Halstead Communtications - Installation

Posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 at 2:45pm CST by 0772c956

Product: DirecTv

Company: Halstead Communtications

Location: Bronx, NY, 10469, US

Category: Other

This has been my worse experience ever. First Halstead went to an address that I have not lived in over a year to make an installation. At the time of my call with Directv, they verified the address and phone number of my residence. Halstead called to say they were outside at the wrong house.

I told them the address they had was incorrect and I had not lived there in over two years. My new address was approximately three minutes away, maybe 10 blocks. he told me the work order wouldn't allow him to do that but if I were to pay him $50 in cash he would come by when his shift was done. Of course, that was the wrong thing for him to say. They rescheduled the installation for the following week when another genius came out. After about forty-five minutes he concluded that he couldn't run the wires through the house and it tould be better to go across the roof to the back of the house. Ok, that was fine, except he had to hav ehis supervisor meet him with a forty foot ladder. He waited around for approximately 20 minutes then he said he had another job and he would be back. he said his supervisor should meet up with him in 35-45 minutes and they would come back together. Approximately 4:15 someone called from Halstead to say the technician wouldn't be back because he was tied up elsewhere. First it was hard to hear her abovr the gum smacking and what sounded like she was eating or drinking, obviously she had something in her mouth. After dealing with her attitude because I guess as far as she was concerened I had no reason to be upset about having to take another day off from work to sit around and wait for Halstead she finally gave me another appointment for Saturday. Now tje final genius that came this morning was the straw that broke this camel's back. My appointment was at 9:00, he came at 11:09, after fiddling around for over an hour asking me where what wires were run he too concluded that he need a 40 ft ladder. I thought Tuesday's genius already made a note that a ladder was needed. Well this guy had no ladder and he had to wait on his supervisor to com with one. 35 minutes later two supervisor geniuses came. After conferring with them he decided that he had to make the holes in the wall and come in the house. Two holes were made na dhe ran a BLACK wire against my white wall; he left staples on the floor; the dirt from th wall on the floor and my other televisions that were working perfectly all stopped working when he left. He used my phone to call for activation and when he was done my internet was not working. He left my home, door open, the black cable wire was dangling and dirt and staples on the floor and without so much as an "I am done" he as gone. After he left and I surveyed the carnage that was left I called Halstead. Of course none of the useless geniuses that answered the phone could give me a manager or supervisor so they claimed they sent an email to the corporate office. About 25 minutes later a Halstead customer service rep called. After I detailed my experience and demanded he contact a tecnician and send him back here, he told me he would send the email to corporate but he couldn't gaurantee anything; after going back and forth for a while he HUNG UP on me. That was great. At this point I have had enough of Halstead. I have been a directv customer for over 10 years and right now I am ready to cancel my service and return my 9 receivers because I do not want Halstead's installers back in my house. They are the absolute worse.


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