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Expedia Inc – Online Travel Company


Bought a r/t ticket a month in advance and paid $280. Showed up 2 hrs ahead of my flight and the ticket agent said they couldn't find me in the system. They called Expedia's customer service and got no where. 10 mins before my flight, the Expedia agent told me to buy a 1-way ticket and they would reimburse me immediately while they fix the problem. I did and ended up getting on my scheduled flight (in the back of the plane!) and found out I was charged $884.80 for the 1-way tix. I spent my 5-day vacation on the phone & faxing to Expedia customer service to now avail and getting nowhere. 7 days later of spending 2 hrs on the phone each time I called, I still hadn't received my refund, was getting the run around and my refund still hadn't been submitted for processing.

Finally on the 7th day since I was getting no-where with Expedia I got mean, angry and pushy with there customer service in Manilla and refused to back down and finally got them to transfer me to there Tacoma Washington customer service dept (after 2 hrs!!). All they did was send an email saying my M/C was refunded $884.80 but told me it could take another 7-14 days or 2 billing cycles for my bank to process it.

All in all, as a 21 yr old, Expedia cost me a total of $1225, a ruined 5-day vacation by having to deal with there customer service daily and not having any money, ruined my good standing with my bank account by causing me major overdrafts and having to wait now over a week and still counting for my refund.

EXPEDIA refuses to reimburse me for half of the $280 r/t ticket for it not being booked properly, a ruined vacation, ruined good standing with bank and 7-days of dealing with customer service and getting no-where. They don't even acknowledge there mistake. They are however refunding me my $884 extra ticket I had to purchase because of there booking mistake and my bank overcharges.

EXPEDIA's website says our commitment to you is "at no cost to you!". Guess what Expedia...your mistakes cost me $1225 and counting!!




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82ea699a, 2008-05-12, 05:07PM CDT

EXPEDIA website is really a bad website, I bought one ticket of $1562.70 dollars to go to Brasil and back and as good customer I did purchase the refund police, perhaps still since December 12 2007 me without money, and I call then every month to confirm the status, now is may, has been passed exactly 6 months since my first purchase and request for refund and nothing of my money, today I spend 2 hours, yep 2hours talking to Achantee from Expedia, first she said was refunded and now she confirms that was not refunded and worse that the claim for a refund instead been processed in December when I ask for, has just placed in order 2 days ago, and also she gave me the website from AA to confirm that.

Goes worse I went to the website, and did not have a ticket number, I have to look on my credit cards to find out where was bought from and a bunch of information, after 30 minutes of striving I got to the point and is real They have send to refund just this weekend, it is unbelievable.

Resolution, after today Im going to the small claim court against Expedia. They cannot to that, and also Im contacting BBB and BBB for internet, they cannot leave like that.

If Im you I will contact them too.

MMT from MA

bad43a2b, 2009-01-05, 10:27PM CST

I travel for business all the time. One time I accidently booked travel for the wrong month. I rebooked for the corect dates and notified expedia immediatly. They said no problem but it still took months to work out. Another time I booked a hotel, showed up at 10:00pm and the room was gone. I called could not get anyone on the phone to help. Eventually I got the last room at a hotel nearby. I have called, emailed and sent letters including proof that I stayed within 200 yards of the hotel in question, on the nite in question. I eventually went to american express to dispute the charge and got the charge credited, months later Expedia turns my account over to a COLLECTION AGENCY. Now I get letters every WEEK demanding payment. I hope they call me. When I call the collection agency they say i have to write. Well then send me a stamp or let's go to court. Expedia Sucks Expedia Sucks Expedia sucks. thanks

bad43a2b, 2009-01-06, 09:11AM CST

I had a nightmare with Expedia as well. I finally disputed a charge with my credit card company.

Credit card companies typically compare notes with the customers bank and the merchants bank and then act as a mediator and resolve the dispute. Well they resolved in my favor, because it was obvious that I did not owe the money in question. BUT THEN EXPEDIA SENT MY INFORMATION TO A COLLECTION AGENCY. I was stunned.

They lost, the credit card company said I did not owe the money and yet they still are trying to get it via intimidation and harrassing tactics. Amazing. Somebody sue these jerks already.

