Chase Oaks Apartments - Chase Oaks Apartments, Jacksonville, Florida

Posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2007 at 6:08pm CST by 9b648b39

Product: Apartments

Company: Chase Oaks Apartments

Location: 7816 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, Fl, 32256, US

Category: Other

It seems that these apartments must have a revolving door policy when it comes to keeping management and maintainance personell. The NEW ones they have now is just as bad if not worse than the previous ones. It seems they already want to create discontent with the tenents. Stone Mark Management is the Company responsible for the poor management of these apartments. It seems the owners need to step back and ask what we can do to keep our tenents happy to the point that they would enjoy living here. These apartments are old but look fair outside but inside they have been let go. This could be remedied with some T.L.C. and some $ invested. At this point and time they are just high priced GHETTO apartments. This must be what happens when GREED, NEGLECT and POOR MANAGEMENT takes over. The owners need to wake up and realize there are very many apartments , some are NEW with rent comparable to these


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