Sears Holding Corporation - Sears Gross Incompetence

Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 3:30pm CST by 3d3fb65b

Product: Stackable washer and dryer

Company: Sears Holding Corporation

Location: Sears Holdings Corporation 3333 Beverly Road 60179
Hoffman Estates, Il, 60179, US


Category: Other

(Please note: Date of Experience has continued for almost two months; this is November 11.)

1. On September Sears sold me a washer and dryer--that is, they took money from me for products THEY DID NOT HAVE. I only found this out when over the course of almost two months, they cancelled 5 delivery dates, "because we don't have the products." (The charges remained on my credit card, however.)

2. When on November 2, they arrived, I was told that I would have to re-wire my house. Note: When I was sold the dryer, I was also sold an "installation kit," which the saleswoman said would convert the 220 volt machine to my 110 volt home. Only after it arrived did I find this not to be possible.

3. Sears claims to be unable to find me the correct product for my washer and dryer necessities--I even said I would change to gas, when they said there were no 110 volt dryers!!

4. For my having moved furniture and more for 5 cancelled deliveries, for their taking money for a product they didn't have in the first place, for the interest on my credit card; for my having to have paid about $300.00 in doing my wash elsewhere, and still having much wash to do, before I have to leave for China to film, for the incredible work to get nowhere, all they think a proper compensation is a $100.00 coupon to shop at Sears, and the pick up of thes wrong products, with re-imbursement for the costs from September.

I believe I should be made whole--for time lost, money spent, damages to long overdue wash, for their having sold what they didn't have, for the incredible amount of time to find out that what they sold was not what it was purported to be, and for their wanting to now wash their hands of it all with nothing of substance but a coupon I do not need.


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