob No.9125357747,9369305171

Email [email protected]

Shopkeeper's address-Rahul Gupta

Goyal Steel Furniture

kalyanpur,Ring Road,Lucknow


gaurav p., 2012-08-25, 11:38AM CDT

hello sir,

my name is gaurav patil, i taken MTS internet connection on my mothers name,her name is kalpana shivnath said before download 5gb u will get 160kbps speed, after 5gb speed will decrease. i got 160kbps speed before 5gb download but after 5gb dowload my internet downloading speed 3kbps.its too slow,& i cant donwload anything fastly,& i complaint lots of time in mts customer care by phone & by mail.but no respond.please help

my 8087771013,9209198948

mansi g., 2012-11-21, 12:08AM CST


I purchased a samsung galaxy ace duos 1589 on 4th march 2012 from delhi .

from the first it has a problems:-

1) whenever someone calls me it shows busy

2) battery problem ( charging is finished without using the mobile), Fully charged mobile at night find me switch-off at morning

3) after every switch off it register my sim and take 5min

4) hang problem

I showed the mobile to your samsung dealer cum authorized service center (Bansal telecoms, G-2, R.G complex sector-8 rohini) where i purchased the mobile.

they repair it 4 times but not successful

then I approached company own authorized service at delhi rohini

they repair 2 times and also change its motherboard too, but same problem raised.

then I approached Bahadurgar (haryana) samsung authorized service center where i live they take 4 days to repair it but no results the same problem raised.

Now sir I am fully depressed from the services.

from 6 months I have suffered physically, mentally and financially.

I buy the latest mobile for my status and use, now the model gets old and i am unable to use the mobile.

after that on 1st sep I lodge a complaint on samsung website online but there is no respose. from 3 months my mobile is in locker. then someone told me about your site and positive responses from your side, so with a hope i am filling a complaint against samsung.

So please do the needful as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Mansi Gupta,


prateek jain, 2013-01-26, 01:56PM CST


PANKAJ S., 2013-03-04, 10:05PM CST

Think twice before investing in Godrej Garden City,

Behind Nirma University,S.G.Highway Ahmedabad.

Dear All

Referring to above subject, It is to state that We have booked a Flat in the Scheme of GODREJ GARDEN CITY Phase ?III , having Building name ? TRIVOLI-I FLAT NO 301 , ON DT. 15-11-2011.As per their Guidelines we have paid up three instalments on time Amounting to RS; 11,92,868/=. As per the List of approved Banks given by them, we have applied in ICICI BANK for necessary loan , and the Bank has sanctioned and approved us LOAN for RS 15.OO LACS.

As per Requirements given by the Bank, the bank has asked us to Provide NOC from the Builder I.e from GODREJ GARDEN CITY. For this, we have Applied to them for issuing NOC in Prescribed Format of their Company on date 23-01-2013, which we have not received till date. We have sent them a reminder regarding the above vide our letter dated 04-02-2013 by Speed Post. It is very unfortunate that till date we have not received NOC or any other Correspondence from their end, which has created serious doubts with reference to the Scheme. We have came to know from some Sources that this particular Building block is on Mortgage with some other Company and that is the reason why the NOC is not being issued by Godrej Garden City.

Hence it is requested to return our Deposited MONEY WITH DUE INTEREST within seven days but till date they have not returned us any amount or any response about the said issue,it this the way of dealing with customers ? Hence, we are forced to approach the CONSUMER COURT and file complaint against the Godrej Gorden city.


PANKAJ SHETH (M: 9904302528)

kamal y., 2013-06-11, 11:42PM CDT

Dear sir,

I have purchased india bull finance share of qty-60 through but this share has stop trading from 20 mar 2013.i herad that this share will be converted to india bull housing finance, but till date it has not converted. I want to know through your channel , when the trading will be started of above share. Kindly reply soon.

