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Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2007 at 7:00pm CST by cca95b12

Product: replacement windows

Company: clear choice usa

Location: 992 county road 185
JEMISON, AL, 35085, US


Category: Building, Construction

Icontracted with this company owned by Frank Venezia to install energy-saver windows.He came out on9-12-07 to measure for the windows.About three weeks later,the installers came out with the windows for installation,and,encountered problems immediately.Mr.VENEZIA had under-measured all of the windows-12 total.He informed his installers to do the job any way.They left and came back with lots of lumber which they put around the windows to make them fit,without asking me if it would be okay.Icalled Mr.VENEZIA several times,asking him to come out so I could show him why I was not satisfied,but he never would come.HE sent his workers back to cap and caulk some of the windows.The boards are still visible on the outside of the other windows .Iwould not advise ANYONE to contract with Mr.FRANK VENEZIA,of CLEAR CHOICE USA,FOR REPLACEMENT WINDOWS,he is very inconsiderate after he makes his SALE.


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