Expedia Sucks, Expedia stinks, Expedia sucks. etc....

3928f7a0, 2009-01-28, 02:23PM CST

Last Saturday, my friend booked a flight ticket and hotel from

Expedia. Just today I've realized that the hotel she booked was out of

the way so we called Expedia to cancel the original hotel, pay the $27

cancellation fee, and booked another hotel within the city of

Barcelona. After booking the new hotel we discovered a better price

offer from the actual hotel itself, so we told Expedia customer

service. Here's Expedia's "Best Price Guarantee":

"Expedia guarantees you're getting the best price. If you should find

a better price online for the same trip within 24 hours, Expedia will

refund the differenceand give you a travel coupon worth $50."

And here are the reasons they provided for not following-thru:

Apparently $7.43 price difference is too low; therefore they refused

to honor it. Customer service is not able to provide me with the

"MINIMUM" required price difference or anywhere on their legal policy

where this was stated. After I insists on seeing the legal document

that state this, she finally told me she's going to talk with her

supervisor to get his sign-off to approve the difference.

A few minutes later, she came back with a new reason. Apparently, I

"changed" my itinerary instead of "cancelled" the previous hotel and

booked a new one. The 24hrs policy is only valid based on the original

reservation, not "changed" reservation. Understood, so what's the

problem? When we called Expedia, we specifically asked to cancel the

previous hotel reservation, paid the cancellation fee of $27, and paid

a higher price for a new reservation at another hotel. So, I guess

according to Expedia, the customer has to paid for their customer

services' screwed up.

I asked to speak with the supervisor, but the supervisor never got on

the phone. So instead I asked for Expedia corporate information so I

could contact them directly and here's what I've got (They wouldn't

give me a direct contact person):

[email protected]

Expedia Travel

PMB 290

2897 North Druidhills Rd

Atlanta, George 30329


f550a28e, 2009-09-09, 02:09AM CDT

You make me feel better about being ripped off by Expedia... they only took me for $350 for a hotel I never stayed in and tried to cancel once I realized it was an hour from where I'd searched (great recommendation Expedia!). Buried several links deep in the checkout page was a non-refundable clause (wouldnt you put that right on top in RED if you were an honest company NOT trying to rip people off??). I didnt realize until I tried to change my reservation...LIARS AND THIEFS. DON'T EVER BOOK WITH EXPEDIA!!j

bc5dd052, 2009-11-01, 07:01PM CST

Expedia ripped me off for more than $4,200! I bought a business class ticket from Phoenix to Istanbul, Turkey through Expedia on Turkish Airlines and then had to visit Tel Aviv, Israel. Turkish Airlines did not go to Tel Aviv, and we spent many, many hours on the phone trying to exchange the ticket. I cancelled the trip through Expedia/Turkish Air, and had to purchase a completely separate ticket.

533b9716, 2009-11-02, 10:16PM CST

Service is conspicuously missing at expedia. Disappointing, disgusting and shameful. I have endured expedia and spent tens of thousands of dollars a year ,for years, supporting a broken system. Time to rebel and demand a just return for the money. DOWN, DOWN, AND DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4bc7175b, 2009-11-26, 04:37PM CST

Expedia is the worst!!! bought a ticket from them, and my flight was cancelled, then i tryed to get a refund, and they said its out of their league, and the air company said its out of their hands, cause expedia buys the tickets themselves and then re sell them.... almost lost $900, luckly the lady in the airport, was really nice and gave me another ticket... but expedia didnt do thing!!! NEVER BUY FROM EXPEDIA!!!

1b54b97e, 2009-12-04, 03:20PM CST

I booked a Delta flight thru Expedia. The original ticket price was $450. I then needed to change the itinerary. The new ticket price was $295. The airlines have a $150 cancellation fee...que sera. Even after the fee, I had enough on credit to cover the change. I spent 2 hours on the phone with folks I assume are in Mumbai trying to explain that I did not need to give them a credit card for an extra $150 because simple math shows the costs were already covered. Finally, I gave up and called Delta directly. In the end, I had to pay Delta an additional $45 because (ironically) Delta imposes an extra $50 fee if they change a reservation that is booked thru a third party. The Delta agent agreed that if the morons at Expedia knew their jobs, the change should not have cost me anything. Lesson learned: use Expedia to locate the flights you are interested in and then call the airlines directly. The service will be much better if you need to make changes and they speak English as a primary language!!!

