American Airlines Central Baggage Service Claims - Vacation from HELL!!

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2007 at 11:52pm CST by f1fcd4f1

Company: American Airlines Central Baggage Service Claims

Location: P.O. Box 619613
Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Te, 75261-9613, US

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My name is Summer Straker and I went to Amera Travel and prepaid my flight and hotel accomodation 5 month in advance. We purchased a round trip fligt from Midland Tx to Miami FL. There were no problems with the flight to Miami, however the return flight on July 22, 2007 turn out to be a nighmare. Our party arrived at the Miami airport at 7:45 AM the ticket agent was unable to assess our travel itinerary. Once the information was obtained it was not correct which resulted in a delay causing us to miss our filght. Both ticket were purchased at the same time all information was the same, but itenery show were were going to two different destinations. We were placed on standby for a flight departing Miami Fl at 12:50 PM, 1:50PM and 4:35PM to no avail. We were bumped from 3 different flights walking long distances to numerous gate waiting in long lines; we were told by staff they did not have time to help us. Some ticket agents were very rude as we went through 5 different security check point just trying to see where our luggage was. We later determine our luggage had been sent on another plan that we were not on. We question what we would have to do to have a guaranteed seat and we were told if we upgrade our flight and bought another ticket we could get on the flight. We finally demanded to speak to a supervisor or manager in charge and we were told we were misinformed. We were placed on the flight departing Miami at 6:50 PM to Dallas which arrived at 9:00 PM. We were again told that all flights to Midland TX were full and we could not fly out of Dallas until Wednesday morning. Both my companion and myself had job we had to be on and could not stay until Wendesday. There was no mention of any type of accomodation for all the hassle we had gone through. We had to get home and were were face with another expense of renting a car to get home. We were also already eshausted from all that we had gone through spending 10 hours in the airport and had to face another 5 hours to get home. We were forced to take 1 hour shifts stopping to drink coffee so that we would not become a fatality. We did not arrive to our destination till the next morning at 6:00AM. Upon arrival to the airport and baggage were to delivered to us from American Eagle baggage claim. We noticied our bags were damaged and totally trashed, ripped and a number of expensive items has been taken for the bags. This trip was purchased through Amera Travel. All filght arrangements and hotel reservation were booked by this travel agency and paid in advance on June 1, 2007. This was by far the worst vacation I have ever taken. This experience with American Eagle is the worst I have ever experienced, and I will never use this airline again as a matter of fact you could not pay me to fly with them again. My companion and I began trying to pick up our luggage the moment we got in town. We went to the travel agent and the airline within the frist 24 hours of returning home and once again we were given the run around about how we should file a claim. My compaion and my self fill out all information at the same time all documents were faxeed at the same time and he was sent a check for $700.00 and I was told I did not submit my claim within 24 hours of returning. Once again American Egle has blunder the investigation into my claim. It appears they just cannot get it right. I have the paper that proves that I sent my information in a fax the same time Chris did.


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