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Posted on Sunday, May 6th, 2007 at 9:17am CDT by 740e0673

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We called for warranty repair service on April 21, for our new Whirlpool Duet front loading washer, by calling the Whirlpool Customer Service number. It was apparently answered by A&E's call center; an appointment was scheduled for April 26th. When the technician arrived, he determined that an electronic component had failed, a part needed to be ordered, the part would be shipped to the house, and that we would need to call back A&E when it arrived, to schedule a new appointment. In a few days the part arrived, and we called A&E. An appointment was given to us for Saturday, May 5th, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

On Saturday, around 3:00 PM, we started to get a little anxious, especially since we had pre-paid $50 event tickets for later in the evening. We called A&E and were informed that the serviceman was coming later in the afternoon (since it was already "later" in the afternoon, we found the comment less than reassuring). Just after 5 PM, we called again; we were informed that the serviceman was still on another appointment, but he was coming. When asked why nobody had called to let us know, A&E couldn't give an answer, but did offer to have the serviceman call to let me know when he would arrive. When we inquired about a reschedule, we were told it could be moved to Monday, May 14th (9 days hence!) - So we elected to keep Saturday's appointment.

Around 7:00 PM (already missing our evening event) we got a call from the serviceman. He stated he was still on another service call in a town about 20 minutes from here, and although he couldn't tell me when he would arrive, he stated he was still coming, and would call me before he left that location.

Around 9:15 PM, after no call or no appearance by the serviceman, we called A&E again, were told the serviceman had "gone home for the day", and that it was our responsibility to call A&E on Monday to reschedule an appointment. When we asked to speak to a Manager or Supervisor, we were put on hold for approximately 20 minutes and eventually, after some very annoying static-laced music, we gave up.

Given what we've subsequently read about A&E, we fear this could be the beginning of a long story, but we'll try to hang in. Whirlpool is not doing itself any favors by contracting service out to such a dysfunctional and poorly run organization as A&E Factory Service



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89fb0697, 2009-06-24, 03:53PM CDT

I'm having the same type of problem with A & E Factory Service. In fact, today I wrote the CEO of Whirlpool and complained to him. My washer went out May 30th, 2009. Same problem as you...oh, it's the board and u joint, etc, order then, reschedule for another 7-10 days out. The came today, oh, it must be the drive motor...order part, reschedule another 7-10 days out. From what I've read on the Internet, this is the norm. Hopefully the CEO of Whirlpool will consider what it is doing to their sales. I have owned Whirlpool products all my life and I'm 63 years old...but never again...not after this mess with A & E.

af646d64, 2009-10-27, 04:46PM CDT

Here is our story:

I called A&E soon after our washer went out of commission. They scheduled a technician to come over 2 days after. My wife took time off from work to oversee the repair. We were given the 1-5pm slot. The first guy arrived close to 5pm on a Thursday, and after a few minutes working on the washer he mentioned we needed a part, which had to be ordered. The part was located and the technician was supposed to pick it up, per the work order, triple-confirmed with the customer service and dispatcher. We called again to reschedule for the repair. We were given another 1-5pm slot for the following Friday. We took more time off from work just to get a call close to 5pm again from the technician himself, to say he could not make it and that we should reschedule. We called again and got rescheduled for Sat 1-5pm. At this point we are calling every hour to ensure the tech is on track and that he is aware he needs to pick up the part. Every time, we get confirmation that is the case. The tech arrives at 4:45 on Sat( Oct 24 2009)and claims he does not know anything about the part. Upon inspecting the appliance he claims that we require a senior tech. He doesn't understand what happened. I get back on the phone with Sears and A&E customer service. I spoke with 3 service reps. All I hear is pretending not knowing what's going on and no solution being offered. I ask to speak to a supervisor, who after some reluctance gets on the phone. Supervisor Kevin is apologetic but again offers no explanation and only course of action is speed up the part ordering (after telling him that part is already waiting for someone to pick up). Supervisor Kevin ultimately talks to the tech, still in my house and hangs up without closing the loop with me. I call again and this time I am routed to supervisor Denise, who claims to be the highest authority in the chain. I need to start from the beginning as she seems to not have received any case notes. After hearing my story and apologizing she doesn't seem that surprised. She does not offer either an explanation or a solution. I request a loaner and she refuses categorically stating that we need to have the extended warranty service to be eligible. Are you kidding me? Who would pay more $$ to get this horrible service? At any rate, we had of course to reschedule. On Monday I take time off from work to wait for the technician, this time supposed to be here between 8am and 5pm on Oct 26. After a fell positive calls to customer service to confirm, i get a negative in the middle of the afternoon just denying the service was scheduled. Unbelievable! Another reschedule for Tue. The customer service rep reiterates 3 times it's for sure 8-noon and that the sr. tech will pick up the part. Of course noon comes around and no word from anyone. I request a status update and they claim to have lost connection with dispatcher/technician. I call again, get put on hold and dropped off. A third time now confirms a substantial delay, however he will be here at 2pm. It's now 2:30 p and the saga continues as we have not received any status calls. My wife and I have taken several days off from work, altered our schedules and got creative to wash ours and our two children's clothes. It's been ten days. What kind of company do you run? Who is responsible for getting us back the time and money lost? Who is responsible and accountable for ensuring this job is well done and timely?

c11177ed, 2010-07-22, 07:31PM CDT

I have had the same time of problem with this company. I recently purchased the same Whirlpool washer and dryer set. The dryer door was not fitting properly and would open up in the middle of a cycle. We purchased at Lowe's and they referred us to A&E. They stood us up 3 different times, had the wrong address, and then asked if I was sure about where I lived. Finally, Lowe's came and replaced the door after convincing them that this was very poor business practice to refer customers to this type of sham service. When I called to tell them to stop calling me with automatic messages to reschedule, the person still had no clue about why I had called in the first place, and when I told her I wanted to cancel the service call due to their unreliability, she proceded to ask me to call them again for any other appliance repairs. When I told her I would never call them for anything else, she actually THANKED me for choosing their service. I would rather pay for another company to service my machine even if it was still under warranty than going through A&E again.

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