Plaza Auto Mall - complaint

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 at 10:45pm CDT by e0e3f9aa

Company: Plaza Auto Mall

Category: Stores, Shopping

To Whom it May Concern,

A 2004 Acura TL (stock # 427598U) was advertised on and for $18,000, as on 5/7/07. On 5/7/07 I called the dealership and was asked if I wanted to make a $500 down payment, which I did. After three phone calls, it was disclosed that the price of the cars is $22,091. I was told that the internet price on both sites was incorrect. Through a series of email exchanges with Jaime O'neill, manager of the internet area at the dealership, I was basically given the take it or leave it decision. I was offered the return of my deposit if I did not want to purchase the car at the higher amount. I do want to purchase the car, but at the advertised price, and not the increased rate. I spoke with Jaime today (5/8/07) and he relayed to me that the pre-owned car manager would not take any less that $22,000 for the vehicle. The buck has shifted from the receptionist that took the deposit, to the internet area, then to the used car sales department. The problem here is that either a mistake occurred when listing the car, or this is the dealership's approach to enticing consumer to call and come in. Either way, I think the best resolution is for the dealership to honor the price of the car as advertised. I have asked on three occasions for contact information for the owner, and have not yet receive it. If this is acceptable business practices, then why can I not speak to John Rosatti, dealership owner. I do not believe he knows his business is being ran in such an unethical manor. I have several email communications where Plaza Auto Mall admits their mistake, but they do not want to accept the consequences.


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