Ashok S., 2013-07-02, 01:09AM CDT

I have purcahsed whirpool fully automatic washing machine model number 12634 serial number-INF113405204 on 25/11/11 from noida whirpool dealer, Washing machine is still in gurantee. Since the purchase of the machine there is always a problem with machine we complain it to the customer care of whirpool on every single month there is approximately 25 complaints we had made till now. Every time engineers come rectify the one problem then another problem get arise.

for further details please contact to below

Name: Ashok Srivastava

Phone No: 9810767937

Aman Jain, 2013-08-05, 02:02PM CDT

Hello Sir,

I have a Complaint against Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (Galaxy Win)

I BUY NEW Mobile From New Delhi Delhi and i Lived In FIROZABAD(Uttar Pradesh) 283203

When I Entered Sim 1 in Sim Slot, Sim Slot is not Working.

Mobile Display Please Enter Sim Card(No Sim Card Insert).

So Suggest me what Should i do now??

I want to Say that Please Change this ?Defective Mobile


My Contact No: +919045816764

Email Id: [email protected]

purchasing Date: 30-07-2013

Model: GT-I8552 or (GT-I8552RWAINU)



S/N: RZ1D73D966R

53fa5afe, 2013-09-29, 05:33AM CDT

DEAR SIR/ MAMIst I have purchased a BATTERY "SF SONIC-POWER HOUSE 2AOW3730222AO" "TYPE-PH 1500"" "SR.NO. 38110 date purchased 23.12.2010 ko battery le jis ki warranty 3year ke hai mene battery distributer ko de the 27.08.2013 date ko abhi tak mujko battery nahi mile service centre wale battery bhi nahi de rahe aur mene battery (kaniska enterprices farrukhabad.)form yogesh kumar verma 09450109066 farrukhabad

Thanking you

8609681e, 2013-10-07, 11:53AM CDT


I, Vivek Vaid S/o Sh. V.K.Vaid, R/o H. No. G-65, Tubewell Colony, Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt, Haryana. I recharge my Tata Docomo Prepaid mobile No. 8950355260 on dated 31-8-2013 with Tata Docomo plan of Rs. 250/-. In this plan Tata Docomo company gives to its prepaid customers Rs. 222.50 along with 1 GB 3G free internet for one month. This plan is valid upto 30-9-2013.

On dated 21-9-2013, the balance in my mobile was Rs. 1661.95 along with 600 MB free data of 3G internet.

In this connection it is to inform you that I opened only one site i.e. on 21/9/2013 and downloaded about 15-20 songs only. After closing the internet i received a message (SMS) from customer care at 11:42 PM on my mobile showing balance of Rs. 28.4487 and after 2 minutes i.e. 11:44 PM i receiver another SMS from customer care showing balance of Rs. 61.9487 which is not understood as more than 5 MB free data is still pending in my mobile up to date 27-9-2013. How the company has deducted Rs. 1100/- from my balance i.e. Rs. 1661.95 in mobile on 21-9-2013. Whereas the free data is still there.

I have also made a complaint telephonically in this regard in the Tata Docomo customer care on 22-9-2013 and thereafter 23-9-2013 at about 4:30 PM with complaint No. PBR12223122. After 23-9-2013 I made so many complaints but Tata Docomo not refund the wrongly deducted amount i.e. Rs. 1100/- in my mobile No. 8950355260.

Sir, I am in need of your help. Plz help me out for the unjustice done by Tata Docomo.


Vivek Vaid

Mob: 8950355260

Sumit G., 2013-12-15, 01:04PM CST

Hello, I am having problem with using the 3g Service in Tata DoCoMo Number. This issue is running from starting while purchasing the connection but I was in Roaming and on that time Tata DoCoMo Customer Care told me that 3g is not running in that location. So I can't be raise any more cases but I used it overall approx. 5-6 month on my Base Location but still 3g not working there as I have paid the money for the 3g usage. I have raised a number of Complaint for the same issue and also mention that only 2g service is running and internet is running in 2g not in 3g but every time they respond that clear the browsing setting and try also they respond that we have find you are using internet service on the base of that mail they can close the complaint I am suffer from a long time and still my issue is pending due to that problem I have get a big lose in my work. My main usage of 3g connection is in my official work but due to the problem it consume my important time and money efforts. I have paid every month 250/251 for 3g service in which I have got 1gb free 3g usage but it just use as a wastage. I am requesting you to please help to close this matter permanently and provide me the waver against my lose on the base of this matter Tata DoCoMo Number - 8699345654 Complaint Id - M16441279, M16315841, M16296363, M16292322 Thanks Sumit Gupta

ce6e7e89, 2014-03-11, 04:30AM CDT


I am a loyal viewer of pahredar at CNBC AWAAZ. I am having issue with netambit which they are not able to resolve. My case is mentioned below in detail.

