FedEx Ground - Fed Ex Lazy Driver

Posted on Friday, November 16th, 2007 at 12:14pm CST by 79d73a86

Product: Fed Ex Ground Delivery

Company: FedEx Ground

Location: US


Category: Other

I ordered some expensive computer parts which were to be delivered by FedEx on November 16th. Have been sitting in my living room since early morning waiting for delivery. I heard a truck drive by, but didn't catch who it was. A little while later I checked my tracking number online to make sure delivery was on time. Found there was a "Delivery Exception" about the customer not being available. After calling customer service, I was told that a delivery was attempted and no one was home. Of course being only a few feet from the front door, we would have heard a knock. I'm very angry that this incompetent driver lied about my delivery, and that there's nothing that can be done about it since FedEx doesn't keep in contact with their employees during their routes. It's worth mentioning that a part I ordered from another company was just ditched on my doorstep last week without a knock or attempted doorbell ring. I'll never use FedEx again, and I'm going to tell everyone I know to avoid using them for deliveries. Never had problems with UPS.


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