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Posted on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007 at 4:26am CDT by c66ebd91

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9 May 2007


I ordered a Prada handbag (BR2375-Black Buffalo Leather) from www.handbagcrew.com in March 2007. It was my first ever purchase online and I had my doubts, but I went ahead with it anyway because I had received prompt response to my queries.

The bag finally arrived after 10 days as promised. However, to my dissappointment and horror, the bag they sent me was a fake. Below are the "authentic features" of the bag I got:

1) Engraving of “PRADA” on the metals/ studs/pushlock

2) Logo background is the same as the colour of the bag

3) Authenticity cards in dark blue envelope with the Prada emblem on the front. One of the cards is a white plastic card (with a black magnetic strip) stating the serial number of the bag and the colour. The other card is a dark blue cardboard like card with details and barcode at the back.

4) White drawstring cloth dust bag

5) Bag interior has “PRADA Made In Italy” metal plate

6) Inside lining is lined with Prada monogram fabric that says “PRADA~PRADA~PRADA” horizontally

7) Prada triangle plate at the side of the bag

However, despite the above features, below is why I’m sure it’s a fake:

1) The leather is definately not Buffalo Leather. It looks like a cheap, plain smooth leather/PVC. In the picture of the real PRADA bag, the grains of the leather is seen clearly.

2) Strap only has a single stitching. The original bag in the picture has double white stitching.

3) The metal plate in the interior below the zipper is not aligned straight to the zipper. It’s a bit crooked.

4) The metal rings where the strap is attached to the bag is “dirty” with some of the leather/PVC sticking on them.

5) One of the screws on the corner of the Prada triangle plate has popped out a little. (I keep having to push it back in)

6) Some parts of the white stitchings have started to come out.

I have not returned the bag as I don't want to go through all the hassel. Besides, if they had the nerve to cheat me by sending a fake bag, what are the odds that they'll return back my money?

Ironically, the website shows that it has been rated 5 stars by Yahoo! Shopping (which I'm sure is untrue). I hope by highlighting my experience, people will be more cautious when ordering designer goods online. Don't be fooled by claims that they are selling authentic goods (with great discounts) with so-called authenticity cards and dust bags. In my case, I had to learn it the hard way (Sigh).



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