There was navratra offer by netambit for flat booking in gaur city-2 greater noida west. The offer was mentioned as one tab2 will be provided for every booking.

I had done the booking in this offer period and got the tab coupon and 1% credit note.

My booking was done on 6th October 2013. My 55% payment was made to builder on 7th dec 2013.

Now netambit is saying that they have not received the commission from builder as of now and due to that they are unable to provide the tab and credit note paymemt.

Now I request pahredar to kindly take up this issue with netambit and help me.

7329ff87, 2014-04-05, 08:03AM CDT


I am Anand Goplani

I ordered samsung galaxy s4 mini.after opening on 31/3/2014 of box there is Kangaro staples pack in the box.After so many calls & mails there is no response from flipkart.My order id is OD40327015484.

Sudama j., 2014-04-19, 03:54PM CDT

Hi I have paid Rs-2400 for current employee and educational verification to but now this order not showing in my account I have mailed to them but they are not responding and their customer care no also not responding .This site cheating to many person pls help to resolve my problem . order detail as below.


Thank you for your order for StepAhead services. For your reference here are the order transaction details:

Order No: 1390536

Date of Order: 02 Apr 2014

Amount: 2400.0

Payment status: RECIEVED

Mode of payment: Online - Credit Card / Debit Card / Net-Banking

Details for Order no 1390536

Sub - Order Id

Item Name

616439Current Employment Verification

>616440Education Verification


da59acd0, 2014-07-21, 08:29AM CDT


sir i want to give complaint against of tatamotors is that sir i have purchased a new vechicle but after some days is engine comes failure and sir it is on warranty period i give complain in tata motors but company is said to me that company has give to exchange a new engine with duplicate engine so sir how? can a exchange this ?i didn't now that how can company do this i did not understand what the process i want to do pls mention me . i am waiting for your can also sent the mail on my email id.


Dinesh Sharma


Hitesh P., 2014-07-31, 01:18AM CDT

Dear Leanovo service team,

Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh Matto / Mr. Dhruv Sir.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164, 0120-6798529.

Requested to replace the faulty phone asap.

at present below problem arise from phone.

1) Memory card is not detected with cable.

2) Phone Hang up frequently.

3) WLAN connection always blinking, when it is off. Due to this Bluetooth is not working.

Resolve the same immediately, with replacing the phone.

Revert ASAP.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 11:40 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh Matto / Mr. Dhruv Sir.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164, 0120-6798529.

Requested to replace the faulty phone or give money back, asap. as now phone get more problems, like WLAN connection always blinking, when it is off.

Do needful ASAP.I am bothered, why Lenovo team is not responding to resolve the customer genuine issues & for supplied faulty phone from day one.

Hope u resolve the matter,


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 8:43 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh Matto / Mr. Dhruv Sir.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164, 0120-6798529.

Requested to replace the faulty phone or give money back, asap.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh Matto Sir.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164, 0120-6798529

Genuinely, requested to you, replace my phone, as it is faulty phone from day one.

As also i had given the same to your service centre for the phone not getting the start, after one month, but they had allegation to me for the water damages, which i had denied at the same time. There is no any water damages problem in the phone at that time(when i submitted to your service centre for the fault resolution) & at this time also.

Still you are not prove that, it is not faulty from day one, hence requested to replace whole the phone set, immediately, without any undigested argument, before it gets worst situation to me as well as M/s. lenovo prestige.

Also Mr. Dhruv had called me for the situation solving, but he had not any answer of my question, so requested to resolve the matter ASAP with phone replacement.

Also your service centre team, are just doing nothing in phone investigation, simply give the phone as it is back with some other reason finding.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 7:41 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Senior Lenovo team,

Requested to reply ASAP


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 7:49 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Requested to resolve the matter ASAP, before warranty period.

