Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia (Price Solution)

Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 3:15am CDT by dd746ff1

Company: Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia (Price Solution)

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I’d like to complain that staff at Price Solution Sdn Bhd which Standard Chartered engages to collect money from credit card holder or borrower especially the girl known as “Saliha” is very rude. I believe she is not supposed to expose my account status to third party which she did! That is totally unprofessional and ridiculous! I’d like that person to be penalized for her ridiculous act! When contacted and asked why she did that, she answered in a very arrogant and unreasonable way. She even said that I’m not her CEO so why should she listen to my comment? I am so not happy with the way she handled my account and the way that she talked to me. She even accused that I purposely ignored few calls from her which that is totally untrue! I was not at my desk at the time that she called not until after 5.25 pm that my colleague informed me about her call and found out that I have got 4 miss calls on my hand phone. She opted to reveal my account status to a colleague and humiliated me! That’s the first time she called after I spoke to her a day earlier reminding me about my payment which I supposed to make that day. I didn’t manage to do the payment because I left the card in another bag and my house is miles away from the only premise in Kuching!

The sad part of the story is, when Standard Chartered looks for customer, the staff make the bank looks so desperate about getting people to sign up. But when come about paying back, the bank earns interest both for loan and late payment but will chase after the customer as if the customer is running away from their responsibility. Is this fair for us? Chasing us for signing up and threatening and humiliating us at the same time in order to get the payment? Price Solution?? What is this company for? To chase people like the loan shark normally do? Are they as good as loan shark???? If so, why would such an established bank like Standard Chartered hook themselves with a loan shark?? Or own a loan shark for that matter?

I really hope to see feedback from the relevant party. Please, do something about this. If you want your customer to feel happy paying you, do something, please.

Thank you.

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e38fe2b8, 2008-12-07, 05:38AM CST

I have had the exactly the same issues, specifically with the rude girl mentioned in this article - never in my life have I received such calls from a professional financial institution.

4bb4d98e, 2010-12-20, 09:46PM CST

wow.... u can report this at the bank negara... try speaking with scb's CEO then....

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