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Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 at 1:25pm CDT by 15d801e9

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Do Not Patronize Ashley Furniture!!

On 4/9/07 we purchase a living room set and mattresses from The Rockford Ashley Furniture Store In Rockford IL. The salesman was great The acting manager left much to be desired regarding customer service which I later found out is the overall norm at Ashley. We shopped around many places and we fell in love with this particular living room set so after hearing the radio advertisement no payments or interest til 2010 we decided to purchase it. Well after getting all set to tally up the total we were told with no explanation by the manager that the 2010 deal did not apply at their store only a 10 month promo, discouraged we were but we went along with the purchase. Our furniture was scheduled to be delivered on 4/20/07 we were happy due to the fact it was the same day we moved into our new home. How great is that furniture on the move in day!!! Not the case..... We received our mattresses and recliner, however the love seat was damaged and sofa on back order til 5/2/07. No big deal Love seat was rescheduled for the following Wednesday we could go with out a sofa for a week or so. Prior to love seat delivery the warehouse called and stated there was something wrong with it and would have to reschedule again.. Now we were set for delivery of both items on 5/2/07. The furniture arrived on 5/2/07 (4th attempt for delivery) after they were unpacked there was a cut on the love seat and the sofa had a hole in it. Needless to say we sent them back and got on the phone with the warehouse. The customer service was absolutely horrible we were promised call backs and never received any. I must have called them 8 times in 2 days before someone was wiling to assist. After getting the one and only person at Ashley who new what customer service was I was able to get some minor satisfaction (15% off both remaining pieces) and get a new and hopefully final delivery date of 5/12/07 the rep then contacted the Rockford location to explain the situation and what she did to compensate and suggest they contact me immediately and offer some satisfaction as well and 3 days later I called the manager of the store and would you believe it got absolutely no where and treated like a bum as opposed to a customer. They offer no satisfaction or even a shred of customer care. So now for almost a month the 3 of us have been sharing a recliner. Not sure what the 5/12 delivery will have to offer but we shall see. I can assure you that the rest of our new home will be furnished from a much better and more reliable customer focused retailer.

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