Replace the phone or send me money back.

or kindly confirm, should i go with legal complain for the faulty phone.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Now from today onwards, Phone get erratic behaviour. Data card shows data, but not access thru USB data cable.

Requested to replace the phone ASAP or simply i will take further action.

I have so much trust with Lenovo product - but it is totally washed out.................



Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


Requested to replace my phone or give me money back.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 6:24 PM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:

Gosh sir,

I think I should take legal action(consumer court) as ur team has not given any reply with clarification.

Requested to replace the faulty phone asap


Hitesh patel

On Jul 21, 2014 2:55 PM, "Hitesh Patel" <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear All.

I think there is no word/answer to write from Mr. Rakesh for my raised question.

So i am simply suggesting you to replace my phone or give me money back or give me green signal to go for the consumer court?

Reply immediately. AS i had not make a mistake to take the phone from the LENOVO, & i should not waste my precious time to force u for answer.

Reply immediately.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Lenovo Team / Sirs / Respected Rakesh Mattooji Sir,

Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh Matto Sir.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164

I am genuinely, Requested to reply for my raised concern with digestible reason & replace the faulty phone ASAP -(Also at present there is fault in the same), via return mail.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:

Respected Rakesh Mattooji Sir,

Thank u very much for your prompt response.

I think u had not read the below correspondence held for the raise matter/problem.

My questions are as below.

1) Phone is faulty from day one as told in our earlier mail & attached no of trailing mails.

2) I had two problem - First is handset getting hang frequently & Second is phone not powering on.

3) At your service centre's answer is it is water damage & they had not given any proof for the same to me, even i also mention the same on service request form when take phone back.- Find attachment

4) This phone is working nicely at my end after receiving from your service centre, except getting hang in a day. How can it will be possible to understand water damaged phone will working at present which is told by your service representative.?????

5) I am genuinely requesting you to replace the phone or send me my money back, because it is faulty from day one, supplied by you & still u had not prove the same that it is not faulty or even water damage, because it is working with problem as i told u earlier, so many time.

Revert with solution or prove it is my fault with sufficient proof or replace the phone & send me money back immediately or suggest me further - why should i do not take leagal action for the faulty phone worth Amount of Rs. 14K provided by you???????

Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) - Requested to look in to matter & give us the best solution with some proof with any digestible reason.

Revert ASAP via return mail.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 1:40 PM, Rakesh Mattoo <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr. Hitesh

I have checked the case with respective service center , they have verified the device & found water traces in the same . Which was also shown to you

and was communicated to you over the email as well . Since there are water traces in the handset it will not be covered under warranty as per Lenovo Warranty policy . Replacement of the handset is at all not possible ,we can only offer some discount on the cost of repairs as an exception .

Hence we are requesting you to have the handset submitted at the service center for chargeable service .


Best Regards

Rakesh Mattoo

From: Hitesh Patel [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 1:24 PM

To: Help Desk; MIDH Care; Special Services.; Special Services1; Services_ED

Cc: Rakesh Mattoo; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Consumer Technical Support; Lencare; Mir Zahed Ulla; Infibeam Customerservice

Subject: Re: Hitesh patel / Smart Phone P780 get hang & do not start. IMEI#: 864692025957035//864692025957043

Dear Lenovo Team / Sirs,

Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director) / Mr. R Mattoo / Mr. Arun Jose / Mr. Mir Zahed Ulla / Mr. Rakesh.

Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

Landline No -0120-242-7164

Up to what extent, i have to follow up with you for the replacement of the faulty phone or send money back of the M/s. Lenovo make P7808GB smart phone.

All supporting i had provided to you for your ref. Like Original Purchase Invoice, Service request letter with answer & my comment, My original problem & photos of the same.

""" Hi Rakesh,

Request you to please look into this case.

IMEI#: 864692025957035//864692025957043

Thanks & Regards,

Special Services Team

Email ID - [email protected]"""""

Revert at the earliest, even after your Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director), written mail as above & no one interested to resolve the problem.

with your prompt reply on the same.


