FedEx - How can FedEx Ground Screw You - Lying About Delivery

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2007 at 9:07pm CST by 609951a6

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How can FedEx Ground Screw You

I have been tracking my package (CELL PHONE I Bought ONLINE) delivery on the Web. As 11/09/07 was the estimated delivery date, I stayed home to accept and sign for the package. Later on in the Evening, while I was still anxiously awaiting delivery, I checked the website--at 5:50 PM it showed, ??ON TRUCK for DELIVERY?? so I called Customer Service They told me that Friday is their One of the Busiest Day & I should wait till 8.00 pm, Driver may be running late, I waited till 8.00 pm & checked the Status Online , out of my Surprise this is what I found online "delivery exception", "customer not available." I have been home all day; no one rang my buzzer. I checked my front entrance and no door tag was left. I called FedEx to verify they had the correct address, Address was fine. Driver Never did Come or Left any door Tag, I Called again & They told me that they will try to deliver this on 11/12/07 Monday. Shockingly they told me that they will not answer my question about why driver did not showed up or left any Door Tag.

I was without my Package (Cell Phone) for Week end, on Monday (11/12/07)

I Track package several time & it just shows ??OUT for Delivery??, finally I called FedEx @ 6.00 pm, They give me the same BullSh*t that driver may be running late & deliver by 8.00 pm, I waited till 7.30 & checked Status online, I got the biggest Shock ever when I saw the status ??DELIVERY EXCEPTION ?? Customer not Available??, No one showed up, no DOOR TAG nothing Driver just Did not Deliver It

I called them again & they told me that they will have Terminal Contact me & did not even Apologies & gave me he same Bullsh*t that they don??t know why driver did not deliver

I am so Frustrated & Upset, I ask them to Provide me The FAX # Or Address to Launch the Complain, They said that they will File the Complain for me & FedEx will Mail me the Address to send the Complain in Writing ( he did give me Complain #, but I am sure that this will be the Fake Number, just like their Fake Delivery attempts) . What a Bunch of Lazy Ass Crooks.

I still don??t have My package after all this & still waiting for it

Why FedEx deal with Contractor Driver who are Not responsible? & why they are not being Held responsible for lousy Service, even after lot of complain again them?

Just type ??FedEx Complain?? in Google & you will find 100s of pages of complain again FedEx


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867da427, 2008-12-17, 05:29PM CST

Guess what. I am waiting for my SIM card from AT&T to come - and although AT&T paid overnight shipping for this FedEx package, they faked 3 delivery failures over 3 consecutive days. On the third day I decided to stay home and booya the same thing you described happened. What a Joke.

1e914be1, 2009-07-27, 11:15AM CDT

go to This will get you the action you need.

e1c35565, 2009-11-10, 09:50AM CST

I too got a cell phone on fedex taking the saver shipping to cut cost being Friday it would have been delivered Monday but guess what they was going to hold it until Wednesday to deliver 3 days from Monday humm making the time in transit 6 days to go 65 miles total talk about good service and over 15 bucks in shipping cost I found out they do not move freight on the weekends guess the semi drivers stay in the bunk all weekend , I am demanding a $10 refund for overcharging me know it will not happen but at least I am going to go to the local news papers and TV news with my complaints having had packages shipped from the same pick up point on ups and being over night delivery both fedex and ups have terminals in both cities point of origin and delivery cities one would think service would be equal but no was go ups go out of business fed ex I now will refuse to buy from any online vendor that ships fedex just my part to help with the demise of fedex

55555f03, 2010-06-17, 04:45PM CDT

I just had the same type of experience with FedEx not delivering my packages. I waited all day from 8am to 4pm for 3 packages to be delivered today. I was home all day, and I have two jack russel terriers who were home with me, and neither one of them made a peep. These dogs are so high strung they bark at flies going by! But yet they didn't hear the FedEx guy at the door? I don't know how FedEx did it, they must have parked their truck on the other side of the road and tiptoed up my driveway and placed the door tag on my door, then ran like hell, because neither I nor my two dogs heard anything, and I was looking out the window every ten minutes or so all day. No knock on the door or anything from that driver! I was so pissed off. At 4pm I took my dogs out for a walk and lo and behold I found the door tag saying they tried to deliver my packages at 2:45, but no one was home! I wasn't more than ten feet from the door at that time and no one knocked! I called FedEx to complain, and the woman told me she was sorry, but the driver will try and deliver again tomorrow. She said she will make a note that I was there all day today waiting, and she recommended that I put up a poster on my door telling the FedEx driver that I AM HOME AND TO PLEASE KNOCK!!! Please knock? Aren't they supposed to knock? So tomorrow I should get my packages, with that note on the door, according to the customer service person. We'll see. I tried to make a complaint on their website, but can't find anywhere to write to. I checked the tracking info again and it says 'Delivery Exception.customer not home or business closed'. Right. I'm fed up.

b61fd7da, 2011-11-30, 06:23PM CST

I've had this same problem. They claim that there was no one home, which was a lie because I was home all day and they didn't leave a door tag! the next day they claim they needed a apt/suite number, I live in a private house and there are no apartment buildings near my house. I also called FEDEX to file a complaint. The package was suppose to be delivered from the Keasbey nj location.

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