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Posted on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 8:53pm CST by 84beb8ed

Product: GE Model PE50M09AAH

Company: General Electric

Location: US


Category: Other

This is the email I sent to GE:

"I have lost confidence in your product. I am now on my 3rd hot water heater and 5th Watt's relief valve.

The 1st tank leaked around the plastic at the base of hot water side. The 2nd leaked around both sides and out of one of the dimple holes around the relief valve. The 3rd is leaking around the plastic at the hot water side.

ALL of the tanks are leaking (slowly) from the relief valve.

I have an hour and a quarter trip each time I have to bring one back to Home Depot in Waterville Maine. I am now preparing to make my 4th trip, for a total of 5 hours of drive time !

Couple with the time spent draining the tank each time and lugging out of my basement and onto my truck and you will understand my frustration.

The manufacturing date on this tank is 10/2007, which disproves this as being a leftover from a year ago.

It is late Sunday night and I am writing this after visiting my basement and finding yet another inferior product dripping onto my basement floor.

I am so frustrated that I am thinking of:

1. Writing to the BBB to complain about your inferior products.

2. Making a youtube video where I videotape the actual leaking and discouraging homeowners from your Smart Water brand.

3. Getting my money back from Home Depot and going to Lowe's to buy another brand.

4. Contacting Consumer Reports and urgin them to sample five of your Smart Water brand water heaters after I email them a copy of this ordeal.

5. Creating a website dedicated to helping others having the same issue to understand what a mistake it was to choose GE.

What would restore my confidence?

Answer: Having someone from GE drive a new water heater to my home and replacing my heater AND then watching for two hours for the leaks while I run the hot water in the shower and sinks.

With the 1st leaking hot water heater, I had a leaking relief valve and called customer service. It took one call for GE to send a relief valve, (which leaked) and a 2nd hour and fifteen minute call explaining that the water was coming from below the red plastic on the hot water side. Their suggestion, find a new plumber. I responded with the fact that the plumber plumbed my entire house including installing a new furnace and new baseboard heaters AND is more than capable of screwing in a pipe to the top of the water heater. AFTER three minutes on hold, the service rep, (I think his number is #289) said to bring the tank back to the store.


1. 6 hours drive time total

2. 6 hours drain/install/fill time total

3. $265 for the tank

4. 2 hours customer service phone time"


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43c83332, 2008-01-02, 12:05PM CST

Is there a website yet to help others. We are having issues with GE Service also. Totally LIVID. They are just saying anything to blame others for their product failure. Even the new building codes. Even though my house has been here since 1938. What to do????????? Tired of this RUN AROUND. I too will NEVER NEVER NEVER give GE a penny of my hard earned money. I will make sure they are not associated with any company I give my dollar to. 1/7/08 After GE reps being so rude to me and just trying to sell me yet another product to catch the water my heater was leaking. I had enough, called my plumber who came over and installed a $17.00 part. the problem is fixed, why didn't GE tell me to do this. They NEVER even suggested having service, they just tried to sell me a expansion/holding kit to install to catch the water. WOW I AM STILL UPSET WITH THEM. AND THEY FAIL TO ANSWER MY COMPLAINTS ON THEIR WEBSITE.

43ad2a0b, 2008-01-19, 02:38AM CST

I also have this model and my business partner called me up late one night saying that there is water coming out of the pressure relief valve on the top.

I call the customer service number and was on hold for about 5 minutes when a man came on and was clearly in a hurry, I told him that the heater was leaking out the top. I also noted that I paid for and energy efficient tank and that my tank was listed as below the worst on the chart that comes on the side. I told him it was new and I wanted a replacement. He told me to call Home Depot, I said that they told me to call him (GE).

"Well there is nothing I can do" he said.

So I called Home Depot and they said that GE has to issue a broken/replacement tag on the item for them to replace it.

They called GE while I was on the phone to ask why a tag was not made, they told me that the notes from my prior call to GE said "asked general information". No notes about the leak or anything else.

I was told to call them back and ask for a "Replacement/repair Tag to be issued so that Home Depot could give me credit to something else.