Hitesh Patel

M - 98254 66317

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 8:25 PM, Hitesh Patel <[email protected]> wrote:


I m dam sure that, phone is faulty from day one, which is supplied by you. And I confident that it is not water damage. Also it is not prove by you n not acceptable to me.

Hence I m genuinely requesting you to LENOVO to replace my whole hand set n give me money back.

Revert ASAP and suggest further, why I cannot go for legal action for cheating Customer with defective phone.

To higher authority - LENOVO

Resolve the matter asap. Your service representative are for problem solving or to show the rules to customer instead of to do their work properly or for misguide to them.


Hitesh patel

M - 9825466317

On Jul 17, 2014 7:09 PM, "Help Desk" <[email protected]> wrote:


> Hello Mr.Patel,




> As per the policy ? water damage is not considered under warranty.




> Request you to refer to ?What Warranty Does not cover? in the handbook/ user?s manual which is bundled with every product.




> As mentioned in my previous mail ? we can surely replace the damage parts on chargeable basis & spares will be available in 7-10 working days from the time we receive confirmation from your end.


> Thankyou






> From: Hitesh Patel [mailto:[email protected]]

> Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 6:38 PM

> To: Help Desk; MIDH Care; [email protected]; Special Services.; Special Services1

> Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Mir Zahed Ulla; Infibeam Customerservice

> Subject: RE: Hitesh patel / Smart Phone P780 get hang & do not start. IMEI#: 864692025957035//864692025957043




> Dear lenovo team /Sir,

> How can I assured that, u had really done effort at your end, after received phone from our end, I just clean the same n it is working at my end with some minor hang up problem in a day. As I am only layman do the same, then why by you it was not done as authorized service center of branded LENOVO n as your self qualified n trained engineer.


> This is some indigestible thing of your real service.


> Also u had not show any reason for my trailing mails red line argument.


> I am genuinely requesting u both,

> Kindly replace my phone as I do not want to continue more with same with hang up problem as I already told. In brand new, just 1.5 months old phone it will happen, then it is totally not acceptable to me. Just I want replace the phone with new one or simply back my money or confirm can I take help for further law/legal action to resolve my matter.


> Also I am mailing u this mail from the same phone itself.


> Suggest further, why should I will not eligible for the same under warrenty.


> Revert asap.


> Regards

> Hitesh Patel

> M-98254 66317


> On Jul 17, 2014 6:21 PM, "Help Desk" <[email protected]> wrote:

> >

> > Hello Mr.Patel,

> >

> >

> >

> > This is regards to your Lenovo smart phone P780 / complain number : SRIN0131407150006

> >

> >

> >

> > We accepted your phone on 15th July?14 on the basis of issues mentioned from your end ? (1) handset getting hang & (2) phone not powering on.

> >

> >

> >

> > Engineer did keep the handset on charge for about 2 hours before diagnosis. Phone was neither getting charged nor powering on.

> >

> >

> >

> > As per diagnosis report : two of the spares namely - LCD and PCB are water damaged. (snaps attached)

> >

> >

> >

> > Diagnosis report was well communicated to you the very next day on phone. Our engineer did show you the snap of ?water damage areas? next day when you visited us. He also informed that,damage parts can be replaced but will not be considered under warranty.

> >

> >

> >

> > As it was not acceptable by you, you ended up claiming our reply as a casual answer and also doubted us for showing a fake snap ( of some other phone ).

> >

> >

> >

> > I fail to understand - Diagnosis; updating customer its status within 24 hours ; prompt service; convincing reply with evidence and still the service provider is been accused for improper response and service?

> >

> >

> >

> > Mr.Patel we can surely replace the mentioned spares on chargeable basis, as it is ?out of warranty?.

> >

> >

> >

> > Spares will be available in 7-10 working days from the time we receive confirmation from your end.