07006750, 2010-09-29, 07:18PM CDT

you should shut up people, you dont know what is like to answer you calls, it the worst job ever, call after call after call.... all day long since 5:00 am !! WTF who is this world will call at 5:00am to change a flight that will depart on january 2011!! that is ridiculous!! this is the phrase that every customer knows!! jajajajja that is all you say!!

this is a typical conversation

-there is a penalty fee imposed by the AIRLINE (and they you say why expedia is charging me that? didnt you get what I just told you?? WTF guess not idiote jajajajajjaja)




2021e47d, 2010-12-10, 11:11AM CST

dont ever go to expedia.......go to direct airline first.....they are loosers with call centres in philipines..dont understand..dont know anything ...and makes u wait for ever!!!!

7bd6cc0e, 2011-01-25, 10:36PM CST

Expedia acts as an agent between a consumer and an airline but does absolutely nothing to help a consumer when an airline makes a change. The 24 hour guarantee they offer is no better then what any airline or hotel offers. Try to make a change in 72 hours and you are totally out of luck. I will never ever, ever, ever again spend one cent with Expedia. They shield themselves quoting airline rules, might as well get the 747 up the you know what from the airline directly.

f816f767, 2011-02-28, 05:15PM CST

Expedia is completely nonsense. It took e months to deal with them for my flight refund. After called them 20 times, still nothing solved. Every time, they just give me a reference number and said they will look into it. But, still, nothing happened. What a suck service, what a lier!!!

I would never ever deal with them again!!!

2fd7410f, 2011-03-16, 12:21AM CDT

Expedia changed a 1 hour layover to a four hour layover for my son's honeymoon trip, never communicated the change, and when I called Expedia, I was told it was an American Airlines change due to a hardware problem. I called American only to find out that the original flight left on time and that it was an Expedia change. All I got from Expedia were lies. I will never use them again and will use Priceline.com which is much better service company with better deals.

dac20d87, 2011-08-26, 12:15PM CDT

Expedia is a scam!!!

I typed in all of the necessary information, looked over the booking dates and booked the ticket. When it sent back my confirmation, they had changed the dates to a month later. I immediatley called expedia, after 2 1/2 hours on hold I had to hang up. I started first thing the next morning calling, as did my girlfriend. She finally got through by choosing the booking option and not customer service. I explained what had happened, the expedia representative told me that she could cancel the ticket at no charge and help me book the correct ticket. After she had supposedly cancelled the incorrect ticket, she helped me book a new ticket, charged my credit and gave me a confirmation number. I thought wow, this was great, she then informed me that she could not cancel the first ticket, I needed to speak to customer service. I was on hold with customer service for over 4 hours, no answer. Still have not received any refunds.


717c9b86, 2011-10-05, 06:11PM CDT

Expedia is the subprime of travel agencies. They sell rotten air tickets and Ill tell you why. Me and my wife bought tickets to Rome and back, with a stopover on the return trip. When I tried to choose seats assignments with the airline they told me it wasnt possibile because the connection time on the stopover was invalid, which means it was too short and the air company would never sell such a ticket and therefore couldnt make any alterations. I called expedia and they lied to my face saying it was a valid connection time and that they had booked seats for us. Imagine my surprise when we sat separately on the plane and didnt make the connecting flight on our way back...

1cf60034, 2012-01-18, 12:45PM CST

Don't ever book anything with expedia because they are incompetent and they are scammers. I purchased tix for my family to Africa and they and up charging me extra and won't refund my money.

Douglas S., 2012-10-05, 11:58AM CDT

Wow - I have been a loyal customer for many years - until today!!

Booking a flight from Singapore to Hangzhou (2,100USD) - got my "your bags are packed" screen and logged off.

Next day - no email from Expedia which is very strange. Logged on, and went to "My Itinerary" and the flight did not exist.

Searched but found nothing and realized that the booking did not get confirmed by the airline.

Booked another flight.

Now I find out that the first flight was in fact booked and even though there was no confirmation email or did not exist on the itinerary listing - I did in fact pay for it.

