National City Bank - National City Bank is Stealing My Money

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2007 at 2:09pm CST by a4befe26

Product: Checking Account Mayhem

Company: National City Bank

Location: 31990 Walker Road
Avon Lake, OH, 44012, US


Category: Other

This bank is out of control. Before I made a deposit 11/13 I had 240.00 in my account then I deposited 700.00 in checks (payroll) and because of the holiday nothing posted normal so they made me the consumer pay 9 overdrafts.

I'm convinced their have an algorithem set-up to maximize their profits. It stacks my charges then puts the highest first instead of deducting them in order as they show-up. Then if you have a check they say it hadn't cleared yet to cover the funds. Then they charge you for overdraft on the ATM Charges when it should of never released money if it was insufficient. And when you ask them for an account balance print out they give it to you proving the entire time your account was in the positive. Proving your point for you but instead the window workers act stupid and pig headed sticking with the same old "it's not a bank error".

I hate National City Bank. No longer are banks here to keep your money safe for you but more of to look for their wown ways to maximize their own profits by figuring out ways to sabotage your account by giving you false data via phone and print.


elra murphy, 2009-10-24, 12:06PM CDT

this bank is a ripe off,they tryed to charge me for insuffint funds,over 238.00 dollars,when i got one insuffint funds,i contact the bank and told them to cancel my account,and pay the 34.00,i went in to branch and request them to close,they refused to close the account.until 14 days,so i went from 34.00 to 238.00,this bank is a ripe off

3b0d1cf3, 2012-04-05, 05:30AM CDT

At 2003 I opened a cheking account, and all my benefits is transferred to this account, because of my disability and my sickness, I did not check my account til now, but some official people informed me that all of my payments had been transfeered to my account number. Yesterday I phoned the manager of the PNC Bank at ( 1313297 6883) to ask about my money and what happened with them, but that person refused to give me any information or how to call? and who? but he said this is PNC bank and the no more any account from National City Bank. Now I,m trying to go to the court to file coplain against that Manager and against National City Bank ( what do you think?? )

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