> >

> >

> >

> > Thank you

> >

> > Regards,

> >

> > Dhara

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> > From: Hitesh Patel [mailto:[email protected]]

> > Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 2:47 PM

> > To: MIDH Care; Special Services.; Special Services1; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Mir Zahed Ulla; [email protected]; [email protected]; Infibeam Customerservice; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

> > Subject: Re: Smart Phone P780 get hang & do not start. IMEI#: 864692025957035//864692025957043

> >

> >

> >

> > Kind Atten. :- Mr. Sudipto Ghosh Sir, (India Services Executive Director)

> >

> > Toll Free no - 1860-180-3425

> > Landline No -0120-242-7164

> >

> >

> >

> > Sir,

> >

> > See the the final attachment named "Lenovo Service request form 16072014.pdf" for the call closed with my comment for not satisfaction of the service with reason. As i had not see the any evidence for the water damage in the phone. Also service centre is refused to do the service for the phone & sent back to me As it is.

> >

> >

> >

> > Also i put my comment for totally disagree with your service centre reply, & i am suggesting you to resolve my problem. I think your service centre guys, had not refer phone properly & just send as it is back with most commonly routine comment for the damages, without any further investigation. Also he is suggesting me that, your phone needs replacement of screen as well as hardware to run phone, which is totally causal answer.

> >

> >

> >

> > Requested to review the matter & give us the conclusion ASAP or suggest further.

> >

> >

> >

> > Smart Phone Details are as under

> >

> > Model ? P780 8GB

> >

> > Make ? Lenovo

> >

> > Color - Deep Black

> >

> > Purchase from ? M/s. NSI Infinium Global Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, Phone ? 079-40260260, 67778777, Order No ? 13092763 Dtd. 21st May 2014, Sub Order No ? 22251352, Invoice No ? BT140522134009 Dtd. 22nd May 2014

> >

> > Thru ? Online

> >

> > IMEI1 No ? 864692025957035,

> >

> > IMEI2 No ? 864692025957043,

> >

> > S/N-HB031AWM

> >

> >

> >

> > One more interesting thing is happen with me is _ after receiving phone from service centre, i clean phone properly & Charge phone for 4 hours & phone working in good condition, still it had some minor problem of hanging during working.( which was happen from day one) but no resolution till date for the same.

> >

> >

> >

> > I think i had so much trust with Lenovo product, but after this incident it was totally washed out.

> >

> > Kindly suggest me further for this type of cheating to valued customer. Also i can see you phone in good running condition (except phone hang problem in a day or two day during working)

> >

> >

> >

> > With your positive support & earliest reply via return mail.

> >

> >

> >

> > With Best Regards

> >

> > Hitesh Patel

> >

> > M ? 98254 66317

> >

> > Hitesh C Patel

> >

> > C8, Govind Park-1,

> >

> > VIP Road, Kareli Baugh, Vadodara

> >

> > M: ? +91 9825466317

> >

> > Email ? [email protected]

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> > On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 10:22 AM, MIDH Care <[email protected]> wrote:

> >

> > Dear Mr. Patel,

> >

> >

> >

> > Please accept my apology and regrets.

> >

> >

> >

> > We are taking this matter with the concerned team and will update you shortly.

> >

> >

> >

> > Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

> >

> >

> >

> > Thanks & Regards

> >

> > Lenovo Service Team

> >

RAKESH K., 2015-01-12, 09:58AM CST

To, Date ? 12-01-2015.

M/S Aliens Developers PVT. Limited, Hyderabad.

Dear Sir,

Kind Attention ?

Mr.Hari Challa, M.D., Aliens Developers Private Limited Mr.Venkat Challa, J.M.D., Aliens Developers Private Limited

Subject ?Either hand over of our flat no. 601 in station#1 and flat no.420 in station#4 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad or refund of principal amount with 24% interest(As mentioned in AOS) by M/S Aliens Developers PVT. Limited. ? Reg.

I and my son have booked flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#4 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur, Hyderabad in 2009 and paid Rs.1851713/- and Rs.1587500/- respectively through SBI,Hyderabad bank loan A/C No.30878114755 and A/C No.31038291213 respectively in the year of 2009, which is a 50% cost of flat, with a commitment by Aliens to hand over flats in Three years as per ?Agreement of Sale? i.e. in the year 2012.But Aliens could not deliver the flats till now.