I called them back and waited on hold for 12 minutes. I went through the problem again with her and she said " I don't understand what the problem is? I can't issue a replacement just because you are unhappy with the heater you chose."

She then blamed the leakage to not having a over flow bladder on the tank. She then told me to call Home Depot and buy a expansion tank to fix the leak.

After another 5 minutes telling her to just put in the notes that I am reporting a problem with the tank so Home Depot could work with me, she refused.

I call be the H.D. and they said there is nothing they can do.

:( now what?

What happened to, The customer is always right!?

68d69a74, 2008-05-20, 10:19PM CDT

Oddly enough, listening to your litany of gripes (all well justified), I see NOTHING about filing a small claims law suit for your various damages.

Don't you understand that legal action is the only way to get the attention of these corporate jerks?

796488f7, 2008-05-25, 09:17AM CDT

I have also got the run around from G.E. & Home Depot, neither want to fix or give satisfaction.When calling neither want to take responsibility.I was also told that I would have to remove the tank myself and return to the store, what I don'y understand is it has a 12 year warranty then they told me that it's in for in house repairs only.G.E. or Home Depot will never see another cent of my money.

534c9d98, 2008-07-14, 08:29PM CDT

what part did you get your plumber to install , i have the same problem, did he just renew the valve

7b07119a, 2008-11-15, 08:31AM CST


e38d3e94, 2008-12-26, 04:21PM CST

Here we are, yet another angry, unsatisfied, cheated GE customer. It's been over a week now since purchasing a brand new GE water heater and we're still getting the run-around. One contract plumber came out and, while supposedly fixing the thermostatat, damaged the bracket. Next day, it leaked again. So, over the Christmas holiday with houseguests, we have mopped the basement three times and lived over a week without hot water. GE seems to care less, has no desire to correct the problem, and is certainly in no hurry. It's the alst time GE will ever see a dime of our money!

34816ab0, 2009-01-24, 10:34PM CST

I purchased a GE smart water 40 gallon tank hot water heater. My original hot water heater was old, so i wnated to be proactive and replace it. The plumber installed the new one today and it doesn't work. Called ge and was told that they have no technicians in my area and would mail me the part. I am now without hot water, the thing had to be drained and now will be taken back to Home Depot tomorrow. I hope to purchase a differnt brand. Lousy product and useless customer service.

d751b64d, 2009-07-25, 09:23PM CDT

In Maine Like some places in Virginia we have HARD WATER, Hard WATER requires you to either get a Softener system or DRAIN the TANK every YEAR to decrease the sediment & buildup.

Now I agree with you on the Relief valve.. mine has gone out now after 5 years of use because they used a Rubber gasket & NOT a ceramic one. I had to SHOCK my well several times by using Chlorine & all the rubber parts get annihilated when using that much Chlorine on a system for 3 days,

So I expected I would find out the cheap parts quick.. I have 2 Water heaters.GE Smartwater 40g & a RHEEM 90g Marathon. The Rheem has a better valve on it & a ceramic washer. But I paid $1000 for that water heater which has lifetime warranty. I will replace this relief valve washer with a ceramic one tomorrow. That is the only problem I have had with the GE water heater in 8 years besides hitting the RESET button when the elements don't kick on after an electrical storm. I find I must do a MANUAL RESET to get them to work properly.

GLTA by the way, got a Sears Kenmore softener after figuring out my water based appliances would last longer with less stress on them. Sears Outlet had them for $600 a while back. It has made a believer out of me that softened water will cause less stress on plumbing, washer,bath,shower,steam unit and jacuzzi parts.

4a183d5c, 2010-07-01, 12:41PM CDT

I have the same tank, same problem. The

pressure relief valve was leaking. I lowered the temp to 115 and the problem stopped. Pressure relief valve was not from GE.

251355d3, 2011-02-11, 07:14PM CST

Any luck with them? Mine is only 3 months old and after two new pressure relief valves and setting the temp to the lowest setting it still leaks. There tech support said that the heater is so efficient that its creating more pressure and thats why its leaking. He said I could either deal with the leaking, remove the thermocouplers (fittings on the top with the blue inserts) and replace them with ones that dont have them, or spend $80-$100 more and buy a thermal relief tank? WTF??

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