UPS Store - UPS Store Repackaging for Additional Charge

Posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 at 2:24pm CST by 498af050

Product: UPS Shipping

Company: UPS Store

Location: 7322 MANATEE AVE W
BRADENTON, FL, 34209-344, US


Category: Other

UPS Store #0088 attending lady refused to ship small package unless she could repackage with additional cost of $6.99. The shipping package was exactly what this item was shipped in by UPS two days before. I'll be shipping from USPO or FedEx in the future. These UPS stores are giving UPS a bad name. Its not the first time I have had trouble with them. Be advised take your business elsewhere.


758b802c, 2007-11-12, 09:05AM CST

The customer was informed that the pazcking material was not sufficient for shipping. Our insurance requires we ship items in "safe" packing material. If the item appears to be insufficiently packed we must offer to repack the item. The item this customer was shipping in had a loose end of a bag and would have risked being torn on the conveyor belt. Our employee offered to put it into another box for the customer and he refused. He then left the store. We want to make sure that if you pay to ship an item, it gets there in one piece. We do this for the customers protection because if the item does get damaged and it is NOT in a sufficient shipping container UPS will NOT process the claim.

33648a51, 2009-02-12, 09:17PM CST

UPS claims the package was not sufficiently packed, but the message clearly states that the package was transmitted by UPS 2 days prior.

Talk around the evidence much?

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