Therefore M/S Aliens is noticed and intimated either to refund our principal amount with 24% interest from the date of our payment to Aliens as per AOS signed by M/S Aliens (which works out to be Rs.42,58,923/-+Rs.34,92,500/- = Rs.7751423/-) or hand over alternate ready flat available at other station#14 at the same rate with delay compensation as agreed in AOS to us at the earliest otherwise action as deemed fit will be initiated against M/S Aliens Developers Private Limited.

We have repaid entire loan amount to State bank of India.

We will return AOS to M/S Aliens after getting entire principal amount with interest from the date of our payment to Aliens as per AOS signed by M/S Aliens or after getting hand over of alternate ready flat available at other station#14 at the same rate with delay compensation as agreed in AOS.




General Manager,

State Bank of India, Hyderabad.

Dear Sir,

Sub. ? Sanctioning of House Building Loan without checking of proper Builder?s Paper-Reg.

I and my son were sanctioned house building loan in 2009 without inspecting builder?s (Aliens Developers Private Limited) document and paid money to builder without progress and without registration of property (Which is the very primary checks of Bank) resulting loss of our principal amount Rs.1851713/- + Rs.1587500/- paid in 2009 along with interest of till today as builder did not make our apartment(seems intentially to cheat customer) till now and is not going to make before 2022 as intimated by M/S Aliens and that time also M/S Aliens will hand over flats with increased rate as being threatened by M/S Aliens.

Loan sanction details are as follows ?


Tellapur ? Village. Ramchandrapuram - Mandal.

Medak ? District. (Hyderabad) ? 502032.

DGPA?S Document no.-23198/06 dated 07/10/2006,

22230/06 dated 07/10/2006 and 13321/07 dated 23/062007

HUDA Permission no. 621/P4/plg/HUDA/2008 dated 11/04/2008.

(2) ? Customer ?


SBI Home Loan A/C No. 30878114755.

SBI SAVING A/C NO.-20020305090.(Through which EMI was paid)

Loan sanction amount ? Rs.24, 34,000/-

Loan taken amount ? Rs.11, 11,028/-dated 12/09/2009

Aliens reference no. - Flat no.601in station#1vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009

SBI TRIPARTITE AGREEMENT Date ? 12/09/2009 by AGM, RACPC, SBI, Hyderabad


SBI Home Loan A/C No. 31038291213.

SBI SAVING A/C NO - 20031656309.(Through which EMI was paid)

Loan sanction amount ? Rs.19, 32,000/-

Loan taken amount ? Rs.600000/-dated 08/02/2010

Aliens reference no. ? Flat no. 420 in station#4 vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009

SBI TRIPARTITE AGREEMENT Date - 06/02/2010 by AGM, RACPC, SBI, Hyderabad.

We have paid entire loan amount to State Bank of India and got back our original AOS.

Hence I request you to please look into the matter and do the needful to get our apartment or principal amount with interest. I had taken home loan from SBI considering it Government of India and I am also government officer invested my whole life hard earned money.


suresh chand g., 2015-10-21, 10:07AM CDT

Today Samsung India Company has started a practice that they open a shop and after selling of old and defective products the shop has been closed. Same incident has occurred with us. We have purchased a samsung mobile No.C-3752 (358512041329576 invice No. 5129 on 6th December 2014 from Aggarwal Telecoms H-4/66, Sector-16 Rohini, Delhi 110089. The instrument is hang as dead. I have contacted with Samsung Centre at Rohini Sect.7, opposite M2K Mall, Delhi. on 13.8.2015. They first told me that warranty of this product has lapsed as it products are model of year 2011 and we have no parts at this time and contact with the shopkeeper.when we want to approach the shopkeeper but shop was not found there. After that they ask me that for a warrantee a bill and box of mobile is required, hence they ask me to provide the box of mobile. On 14.8.2015 I again contacted with samsung alongwith box. . Then they told that during inspection H/S found liquid log so warrantee cannot be covered and Rs.3100/- will be charged for the total amount of mobile Rs.4000/- I am very strange how the liquid occurs while mobile is covered everywhere in a short span of period. It is only due to poor quality of material and non use of mobile since its production i.e. 2011. You are requested to take necessary action as I am suffering badly due to defective product.

Suresh Chand Garg


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