GE Money Bank - Destroyed by GE Money Bank

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 at 6:22pm CST by 179e6b22

Product: Credit

Company: GE Money Bank

Location: PO Box 981064
El Paso, TX, 79998-1064, US


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In August 2004, my son Christopher Jr. Filed a chapter 7 for bankrupcy and was discharged soon after. In December I observed that a Bankruptcy appeared on my Equifax Credit Report and filed a report with Equifax and GE Money. Soon after I received a letter from GE stating that the problem was resolved. A year later I received a notice from a credit card company that I had filed for Bankruptcy and my credit limit was decreased. everal more letters from other creditors soon followed. I again filed the paperwork with The 3 credit bureaus all my creditors, and the FTC. Letters appeared again from GE apologizing and that it would be taken care of. As of this week I no longer have any credit, Bank of America, Providian, CapitalOneBank, Etc. I again called GE Money bank (Robert)and was told that they could not find anything on my record and was I sure that I have not filed Bankruptcy. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was denied. I asked whey did I still have Sam's and Walmart Credit Cards with them if I had filed Bankruptcy. He the told me to hold on while he consulted with his Supervisor. After a few minutes he returned asking me the same question about filing Bankruptcy, again I advised him thatI had not. The call went in circles and was not able to get a confirmation numer or last name to prove that I had called. I then called Bank of America who wrote me a letter advising me to cut up my credit cards, but if I had any information that would change the result to call them. Well, the gentleman politely told me that the Credit Bureau makes the last decision. (OK someone is playing God with my life about now) I am sure that even the credit bureau makes mistakes?!? I called the Credit bureau for about the fifth tme on the same problem since 2004 and they took the information and would as usual get back to me in 21 to 30 days. I took me 30 years to get on my feet and it has taken GEMB 3 years to force me into real Bankrupcy, I cannot buy a vehicle, I cannot reant a car or anything that a credit card is required for because the accounts have been closed or frozen for report of a Bankrupcy. I am now a credit risk. It seems it was not serious enough for the FTC, my creditors won't help me. I invite any attorney to contact me to see if litigation would be in order against GEMB and the Credit Bureau for not checking SSN closer.


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665cd0c5, 2008-04-15, 10:52PM CDT

I just continue to be amazed at how naive we American consumers are, sometimes as in this case to a tragic degree. I am absolutely not saying "dumb"--I am saying naive. Consumers just have no clue that these companies play an incredibly well constructed, well rehearsed and deadly game using our credit reports; one of their tactics is to create bad credit histories based on false information. This tactic causes the consumer to pay credit bureaus (such as Equifax) for repeated credit reports, allows credit bureaus to sell an endless supply of reports of "bad" credit risks to companies such as GE, and allows the purchasing companies to charge high interest rates to people with "bad" credit. The processes are so sneaky and the participants so good at feigning ineptness and creating confusion, that a critic who reveals their actions for what they are is called paranoid--and looks paranoid until the relevant research is done. When the light bulb slowly begins to come on, the people who have been duped are in total shock.

34a92877, 2008-06-12, 07:37PM CDT reporting agencies have NOTHING to do with making decisions on whether or not a financial instition CAN lend you money or give you credit. This person was lying to you.

What is in your credit report can cause a financial institution to deny you credit. It can also cause them to lower limits.

I realize that other factors and mitagating circumstances were in their decision, but I simply asked a question to one financial institution and they lowered my limit.

I have not been late, there are no problems............but some guy/gal sitting at a desk....possibly just out of college or rejected in large corporate finance decides that I am a bigger risk than what I am.

This has inspired me to work to get this crap paid off and when I have paid it off.....I will remember which companies are simply not consumer friendly.

This financial institutions have to be hard-nosed. However, in this economy, if people are in good standing with would think they would want to maintain a good relationship with them.

GE Money already has negative publicity that has been publicized on the news. While they deny the accusations I have read NOTHING that indicates these accusations are false.

It has to do with doing business with Iran.

Knowing this, it simply figures that they turn on the consumer.

All I can say is, I will work it out to pay my "on time" account off faster....and I will remember how they treat the consumer.

I will also work towards speaking to groups of people on how this company and others like it actually work.

If Americans really wanted, we could shut many of these financial institutions down one by one by one.

It is the only way to stabilize consumer debt. Take down the greediest financial institutions by taking away their consumer business.

Then, see how they like being on the bad side of their customers!

9c7fa870, 2008-10-20, 01:09PM CDT

Sounds like a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Federal Trade Commission only compiles complaints for other agencies to deal with. If you want immediate attention you have to file complaints with the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Everyone having these problems with GE Money - needs to file with the Office of Thrift Supervision AND THE FTC

abf09e55, 2009-08-31, 06:13PM CDT

My problems with GE Money Bank started when they assumed Dillards Credit Card business. I have been a Dillard's customer for 40 years without problems. As soon as GE Money Bank took over, my credit was reduced from $3000 to $300 and then in 6/09, even though I paid my monthly payment on time and on line, GE chose to post it on a later date so they could charge me $39 late fee on a $297 balance. I disputed the charge and then the next month in July and again in Aug 09, they refused my on line payments. Then I received notification that they closed my account, turned me over to the credit bureau and are now pursuing collections against me. They refuse to discuss the situation or admit their customer abuse tactics and/or fraudulent acts.

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