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Ordered a solar pump from this company 3 weeks ago. Got an invoice via

email detailing my order, got a tracking number for the shipment. Two weeks

later, no order. I got in touch with DHL shipping and they said

siliconsolar had never shipped anything to me though they had requested a

tracking number for my order. I checked my credit card, and yep, it had

been charged $259 for the item I ordered. I tracked the order on

siliconsolar website and it said the order was complete. I called the

company after getting no response to my complaints via email. Doreen

assured me that my order was shipping out on the following Friday. I

checked with DHL shipping the following Tuesday, nothing had shipped. I

called siliconsolar again, the customer service rep said she was going to

check it all out and call me back immediately. No call back. I called

again, I was told they were still researching the order, I told her I wanted

answers NOW I wasn't going to wait for any more phone calls. I was

transferred to Matt who assured me that the item was in production and would

ship this week. I hung up and after thinking the whole experience over,

called my credit card company and told them the story, they agreed that

siliconsolar obviously had some very questionable business practices and

removed the charge off my cc. I would caution anyone never to order

anything from I also found another complaint online about

this company. The complaint was almost identical to my complaint. There is

an additional complaint posted on your website - the word really needs to

get out there about this company and their disreputable business practices.


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7ec66e77, 2008-06-27, 10:06AM CDT

I recently had a horrible experience with this company. I order a solar hot water heating system and solar water filter heaters for my pool. Everything was said to be instock, however i only recieved half my order. After checking my tracking number on their horrible website i found the order had been listed as completed. I then called customer service, which has to have the most rude, undereducated people working for them. Three weeks later i finally recieved the rest of my order. Part of my order also had damage to it and they said it was the shippers fault not theirs. After a long and exhaUsting week of argueing with customer service i finally was able to get credited back the damaged panel and recieved a repair kit for the other one, which luckily i recieved because it ripped a week after having it. Buyers be ware, this company is understaffed, undereducated on what they sell, and has no clue as to how to service or stand behind what they sell. They even lie about their warranties, sending out paper work for a three year warranty while their website is says it has a ten year, if anything does go wrong good luck trying to get them to honor it. I filed complaints with the better business bureau and the department of consumer affairs, but most importantly discover, which i urge others to do, file a complaint with your credit card company that way when others make the mistake of ordering from them their credit card company may not process the transaction. Dealing with them was by far the worst time i have ever had with any company in my 7 year history of using the internet. I thought i was supporting a NY based business when in fact i WAS JUST WASTING MY HARD EARNED MONEY!

a8cc05e4, 2008-07-16, 05:23PM CDT

i also bought a hot water solar system from them and are still waiting for half of it and a return phone call. [email protected]

54597cf7, 2008-09-01, 07:47PM CDT

Upon the recommendation of a Silicon Solar Customer Sales representative regarding my need for a flagpole floodlight, I purchase one Silicon Solar Commercial Sign Light (SKU: 16135) on January 31, 2008, paying $252.38. The light was subsequently mounted on my flagpole and worked just fine following occasional sunny days throughout February and March. However, beginning sometime in April the battery began having difficulty accomplishing a full charge following total sunny days. E.g., the floodlight stayed lighted for only 4 or 5 hours, instead of the 10 hours experienced throughout February and March. By May 1st the floodlight would not light following totally sunny days. Subsequently, I hired a solar engineer from Earthwell Energy Management (Louisville, KY) the check the solar panel placement, incidence angle, and orientation. The engineer reported they were perfect. He suspected the battery was malfunctioning and suggested I contact Silicon Solar to request a battery replacement. I reported this information to a Customer Sales Representative who rudely informed me there was nothing wrong with the battery and refused my request for a battery replacement, stating the two-year Silicon Solar Commercial Sign Light warranty did not include the battery, which was only warranted for 60 days. Furthermore, she stated the 60-day battery warranty was stated in the Terms & Conditions Agreement I accepted at purchase. A review of the Terms & Conditions Agreement does not state any information about a 60-day battery limited warranty. In the meantime, the engineer returned to the flagpole site a second time, took the floodlight off the flagpole, and reported the battery will not hold a charge. Two attempts were made to return the battery to Silicon Solar. The first attempt via FedEx (6-16-08 - signature requited) involved returning the battery, with a letter explaining the problem. Silicon Solar refused delivery and shipment was returned to me. Second delivery attempt via FedEx (8-18-08) included the battery, floodlight, and solar panel. Again, Silicon Solar refused delivery and shipment was returned to me. Simply stated, Silicon Solar refuses to discuss this problem by refusing to read the letters included with the two return shipments. Obviously to me, Silicon Solar will not honor their two-year warranty as stated on their web site.

404cc77a, 2009-01-21, 04:01PM CST

I want to personally apologize and assure that we have identified and have been working to address past and current issues regarding customer service with our company.

Silicon Solar Inc started by designing and manufacturing solar energy products in an industry that was growing at an exponential rate. During these times we experienced several growing pains like many companies who are small and starting out. As a result of these growing pains, our customers service was below both my own and the company??s expectations. Over the years we have worked to improve our customer service and ensure that our customers are receiving the most value in both their product and the service they receive, yet there is still room for improvement. Our company was founded as a product based company and as a goal and mission for 2009, we are shifting our focus toward a value added company that is determined to offer additional values to our customers through service.

We accept that there have been issues in the past and are working honorably to ensure that all of our customers (current and past) are serviced and provided with answers to some of their unanswered questions or service requests.

A successful business learns from its mistakes and being able to accept their mistakes and prevent them from happening again. There are no excuses for lack in customer service and this is why in 2009 it is our mission to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest level of service.

I want to let our customers and readers know that we are here to help and ensure that every one of our customers is taken care of. If anyone has questions regarding Silicon Solar or any outstanding issues with an order or services not rendered, please don??t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-786-0329 or email support ??at??


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