I get emails from Expedia almost every day - but perhaps there could be a strange reason why I did not get that particular email. But how do you explain that the flight is not shown in my itinerary??

Will have to go to court - let the buyer beware!!!

These guys could care less about their long term customers!!!!

David D., 2013-01-03, 12:31PM CST

I agree 100%. They don't answer calls, they don't return calls, and they don't care when their screw-ups cost you money. I lost $520 on car rental due to their incompetence -- and all they offered me in return is a $50 credit for my next Expedia booking. No, that will not happen.

674a384f, 2013-05-29, 11:52PM CDT

I booked/paid return ticket, one way used already and my return tkt is originally booked for July 3rd. As I changed my travel plan, called customer service on 5/16 and changed my return date from July 3rd to Aug 21st after spending nearly 2 hours on phone. Everything was fine till then and my itenerary showed up in expedia site too.Yesterday, I checked my itnerary and found my return tkt details are missing both original July3rd one as well as new Aug21st one. Only one way completed details only shows there.Called customer service yesterday night,they couldn't resolve even after 2 hours waiting in the line and call got disconnected. Called again today morning, waited 40 minutes, not resolved. They told they will call me after 1 hour but never called me back. Afternoon called again, after 45 minutes, the lady says some problem in the system and asked me to call again after 1 hour, I asked her connect me to Superviser,she said yes but after waiting for 5 minutes, she hung up the phone. I never seen such pathetic service in my life...horrible/horrible service. And even after 5 hours waiting on phone totally, still my return tkt not confirmed,not shows up,which I already paid for. Not sure what happened to my original ticket booked on July 3rd and subsequent changes made for Aug 21st..I submitted my enquiry online but no response...I am worried about my return now as they are not able to book after collecting money Now, I don't know what to do...I am scared to call their customer support again.

7211f5bd, 2013-08-16, 07:15PM CDT

I receive email promotions that I wanted to stop, but Expedia doesn't allow you to opt out of their email promotions online. This should be illegal by itself. So I tried to close my account, which they also don't allow you to do online. You have to call. When you call you wait. A woman says she can't help you close your account, she needs to put her supervisor on. You wait. On comes the supervisor. She also, cannot help you close your account. She has to put her manager on. You wait. And wait. Remember, this is just to close an account, nothing else. After 15 minutes, a 3rd comes on and after some mindless chit chat, finally, you are honored by being allowed to not be harassed by irrelevant email promotions or wait almost an hour to transact the simplest of tasks. Thanks, Expedia for not missing a final opportunity to waste my time.

Brian H., 2013-12-09, 11:42AM CST


I too had an experience with the Expedia operators concerning their lowest price guarantee.

I booked a room in Las Vegas Nv. at the Golden Nugget with Expedia for a price of $161.37, and then seen it on the Golden Nugget website for $128.91.

