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Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2007 at 1:31pm CST by 14473704

Product: AMD Crossfire Special Edition

Company: iBuypower Computer

Location: 602 Monterey Pass Road
Monterey Park, CA, 91754, US

URL: http://www.ibuypower.com/mall/lobby.htm

Category: Other

The date above is the most recent attempt to contact them by phone. My complaint goes back to the end of September.

My computer developed a problem where it would shut down after approximately one hour of use, then would require time left off of at least 1 hour before it could be restarted without immediately powering off again.

I shipped the computer back to them, following their instructions for shipping, packing the computer in the box from an identical case, and with the molded styrofoam for said case (Coolermaster Ammo-533 Tower Case).

It took them approximately one month to "fix" the problem, and ship my computer back to me. This was two weeks more than their outside estimate, but I was not overly concerned with that.

My requests for update on my computer's repair status during this time were handled haphazardly. Several emails went completely ignored, and when I did recieve a response, it contained very little in the way of useful information. More often than not the responses being words to the effect of "Our tech is still looking at it."

Finally, they finished with my computer and shipped it back to me. When I recieved it, they had shipped it back precisely in a manner they specify not to in their instructions. I.e. In one of their own boxes, cushioned with a barely adequate amount of styrofoam peanuts.

When I got my computer hooked back up, and attempted to power it on, all that came on were the cooling fans. I attempted to contact Tech Support, and they advised me that it might be a problem with the motherboard. A motherboard, in one of their few previous emails, they claimed to have replaced.

I attempted on several occasions (3 emails, and 2 phone calls) to contact customer service as I was advised to do by Tech Support, but recieved no replies. My emails went ignored, and on both attempts to phone them, I was put on hold until the phone disconnected.

Despite my system still being under iBuypower's warranty, I went ahead and purchased a replacement motherboard out of pocket, and am employing a local computer repair shop to attempt repairs on my system.

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a82ec6f4, 2008-01-04, 12:11PM CST

I also purchased a PC from IBUYPOWER.COM this past November 30, 2007. Though the sale and shipping went through well enough, it was very difficult to contact them prior to the shipment and has been impossible to do so afterwards.

Anyway, when the computer arrived, it would not boot. Looking at the BIOS I saw it showed no hard disk, when I opened the case I saw that the power connection to the hard disk was not connected. I connected it and it worked.

Furthermore, after the initial online order, I was (quickly) contacted to be told that the case I wanted was not in stock. When I asked for a SIMILAR case, I was told to buy an NZXT case. It is fine, but has no clear sides. You see, I ordered a "neon" light to show the inside. Wouldn't one assume that my replacement case should have had a clear case on at least one side?

Since receipt of the computer I have contacted them numerous times about my disatisfaction with their processes, and my desire to return the internal case light. No response except a note from and anonymous person that it had been forwarded to "Mark", my original sales person.

I have started calling their main and technical support numbers and they just ring endlessly. Are these guys out of business?

I should have checked the BBB and seen their "C" rating prior to purchase. Apparently they spend most of their money on full page color adds in computer magazines, and nothing on support. The web site claims that customer satisfaction is their top priority. Don't beleive it. They are just words on a web page.

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