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Company: Kearny Mesa Ford/Car and warranty purchase

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Kearny Mesa Ford

Sand Diego

I purchased my ford truck in February 2006. This truck, my Ranger was

my third ford product in my lifetime. Given the advanced age of the

truck I made painstaking efforts to keep my payment low, originally

opting to purchase the truck on a 30 month plan at $150. The finance

person, who's name was James ( I remember his name vividly because he

openly misrepresented a product to myself and my wife) insisted that I

should purchase a warranty plan. He told myself and my wife that the

warranty, which would add another $1400 to the contract would cover "any

of the problems the truck would have from bumper to bumper." Given the

assurances from James, my wife who had worked for a Ford dealership in

Kansas City convinced me that this was a worthwhile plan and I purchased it.

Less than 30 days later, the head gave out on the Ranger and was back at

the dealership. In hindsight, I should have returned the truck

immediately under the California lemon law but again at the assurance of

James, we were convinced that the warranty that we purchased would cover

all problems that this truck would encounter again using the words

"bumper to bumper."

Things went well until early February when a relay between the air

conditioning system and recharging system failed. That is when I was

told that the warranty that was "bumper to bumper actually not. That

bill cost $227, including a $110 tow bill from a company that took the

longest possible way to get to the dealership. James was not available

for questions even though I left messages for him over the next three


In April I lost my catalytic converter, which many mechanics consider a

crucial component. Again, ironically this component did not fall within

the original "bumper to bumper" assertion from James. I don't have the

$1200 that the dealership has requested to repair the truck.

The loss of that truck has had considerable repercussions. Had we not

originally purchased the warranty plan at the behest of James in finance

at Kearny Mesa Ford, I would have returned this truck in the first 30

days and more than likely purchased a different truck without a second

thought. Because I have paid $653 for a plan that covers little beyond

the engine, I have not had the money to get the truck repaired. I have

been without use of my truck for a month now. I will be without that

truck when I transfer to my new position in Sacramento. My wife is

beside herself because she had been convinced by James in finance that

this warranty was in fact different from other warranty products that

she had seen when she worked in a dealership and on his recommendation,

convined me that this additional $1400 was beneficial in the long run,

when in fact it has just been a problem. For me, I still enjoy ford

products and will likely purchase another truck after getting settled.

However I can tell you I will avoid ever dealing with Kearny Mesa Ford

and the Sunroad Auto Group. James in finance, who completely

disappeared oce the problems began occurring has single handedly

destroyed my trust in that dealership and since car purchases are not to

be entered into lightly you have to feel that the dealership isn't just

looking to pad their bottom line.

I'm not sure what you can do to help me resolve this issue but I thank

you for allowing me the opportunity to share my experiences with you.




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