I filed my low price guarantee within 1 hour of booking through Expedia, (your required to do it within 24 hours) and it gave me a response saying ?Thank you for your email, you will receive a response within 48 hours?. Since I did not get a follow up e-mail in my inbox, I waited for a few hours, and refilled my complaint to make sure they got it. I again never received an e-mail response so I thought I would wait for the 48 hours and see what happens. After I waited the 48 hours and never received any communication from Expedia, I e-mailed them to see what was going on with my filing. Again waited another day or two with no response, so I called them to ask what was going on. (actually you put in your number they call you back) I talked with the operator, (very hard to understand) and they told me that I never filed anything with them. I explained that I not only filed it once, but I filed it again to make sure, and followed up with a e-mail. After waiting on hold for another 30 minutes, they came back and said that they found it and they had Good News, they were going to give me the $50.00 credit, and $8.00 for the difference between the two prices, I said that was great, but the difference was not $8.00 but it was $32.46, and I requested that they refund the proper amount, when I was put on Hold again?for another 15 minute. They returned to the line, and told me that he was wrong, and that they have my filing but that they have not yet made a decision on it as of yet..(so the story changed again) That I would receive a response within 24 hours, so I got a case number, and waited. After 2 more days with no response at all from them, I called them again, telling them that I was not happy, and expected that they straighten out this situation while I was on the phone, and they assured me that they would, then put me on hold. After waiting on hold for 15 minutes, she came back and said??Brian, Brian?? and I responded twice, then she hung up. I got back on the phone with them yet again, and they said please hold, and hung up again !! This went on for about 4 more phone calls, continuing to hang up on me, when finally I just ask for a supervisor. On hold again for another 10 minutes, she finally came to the phone, and proceeded to tell me that I never filed a claim, and that they could not help me. I proceeded to tell her that I not only filed it once but twice, and she continued with her story about me not filing a claim. I gave her my ?Case Number? to show her that I have been on the phone with them many times, and she put me on hold again, and after another 10 minutes, she came back and said that she actually did find my claim but that it was too late since it was now a week later. I told her I filed it within 1 hour of booking with them and insisted she do more research on the matter, then back on hold. After another 15 minutes, she returned and said that I indeed filed it in a timely manner, but more bad news, I used a $50.00 credit that I had with them (Expedia) and that made the price cheaper, so there would be NO REFUND OR $50.00 COUPON. I was pretty upset, telling her that they cannot punish me for using MY CREDIT (that belong to me !) to help pay for the trip to their advantage to make the price lower, virtually punishing me for using my credit, and she insisted that the price was lower, no matter how it got there, so no low price guarantee. I kept on insisting for another 5 minutes that they had to honor their policy, and she finally said that they would give me the $50.00 coupon but would not be issuing a price match refund. Having been on the phone with them many many times for hours, I had enough (their whole plan to begin with) and accepted the coupon, without the refund price difference.



c6d15357, 2014-09-29, 01:19AM CDT

I recently had a really bad time with Expedia. I don't want to retype it here, but here's a link.

The TL;DR version is that whenever you call the customer service, they put you on hold for over an hour and then disconnect you, because they don't want to deal with you and/or give you the refund you are due.


Bill R., 2014-10-17, 11:43AM CDT

They are without a doubt a huge joke. Never received confirmation from them for a hotel booking in Las Vegas and had to cancel because of travel conflicts. After emailing countless times and calling the hotel got the run around and could get a real person to hear my problems this has been going on for over 3 weeks. I finally disputed the charges with my credit card company. STAY AWAY FROM THESE IDIOTS

Yolanda S., 2015-01-23, 10:28AM CST

I booked a Airline ticket from denver to los angeles for my son to join us for one and a half days in a family reunion. My son works alot , so i bought

Insurance in case of any last minute changes. Well four days before the trip his employeer calls for a week end training. I called for dAys in advance to cancel, and rebook a flight for another time. BUT NO, there is no rebooking and the insurance covers nothing. So i lost my $235.00. I am on disability

And cannot afford to loose this money. I booked directly with an agent in Manilla, and was led to believe it would be not problem to rebook.



3668c482, 2015-05-11, 06:44PM CDT

Don't rely on what Expedia says - they are UNRELIABLE. We booked tickets through Expedia from Buenos Aires Argentina to Florianopolis Brazil, and our Expedia itinerary shows the flight was to leave at 6:00 pm. Actually, it was scheduled to leave at 5:00 pm. We somehow made the flight but it was really close. We're too old for that much stress. So, check your flight info against the airlines OR EVEN BETTER, just skip Expedia and go straight to the airline!

manuel p., 2015-08-09, 11:13AM CDT

expedia suck spread the word......

NO customer service they just want to take advantage of travelers..




286efa4a, 2015-12-24, 01:01PM CST

yep they wouldnt change the dates on a hotel booking for me so it cost me..... but I travel a lot and will never book thru them or with that hotel (super 8) ever again!

Nikki P., 2016-01-07, 06:56PM CST

I am really glad I only lost $22. I booked a room at Comfort Inn Airport Portland Maine. I tried to use my AAA card to get a better rate. The desk told me that because I booked through Expedia I could not have a discount. In fact had I called the hotel directly, I would have gotten the room for $22 less. I tried to get Expedia to refund me the extra, but they wanted to give me a coupon to use with them. So I told them don't bother as I would not be using them again. And here I am to share with you. It is hard to know who to book with online, my advise, call everyone, search several places online and once you have exhausted all, then choose. I know it takes time, but I think it is worth it.

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