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Posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 at 2:44pm CST by 808d18e2

Product: Canon MP830 Printer

Company: Canon

Lawrenceville, Ga, 30045, US


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I am used to printer cartridges not lasting very long but I recently had the misfortune to buy a Cannon MP 830 all in one printer.

The ink cartridges are very expensive and to add insult to injury the color cartridges are used up even though you do not print in color. Canon is aware of this and I believe that they conceal this fact from consumers

If the cartridges contain a half ounce of ink and they cost $15.00 each, this translates into $1,920 per gallon; this is almost all profit!!

Canon is the Rembrandt of the rip off artists when it comes to exploiting consumers in the vending of their replacement cartridges; in addition, they refer to their ink cartridges as TANKS.

I have bought my last Canon product.

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66cd436c, 2010-02-27, 08:21PM CST

Me, too. I have an MP 460, and I've only been getting about 30 pages of plain-text printing per cartridge. Customer support has been sending all these suggestions to keep a log and make sure the head cleaner doesn't come on when it's hooked to a surge suppresser, etc. Total bunk. Out of frustration, I opened up the last one I replaced to discover that it still had plenty of ink, despite showing empty. In addition, it doesn't look like it was every full in the first place!

Check it out:

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