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Posted on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 2:03pm CST by 7798f6f6

Product: Timeshare

Company: Royal Holiday

Location: MX


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My wife and I are members of Royal Holiday, membership number 1-90288. I can understand, like any large company, Royal Holiday may have some complaints. I also understand that a person is more likely to complain than to give praises. My purpose, today, is to give praises. My wife and I had planned our yearly vacation for Cancun and Cozumel. I originally had called the member services number to book my vacation. I was informed by the reservations rep of the ability to book my future vacations online. Once I had my reservation made I hung up and went immediately to the web-page for Royal Holiday. Upon entering I found that the number of points required to book the same vacation online was 15% less points required than my reservation for the same dates. I immediately called Royal Holiday and spoke with the same rep. She explained to me that booking online had a promotion of discounts up to 15% less points in certain destinations. I asked why this wasn't explained to me when I made my reservation. She explained to me that had I registered my e-mail address with Royal Holiday I would have received the notice about the discount via e-mail. I guess it was pilot error on my part not to register my e-mail address before. I was in the wrong, however, she apologized to me and ask me if I could hold for a moment. In less than one minute on hold she returned to tell me that my account had been credited the difference. Long story short, we had a great vacation and the service before, during and after the trip was SUPER SUPER. I would HIGHLY recommend Royal Holiday!!!!!

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Helen S., 2015-06-25, 10:54AM CDT

I bought a timeshare with Royal Holiday and they lied to me at everything, every time I check for travel dates are not available and it's cheaper to booked flight

and hotel with Expedia. The service is really bad, I asked to speak to the manager and was told that I cannot talk to her and that I cannot cancel my membership.

I't?s been a nightmare for me!!! I was doing a research on internet about this fraudulent resort and how to get out of this fraud, i found this information

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